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October, 2006 Dissemination Policy for OECD Statistics.

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1 October, 2006 Dissemination Policy for OECD Statistics

2 October, 2006 2 Present platforms The Statistics Portal –Freely available –Limited datasets (10%) –Mixed formats SourceOECD –Subscription service –Free at point of access –Analytical publications and Beyond 20/20 databases OLIS –Extranet for government officials –Free access to statistics data warehouse OECD.Stat –Free access to all publications

3 October, 2006 3 Some trends Revenues 4.5 million / year Printed statistical publications still in demand Cross-domain products: OECD Factbook, Country Statistical Profiles StatLink: URL to Excel tables

4 October, 2006 4 Access to OECD.Stat OECD.Stat contains national accounts, education, health,..... Is free for partners of OECD via OLIS Statistical offices are partners WPNA delegates can access freely YOU have been given a logon

5 October, 2006 5 New Opportunities thanks to SIS Immense integrated statistical information bank OECD.Stat Data and metadata can be combined and used over and over again, for innumerable outputs Horizontal products covering various subject matters can be developed at a reasonable cost Provided data and metadata are properly organised

6 October, 2006 6 SIS benefits Quality –Harmonisation of concepts –Improved statistical metadata –Coherence of data and metadata across datasets –Dynamic updating –SDMX User friendliness –One-stop database –Combine data across themes –Alternative outputs for different audiences Internal Efficiency

7 October, 2006 7 Access to OECD.Stat full potential of OECD.Stat has not been explored access to the data warehouse restricted –OECD officials –government officials through OLIS –a few datasets on the Internet January-September 725,000 downloads –of which 690,000 Internet use

8 October, 2006 8 Three new services OECD Statistics –horizontal access to all databases and vertical access within each database –targeted at users who have skill and time OECD Core Data –key ready-made tables and sub-sets –500-1000 tables and sub-sets –targeted at expert users and informed lay users OECD Figures & Facts –simple tables with commentary. –targeted at journalists, managers, officials and others new to international statistics

9 October, 2006 9 Most accessed 2006 ExternalInternal DatasetInternetOLIS 1--Gross domestic product4264521131908 2--Disposable income and net lending - net borrowing534022793 3--Population and employment by main activity3897255174 4--PPPs and exchange rates3992228157 11--Government expenditure by function1351507386 12--Main aggregates of general government1465241436 610--Financial accounts - consolidated410115308 710--Financial balance sheets - consolidated453342291 720--Financial balance sheets - non consolidated171215408 Central Government Debt32222722339 Quarterly National Accounts43151655869 All National accounts6736081589025

10 October, 2006 10 Access to metadata together with data in OECD.Stat –attachment levels independently and freely on www –MetaStore Google for numbers –easy to find –deep descriptions

11 October, 2006 11 Access principles Core Data freely available to all via Statistics Portal and SourceOECD Access to complete databases granted to all requesting individuals on a time-limited basis Access to complete databases and e-books should be affordable for institutions Access for those who pay supported by training and other added-value services Access should be as local to users as possible, not just from OECDs own websites

12 October, 2006 12 Questions for discussion

13 October, 2006 The End Tour Europe

14 October, 2006 14 the following slides are screen-shots that can be shown if Internet or OLIS doesnt work

15 October, 2006 15

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21 October, 2006 21

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