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Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys Data Entry and Processing.

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1 Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys Data Entry and Processing

2 Data processing steps Reception of questionnaires Manual office editing Data Entry with CSPro Structural and completeness checks Verification Secondary editing

3 Data processing steps Export to SPSS Creation of Analysis Files Recoding of variables Addition of sample weights Tabulation Data Archiving Dissemination of Results

4 Data processing requirements Data processing supervisor Data entry operators –Can enter about 1 cluster per day –Double entry Data editors –1 or 2 Computers –1 per data entry operator –Plus 1 for supervisor

5 Computers Windows 98 or later Computer adequate to run Windows 98 or better Adequate hard disk space Network – optional (otherwise use diskettes to transfer data)

6 Software CSPro –Data Entry Interactive Range, skip, consistency checks –Structure check Ensures completeness of data –Verification 100% double entry –Secondary editing Complex consistency checks –Export to SPSS


8 Software SPSS –Construction of analysis files HH: Household HL: Household Listing WM: Women CH: Children –Weighting of data –Selection of units of analysis –Production of tabulations –Analysis of sampling errors/confidence intervals


10 Software DevInfo –Collects aggregated data for each indicator (by background variables) –Presents surveys results in form of: Tables Graphs Maps –Distribution of database of indicators




14 Data archiving and dissemination Archiving –Micro Datasets (SPSS) –Aggregate Databases (DevInfo) –Tabulations –Survey reports –Survey description documents (.e.g. survey plans, sampling, interviewer instructions, etc.) Create CD of all survey related documents

15 Data archiving and dissemination Dissemination –Survey reports –DevInfo databases (DevInfo) –Micro datasets (SPSS) –Other survey materials Posters Factsheets Survey documents Etc. –Survey CD

16 Data sharing and ownership of data Data are the property of the country UNICEF agreements with countries should permit –UNICEF (CO, RO and HQ) and country partners to: Receive datasets and tabulations as soon as data processing is complete Receive reports, including drafts, as soon as available and prior to publication Distribute datasets, tabulations and reports to other users and researchers after publication of report

17 Why share data? Permits further analysis of data by researchers Leads to greater benefit in terms of maximizing the results of the survey by –Providing more insights into situation of children and women in each country –Providing more valuable information for planning of programmes Leads to greater confidence in survey results

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