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Public-Private Partnerships in the Lebanese Government – Lebanon Working Group IV: Focus Group on Public Service Delivery, Public-Private Partnership and.

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1 Public-Private Partnerships in the Lebanese Government – Lebanon Working Group IV: Focus Group on Public Service Delivery, Public-Private Partnership and Regulatory Reform Amman,Jordan 28, 29 & 30 April 2008 By Ms. Rita Chidiac

2 Definition of PPP Public-private Partnerships (PPP). Designates a relationship between a Government party & a Private party to run facilities and / or provide related Services that allow for greater private sector participation in the delivery of public sector projects. The relationship is regulated by a contract that allocates responsibilities, rights, risks and rewards between the parties.

3 PPP and the Government A public-private partnership exists when public sector agencies (federal, state, or local) join with private sector entities (companies, foundations, academic institutions or citizens) and enter into a business relationship to attain a commonly shared goal that also achieves objectives of the individual partners.

4 Benefits of PPP PPP 3 is a tool that can help governments meet demands for the development of modern and efficient facilities, infrastructure and services while providing value for taxpayers.

5 Public Revenue/Tax Private Provision Private Funding Government Provision EQUITY ORGANIZATIONEFFICIENCY QUALITY

6 Government Responsibility The government should take innovative measures and undertake necessary actions to ensure collaboration between Public Sector and Private Sector

7 Governments Support PPP Because it potentially offers the following: Reduced upfront financial costs for the service delivery. Improved service delivery, by reducing the time and effort. Access to the best technical and management skills from both public and private sectors.

8 Roles The traditional roles of the public and private sectors are changing in modern society. Governments are increasingly playing the role of Facilitator rather than the Service provider Companies within the private sector are not just striving for profits, but Acquiring Responsibilities of a Social Nature.


10 PPP in the Government of Lebanon PPP manifests itself in the following: Policy and Strategy ICT Projects Infrastructure Portals Healthcare

11 Partnership UNDP OMSAR PCA Private Sector Academia NGOs and others Documents Administrative Reform Strategy 2001 e-Government Strategy 2002 e-Strategy 2003 Partnership

12 Community Access Centers Partnership Ministry of Social Affairs UNDP OMSAR Microsoft Locations Rmeich Mazboud Hammana Ayoun Houeich Rachaya Hermel Bourj Hammoud Seir Denneye Jbeil Involves the creation of ten new community access centers in various parts of Lebanon, in collaboration with local municipalities and the Ministry of Social Affairs. These centers will provide ICT training courses as well as low cost Internet access to Lebanese citizens.

13 PC4ALL Partnership Ministry of Education PCA OMSAR Company was formed in 2005 – NATIONAL PC Brand Name – UNITY Cost - ~$500 Hardware/Software/Training/Internet To transform a highly literate Lebanese Society to an exemplary Digital Information Society within a period of 5 years through the provision of an affordable Personal Computer Pack to citizens, to be paid in easy single monthly installments over 2 to 3 years.

14 Citizen Enterprise Partnership OMSAR Private Sector Citizen Enterprise Team International which developed training programs tailored to meet the requirements and goals for developing the public sector. Raidi printhouse which contributed printing 17,000 copies of the booklet on the "Code of Conduct for Civil Servants in the public Sector, in addition to 2,000 posters. Chemaly and Chemaly printhouse which contributed printing 10 thousand copies of the "Employee Guide" and 10 thousand cards for the Central Office for Administrative Information. A dedicated enterprise concerned with sustained development through allocating part of its resources for development projects. It takes into consideration the political, legal and social affairs of the citizen, based on sound social and environmental criteria and principles of ethics and transparency.

15 Ministry of Education and Higher Education Implementation of the project Partners in Learning (PIL) in collaboration with Microsoft and Eduware Data System Equipping 16 resource centers in collaboration with CISCO and Harriri Foundation, in order to train teachers at public schools on the basic use of computers (computer literacy) Renewal and upgrading of the Microsoft Academic Agreement which ensures the provision of latest Microsoft operating system releases and other Microsoft basic products (e.g. Microsoft Office, Exchange server and other) Implementation of the project Pearls Microsoft which aims to train teachers on the basic uses of the computer as an educational tool, in collaboration with Intel Building capacity of the educational consulate in collaboration with Hariri Foundation and the World Links

16 PPP at the Institute of Finance 3 types of public private partnerships: – Joint Consultative Committees – Partnerships on learning – Problem-solving partnerships Objectives: – Promoting dialogue among the private and public sectors – Networking – Sharing of expertise

17 PPP in the Healthcare system Cooperation of MOPH with NGO for : Vaccination campaigns Preventive programs Joint projects with NGO at MOSA for : Joint Contracts for Disabled Childcare Elderly people

18 Recommendations The Lebanese Government should be strategic in its choice of PPP projects based on factors such as: The size & Complexity of the project The technical challenges or requirements for innovation: The relative expense of private finance & PPP transaction cost An assessment of where the private sector can add value What stakeholders & other public interest issues might there be that suggest contractual obligations & Safeguards might be less appropriate than : routine public delivery approaches.

19 Lebanese Government steps to Support PPP The Lebanese Government has As part of its national Strategy within the Paris III document 25 Jan 2007, committed to promote PPP by assigning to the Private Sector the biggest role in rebuilding the Infrastructure and in delivering public services through different partnerships with the Public Sector. Moreover, it has proposed a draft law on June 20 /2007 to organize the partnership between the Public and the Private Sector.

20 Next Step PPP in the Lebanese Government is to be: Promoted Mechanism to be introduced Facilitated Raising Awareness


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