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Monitoring human development DevInfo Tour Version 4.0.

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1 monitoring human development DevInfo Tour Version 4.0

2 Objectives INDICATORS Database Database System Functions
All data compiled in one system Database System Functions Easy retrieval of data Analysis of trends over time Multiple sources of data Strengthen national monitoring Data INDICATORS Database

3 Monitoring Development
Right to development Priorities Right to peace and security Gender equality Eradication of poverty Sustainable human development

4 Millennium Declaration
8 development goals Millennium Development Goals 18 related targets 48 indicators 25 years: to 2015

5 DevInfo Database System
Global & user-defined goals User-Friendly Database on Human Development Global & user-defined indicators Easily adapted to country specs Easy to share databases Ten levels of geography Geography linked to maps Integrated with MS Office Technical support team

6 DevInfo Database System
Home Page

7 DevInfo Database System
Indicators by Goals

8 DevInfo Database System
Global & User-Defined Indicators Global User-Defined

9 DevInfo Database System
Time Periods

10 DevInfo Database System
Geographic Areas

11 DevInfo Database System
Data View

12 DevInfo Database System
Data Presentations

13 Presentations User-defined rows & columns Tables

14 Presentations User-defined X axis & Y axis Graphs

15 Presentations Map colors & ranges Maps

16 Presentations Thematic map Maps

17 Presentations Presentations saved in gallery Gallery

18 Database Administration
DevInfo Database System Modules Database Administration UI Database Administration DevInfo Template Language Data Entry Customize


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