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School Funding Reform Jan Powley 07 November 2012.

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1 School Funding Reform Jan Powley 07 November 2012

2 School Funding Reform Where are we? Progressing well with early years and schools block Schools Forum met on 24 October to approve changes to early years and schools block funding Proposals still being worked up for high needs block

3 Formula Factors 2 additional factors in addition to the 10 announced in March Mobility Funding for Post 16 from DSG if already in use (not applicable to Luton) Larger lump sum permitted for 2013/14 only

4 Additional Consultation Schools Forum considered responses to consultation on 24 October New formula notified to EFA 26 October Formula values updated between October and January Final values notified to EFA 18 January Final formula values agreed and schools block budgets issued February 2013??

5 Factors Agreed in the New Formula Basic entitlement – the same for all primary pupils with a reception uplift, the same for all secondary pupils LAC EAL (3 years) Mobility Deprivation using Ever 6 FSM Deprivation using IDAC Lump sum of £100k Low cost high incidence SEN Exceptional factor for joint use sports provision Rates at actual cost

6 Growth Fund Schools Forum agreed level of growth fund and criteria for allocation £964k in 2013/14 for primary sector allocated at £47k per increase of 30 pupils (50% for increase of 15) Allocated to all schools and academies who meet criteria LA reports regularly to Forum on use of growth fund Any underspend must be allocated to maintained primary and secondary schools in the next financial year

7 Delegation and de-delegation Schools in financial difficulty Maternity, trade union and official duties Behaviour Support Service Funding for under achieving ethnic minority groups Contingencies Free School meals eligibility Insurance for site agents houses Licenses/Subscriptions (primary schools only) All funds delegated to schools initially Schools Forum has approved the de-delegation of all funds

8 Early Years Funding Consultation with same deadlines as mainstream formula Changes to deprivation funding to ensure equivalence of funding – changes to weighting No transitional funding allowed so removed Transfer of funds from schools block to early years block Delegation of education advisory services and NQT funding Further consultation on 2 year old funding

9 High Needs Block Funding on a place-plus basis for all special schools and for resourced SEN provision in primary and secondary schools/academies £10k per place for provisions and special schools Top-ups from commissioner of the place – Luton or other Local Authorities Funding moves in real-time with the pupil (including statementing funding so no credits allowed) Outreach allocated separately Pupils in resourced provision no longer counted in the school census for the basic entitlement Delegated funding for PRU from 01 April on a place-plus basis - £8k per place plus top ups

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