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Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys Survey Design Workshop Data Archiving MICS4 Data Processing Workshop.

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1 Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys Survey Design Workshop Data Archiving MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

2 Data ArchivingWhat is It? Data Archiving refers to the long-term storage of data and its affiliated documentation. In addition to storing the census or survey data, well store its metadatadescriptive information about the census or survey data; essentially, data about other data. Todays storage medium is no longer file cabinets and storage rooms, but the Internet and portable storage mediums such as CDs. MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

3 Why Document Data? Facilitates the understanding and usage of data without this documentation, your data will not be understood and hence, will not be properly used and/or analyzed Reduces staff time needed to assist data users Allows for reuse of materials for future efforts (training guidelines, field manuals, advertising campaigns, etc) Can use the data to determine a framework for future survey needs MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

4 Archiving Benefits to Users Maximizes access to datadata is available 24/7 If properly documented, decreases time a user spends understanding your data Increases efficiency for researchersless time is spent producing pre-determined tables, more time can be devoted to higher-level analysis Reduces duplication of effortif only users can find your data MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

5 Archiving Benefits to Agency I ncreased visibility and credibility for the Agency Increases the quality of research from your data Improves reliability and relevance of your data through feedback Allows for easier management of the data and its resources Is a valuable and irreplaceable asset that should be managed in a way that encourages their widest possible use and re-use MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

6 Data Expectations of Users Dataset free of errorsno spurious or out-of- range values, simple consistency checks performed, record counts surprises! Dataset easy to use, well-documented Have information available to fully understand the survey, especially: –Sample design, selection, and weighting –Field procedures –Data processing procedures (include programs if possible) –Any editing that occurred (in the field and/or office) –The dataset(s) themselves! MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

7 MICS Documents to Save Questionnaires Interviewer & field manuals Sample selection, listing information –Excel files, other supporting documents –Explanations of any event(s) that impacted the sample selection, survey dates, etc Reports, planning materials, budgets, staff organization Any other documentation you think will be helpful to understanding your survey MICS4 Survey Design Workshop

8 MICS Datasets to Save SPSS Files: Household (HH) Household listing (HL) Insecticide-Treated Nets (TN, optional) Women (WM) Birth History (BH, optional) FGM (FG, optional) Children age 0-4 years (CH) Men (MN, optional) CSPro Files: Final (merged, not individual clusters) HH data file GPS data (optional) MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

9 MICS Programmes to Save Software Programmes & Files: CSPro dictionaries CSPro data entry & menu systems CSPro secondary editing & menu systems CSPro GPS Entry program CSPro export & SPSS recode SPSS tabulation programmes Any country-specific programmes MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

10 MICS Dissemination Materials to Save Wall charts Factsheets Press releases And lots more! MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

11 When to Archive? Archiving is often the last step in data collection activities As a result, documentation is often of uneven or poor quality Start archiving when you start your MICS survey MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

12 How to Archive Documents? Save as much as possible electronically –Electronic documentation has a longer life and is more readily usable –Paper documentation requires permanent storage areas –Paper documentation disappears! Save documents –in original format –in HTML –as PDF files Record information not already given in key documents Use an archiving toolwell discuss the International Household Survey Networks (IHSN) Microdata Management Toolkit MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

13 How to Archive Datasets? Save datasets –in original format (e.g., CSPro raw+final files) –in analysis file format (e.g., SPSS.sav file) Always include descriptions with data provide labels within each file for: Variable labels (e.g., Result of Interview) Value labels (e.g., 1=Complete, 2=Not at home) Dont forget to document country-specific questions! MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

14 International Household Survey Network (IHSN) Established September 2004 as a recommendation of the Marrakech Action Plan for Statistics (MAPS) Users: International organizations actively sponsoring household surveys + local NSOs Governing committee members from DFID, ILO, Paris 21/OECD, UNICEF, UNSD, WHO, World Bank Distributes Microdata Management Toolkit and NADA Find out more at MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

15 IHSN Components Archive creation: Metadata Editor –Document your survey data, documentation, and metadata in accordance with international metadata standards (DDI and Dublin Core). Dissemination: CD-ROM Builder –Facilitates the publication of survey data, documentation, and metadata onto CD-ROMs and the Internet using HTML format Nesstar Explorer –Using their free program, access metadata and data, and export to common statistical formats IHSN Report Center –Provides diagnostics on your metadata, dataset relations, external resources, etc., and creates a PDF of your study documentation (a summary report of all your documentation) MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

16 What is the Metadata Editor? Template-driven specialized editor Import/Export common data files Integrated interface, multi-lingual support Metadata and data in single file MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

17 What is the CD-ROM Builder? Publishes survey metadata, data, and documents on a CD-ROM or website Stores archive in an HTML-based language Users can customize the layout (branding) and content of the CD (single or multi-surveys) Integrates with IHSNs Metadata Editor MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

18 Installation Unzip into C:\MICS4\IHSN Double-click on the file IHSN Toolkit Installer.exe Select the first option, Metadata Editor MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

19 IHSN Install Dialog MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

20 Getting Started Create a new study (ctrl+N) Save your project (ctrl+S)this gives your project a name within the tree Select the IHSN templates Project blocks/groups: –Document description –Study description –Datasets –External resources MICS4 Data Processing Workshop

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