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SELOR Make your talent public!. Agenda Presentation of SELOR.

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1 SELOR Make your talent public!

2 Agenda Presentation of SELOR

3 Selor, Selection office of the Federal Government Mission and Vision Selor has as mission: –to execute demand-driven and competence- oriented Recruitment, Selection, Orientation and certification tasks for its customers, and in this way –contribute actively to the policymaking within the integrated functioning of Personnel &Organization (P&O) for the federal government Selor reaches for the highest degree of professionalism and customer-orientation within the boundaries of deontological rules

4 Management principles organization Closed envelop Flat organization Process-driven Project-driven Result-driven Empowerment Ownership Quality-driven Ambition

5 Expert knowledge of Selor Competence-oriented selections at all levels (from technicians to managers, written as well as CBT) Organization massive selections Performed capacity of computer- controlled tests (430 units)

6 Values Independence Professionalism Customer-orientation Transparency Attention for the candidate's talent

7 Organization Structure

8 Customers Federal Government Services (FGS) Scientific Institutions Public Utilities Flemish Community Brussels Capital Region Walloon Region French Community German Community Government linked Customers

9 Platforms for consultation Scientific Committee Management Committee Consultation with Customers Forum for Union Consultation => exchange and consultation on developments in the field of selection methods and competence measurements

10 2005 results 152.633 subscriptions in the different procedures of which 107.107 in the external selections About 342 selection procedures 130 procedures of orientation 1.344 online CV in the eRecruiting database for the internal market 10.967 online CV in the eRecruiting database for the contractual selections

11 2006 results 144.014 subscriptions for de different procedures of which 107.796 for external selections 264 closed procedures since 04/10/ –30.222 active cvs in the online cv-databank –80.608 subscriptions for vacatures per e-mail –17.680 online subscriptions Talent@public (6 and 7/10/06) more than 12.000 visitors

12 Levels in Belgian administration Level D: Lower secondary education or no education Level C: Higher secondary education Level B: Higher short-term education (3 years / Bachelor in UE) Level A: Higher long-term education (4 years or more / Master- Professional in UE) Mandatory functions: Higher long-term education (4 years or more / Master- Professional in UE) and min 6 years management experience or min 10 years experience in the field.

13 Recruitment communication Right from the intake Selor should be attractive => act as a pioneer in internal reorganization and image innovation Government attractive for starters (training, projects, flexi-time) Bottleneck: profiles with experience (non- competitive salary) => stress on social impact, innovation projects, challenge Recruitment + selection are a heavy investment in future personnel => importance of efficient R&S, motivated and competent profiles => importance of retention and salary policy

14 Communication channels SELOR site Other sites (websites of clients, recruitment sites, …) Media mix adapted to the function Teletext Official newspaper of the federal government Talent@public


16 Positive results! Online inquiry Vacature-Insites on selection offices –Selor nr 3 in top of mind –Selor best evaluated Trends survey 2006 : SELOR = 7 th most attractive employer among Belgian Enterprises

17 Key processes 1.Selections 2.Orientation 3.Certification

18 1. Selections 1.1. Selection of statutory personnel Result: list of succeeded ranked candidates 1.2. Selections of mandatory functions (top managers of the federal authority) Result: list with succeeded candidates ranked in 4 groups (A,B,C,D) 1.3. Selections for contractual personnel via eRecruitement

19 1.1. Procedure of statutory personnel Selection regulations with the collaboration of the client: job description specification of diploma possibility to ask professional experience different tests Selection committee for every part in the selection procedure (provided by SELOR : min 2 members and a president from SELOR) Actual selection tests dependent on profile –Generic competence profile (10%) –Specific competence profile (90%) Technical profiles: often practical test

20 Managing list of succeeded candidates Since July 2005 SELOR manages all the lists of succeeded ranked candidates (via eRecruiting): Contact with the succeeded candidates to propose open positions in the FGS If there is a complementary selection, SELOR manages it.

21 1.2. Mandatory functions Top managers of the federal authority Top managers on 3 levels : president, general director, director Specific contract (mandate of 6 years – evaluation based on result) Selection regulations Specificity : always professional experience required (6 years in management or 10 years in the domain of the function) Always the same procedure: Computer based testing (not eliminating) Interview with case / List of succeeded candidates (A, B, C, D) Selection committee with 6 members: 2 in management and HR, 2 experts in the domain and 2 top managers Decision of the authority based on a shortlist

22 Best Practices For the mandatory functions, the Walloon region and the French Community follow the way of the federal government. The structure of the selection is the same.

23 1.3. Selections for contractuel personnel (eRecruting) SELOR manages database of competence profiles Job matching based on profile delivered by Federal Government Service (FGS) FGS receives a list of anonymous CV, they can do a pre-selection (gender and cultural guarantee) FGS receives the personal data of the chosen candidates and manages the selection Quality control provided by SELOR for the whole process.

24 2. Orientation 2.1.Promotional selections based on competence since 2004 (before only knowledge) 2.2.Internal Market via eRecruiting : this procedure follows the contractual selection

25 2.1. Promotional selections Based on competences Methodology adapted to reality

26 2.2. Internal market = Talent market Voluntary and functional mobility Advantages internal versus external market (quicker, people already know the government, helping hand of Selor,…) Management of databank with competence profiles accessible by Federal Government Service (FGS) Job matching based on profile delivered by FGS FGS receives a list of anonymous CV, they can do a pre-selection (gender and cultural guarantee) FGS receives the personal data of the chosen candidates and manages the selection Quality control provided by SELOR for the whole process Create a competence bilan

27 3. Certification 3.1.Competence certification 3.2.Methodology certification

28 3.1. Competence certification Competence measurement –Basic assumption: continuous development of own competences and salary conform with market –Based on functional groups and corresponding competence profiles –5 + 1 model Generic competences –Soft –Hard Technical competences –ECDL

29 Language tests –Language knowledge for Magistrates –Computer-controlled test -> Atlas (preparatory CD-rom) –Language test for the Belgian police

30 3.2. Methodology certification Jobpunt Project guardian agent

31 Products Quality control of the product processes BSC: Balanced Score Card Knowledge management Care management Plaint management Analytic accountancy

32 Product innovation In-house development or prospecting new testing methods eRecruiting: integrated tool for Recruitment, Selection, and Orientation based on candidates unique file Utilization of the eID card in the selection procedures

33 Adapted infrastructure 26 selection rooms for oral tests –Also for large selection committees Capacity of 430 pc-tests Total capacity of 500 written test seats Possibility to use video

34 Some Figures Average time for selection : 86 days Number of selections in 2006 : 610 ( 420 selections and 190 orientation) Preparing and going on at this time : 334 56% of the selections = Federal government 13% of selections = Public utilities 27 % Computer Based Test selections (population wise)

35 Testing methods Structured interview Assessments Computer-based tests In-tray exercise Written tests Role plays Simulations Practical tests

36 Structured interview Evaluates soft competences Star methodology –Situation –Task –Action –Result

37 Assessment Set of simulation exercises in which previously determined competences are evaluated => strengths, development needs, potential of candidate Selor develops its own assessments

38 Computer based tests Efficient screening of and Reporting on –Personality –Ability –Aptitude

39 Some figures (per year) 150.000 candidates 62.432 computerized tests 430 units (450 units for 2007)


41 Any questions?

42 Selor Bischoffsheimlaan 15 1000 Brussels BELGIUM Contact :

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