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Surviving the 21 st Century

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1 Surviving the 21 st Century

2 Surviving the 21 st Century Progress in 21 st Century will be defined by the development of global systems much in the same way that the development of national systems has defined progress in the last 200 years Major Challenges Facing Humanity Climate Change Decreasing biodiversity Lack of Fresh Water Over population Other Issues as well

3 Surviving the 21 st Century Only through Peace can humanity build the trust, co-operation and the genuine sharing necessary to solve the global issues of today Peace is the Prerequisite Challenges are global Shared by all Humanity Solutions –Inclusive –Equitable –Unparalleled cooperation –Funded –Global structures

4 Surviving the 21 st Century If the paradigm of the 20 th century was the survival of the fittest then the paradigm of the 21 st century is survival through interdependence New Global Order Global Goods and Services –Provided by Global Structure –Peace Keeping –Peace Building –Environmental Services –Development Support –Funding independent of Nations

5 Surviving the 21 st Century As public goods and services are of the highest benefit to a nation so are global public goods and services to humanity Global Sources of Funding User Based Carbon Taxes Environmental Levies Global Spending Directed to Developing Countries to Cut Degradation 0.2% of GDP of 10 largest economies for 10 years approx $600B

6 Surviving the 21 st Century Without measurements it is very difficult to know whether the actions we take help or hinder our goals Three Key Requirements to be Measured Assessing Sustainability – Multi faceted – As new problems emerge new indicators will be required Assessing Peace – Separating indicators from drivers Assessing Global Governance – Model on National Assessments – Global Goods and services are different than National Goods and Services

7 Surviving the 21 st Century Our ability to deal with or avoid ecological collapses will be dependent on the global services that we provide – peace is a prerequisite Assessing Sustainability Many good studies and indicators have been developed Need common agreement on what to measure Population underlying most issues Need agreement on a basic model and needed soon Probably multiple indices Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

8 Surviving the 21 st Century If we knew the three drivers that created or sustained peace and if they could be taught would the world be a more peaceful place? Global Peace Index Number of internal security officers and police 100,000 people Number of homicides per 100,000 people Number of jailed population per 100,000 people Ease of access to weapons of minor destruction Level of organised conflict (internal) Level of violent crime Political instability Respect for human rights Volume of transfers of major conventional weapons, as recipient (Imports) per 100,000 people Potential for terrorist acts Number of deaths from organised conflict (internal) Military expenditure as a percentage of GDP Number of armed services personnel per 100,000 people UN Deployments 2006-07 (percentage of total forces) Non-UN Deployments 2006-07 (percentage of total forces) Volume of transfers of major conventional weapons as supplier (exports) per 100,000 people Relations with neighboring countries Number of external and internal conflicts fought: 2000-05 Estimated number of deaths from organized conflict (external) 1Norway 2New Zealand 3Denmark 4Ireland 5Japan 6Finland 7Sweden 8Canada 9Portugal 10Austria GPI Ranking 1 Norway6 Finland 2 New Zealand7 Sweden 3 Denmark8 Canada 4 Ireland9 Portugal 5 Japan10 Austria GPI Indicators

9 Surviving the 21 st Century Without a vision of global interdependency between humanity and nature we will flight over ever dwindling resources Global Governance Clear Independent Charter Appropriate Responsibilities Clear Lines of Funding Transparency Clearly defined Services Measured Service Delivery What can be learnt from the EU

10 Surviving the 21 st Century Humanities Choice

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