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Yngve Rosenblad04.12.2006 Estonia in Europe, 1918–1940.

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1 Yngve Rosenblad Estonia in Europe, 1918–1940

2 Culture Classes in EMTAK: The experiences of building a new system for cultural statistics in a small country Yngve ROSENBLAD Statistics Estonia

3 Yngve Rosenblad A glance at… The system of cultural statistics in Estonia EMTAK (NACE) 5-digit codes of cultural activities Used approaches to separate out data on culture

4 Yngve Rosenblad The beginning of the national statistical system in 1921 Estonia in Europe, 1918–1940

5 Yngve Rosenblad Unified statistics in the Soviet Union Estonia in the Soviet Union, 1940–1991, (excl. 1941–1944)

6 Yngve Rosenblad Estonia as part of the European Statistical System Estonia in the European Union,

7 Yngve Rosenblad Special cultural surveys Museums Printed matter Public libraries School libraries Research and special libraries Theatres Film imports and distribution Film production Radio broadcasting Television broadcasting Sports clubs Sports schools

8 Yngve Rosenblad Classification of the fields of activity EMTAK (based on NACE) 6-digit codes to catch the national needs (until 2002) 5-digit codes since 2003 A new version EMTAK 2008 (NACE Rev.2)

9 Yngve Rosenblad Changes in EMTAK 2008 Revisions in line with the NACE Rev.2 Many of the previous 5 th level separations are brought to 4 th or 3 rd level Less differentiation at 5 th level

10 Yngve Rosenblad Culture classes in EMTAK 2008 PRINTING 181Printing and service activities related to printing 1811Printing of newspapers 1812Other printing 18121Printing of books 18122Printing of journals and other periodicals, stationery, advertising materials and commercial catalogues 18129Printing n.e.c, including silk-screen printing 1813Pre-press and pre-media services 1814Binding and related services 1820Reproduction of recorded media

11 Yngve Rosenblad Culture classes in EMTAK 2008 PUBLISHING 581Publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing activities 5811Book publishing 58111Publishing of books 58112Publishing of textbooks, dictionaries and encyclopaedias 5812Publishing of directories and mailing lists 5813Publishing of newspapers 5814Publishing of journals and periodicals 5819Other publishing activities

12 Yngve Rosenblad Culture classes in EMTAK 2008 RETAIL SALE 4778Other retail sale of new goods in specialized stores 47782Specialized retail sale of photographic equipment 47783Specialized retail sale of souvenirs and craftwork articles … 4779Retail sale of second-hand goods in stores 47791Retail sale of antiques 47799Retail sale of other second-hand goods

13 Yngve Rosenblad Culture classes in EMTAK 2008 MOTION PICTURE 5911Motion picture, video and television programme production activities 59111Motion picture and video production activities 59112Television programme production activities 5912Motion picture, video and television programme post- production activities 5913Motion picture, video and television programme distribution activities 5914Motion picture projection activities 5920Sound recording and music publishing activities

14 Yngve Rosenblad Culture classes in EMTAK Radio broadcasting 602Television programming and broadcasting activities 6021Television broadcasting 6022Cable and satellite television services 6321News agency activities 6329Other information service activities n.e.c. 7111Architectural activities 731Advertising 7311Advertising agencies 7312Media representation services 7410Specialized design activities 7420Photographic activities

15 Yngve Rosenblad Culture classes in EMTAK 2008 EDUCATION 8551Sports and recreation education 85511Sports schools 85519Other sports and recreation education 8552Cultural education 85521Hobby schools 85522Art and music schools 85523Activities of dancing schools and dance instructors

16 Yngve Rosenblad Culture classes in EMTAK 2008 PERFORMING ARTS 9001Performing arts 90011Production and presentation of theatre and dance performances 90012Production and presentation of concerts 9002Support activities to performing arts 9003Artistic creation 9004Operation of arts facilities

17 Yngve Rosenblad Culture classes in EMTAK 2008 CULTURAL HERITAGE 9101Library and archives activities 91011Library activities 91012Archive activities 9102Museums activities 9103Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions 9104Botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserves activities 91041Botanical and zoological gardens 91042Nature reserves

18 Yngve Rosenblad The use of the 5 th level of EMTAK To form samples for the special cultural surveys To compile cultural statistics on register data

19 Yngve Rosenblad Methods for separating out data 1 Develop allocation factors based on information known about a smaller subgroup. Architecture: More detailed information was present for enterprises belonging to a professional union. Information on other enterprises was estimated using this information about a smaller sample of enterprises.

20 Yngve Rosenblad Methods for separating out data 2 Develop allocation factors based on variables about which information is available. Film: The turnover of commercials made by film companies could be separated out based on the number of commercials produced (which is known from regular statistics) and the average cost of a commercial.

21 Yngve Rosenblad Methods for separating out data 3 Separation based on expert knowledge (information from key enterprises, business unions and professional associations, researchers, officials etc). Music: To specify the number of sound recording studios, to separate out the main concert production companies. Film: To separate out feature film importers based on the information from the Ministry of Culture (there are only a few of such companies). Advertising: To separate out advertising agencies and media representation services.

22 Yngve Rosenblad Methods for separating out data 4 Expert knowledge combined with a small survey. Design in manufacturing industry: 45 largest companies were interviewed to specify the number of designers employed in the manufacturing industry; the total number of designers in the manufacturing industry sector was estimated based on expert knowledge.

23 Yngve Rosenblad Methods for separating out data 5 Separation based on the educational background of employees. Architecture: This method was proposed to separate the architectural and engineering activities.

24 Yngve Rosenblad

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