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3 MEET YOUR INSTRUCTORS AND WRITING CENTER COORDINATORS!  Your Eng. 080 instructors are Tracy Heinlein & Sarah Legg  This presentation will explain all the requirements for this course.  Please fill out the Eng. 080 Orientation Worksheet as you watch this presentation. Tracey Heinlein Sara Legg

4 ENG. 080 OUTCOMES  You will: Build a solid foundation for academic success at North Seattle College Develop a greater appreciation for one-on-one learning Discover resources that promote student success in Page One and around the NSC campus Improve your writing and grammar skills Become a more self-directed learner

5 HOW DO I GET CREDIT? With each Student Success Activity you complete, you will accrue points – like in a video game – and the amount of Student Success points you earn will determine your grade. Every hour of work equals 10 points and your goal is to achieve 200 points by the end of the quarter for a 4.0.

6 STUDENT SUCCESS POINT GRADE SCALE 189- 2004.0 169 – 1883.0 – 3.9 149 – 1682.0 – 2.9 129 – 1481.0 – 1.9 0 - 1280.0 Student Success Points Grades

7 STUDENT SUCCESS ACTIVITIES PART 1. Student Success ActivityStudent Success PointsDescription Orientation 10 points for 1 hour live or online orientation MANDATORY Complete the orientation worksheet either by attending a live session or online on Canvas. How Make Use of a Tutor Canvas Module 10 Points MANDATORY A canvas lesson on how to effectively get the most out of a tutoring session. One-on-One Tutoring5 points each 30 minute tutoring session Please note – A minimum of 50 of your total Student Success points must be with a Tutor or Tutor Navigator in order to be awarded a 4.0. There is a 40 point minimum for a 3.0, and 30 for a 2.0 One-on-one tutoring involves meeting with a tutor individually in the writing center to discuss an assignment from class.

8 STUDENT SUCCESS ACTIVITIES PART 2 Tutor Navigator Group Study Meetings 10 points each 1 hour meeting Please note – A minimum of 50 of your total Student Success points must be with a Tutor or Tutor Navigator in order to be awarded a 4.0. There is a 40 point minimum for a 3.0, and 30 for a 2.0 These group study sessions facilitated by the tutor navigator assigned to your class will give you more time to review and practice the material covered in class. Canvas Activities5 points per 30 minute canvas activity These customized online learning modules are designed to teach you valuable study skills and writing/reading/grammar lessons that will help you throughout your college career.

9 STUDENT SUCCESS ACTIVITIES PART 3 Study Skills Workshop with Jenny Mao 20 points for attending the 1 hour workshop *Not offered in summer quarter Learn valuable study skills that will help you excel in your English courses led by one of our NSC counselors. Jenny will offer two workshops during the quarter. One will be on Study Skills for English classes and the other on Career Planning. Library Activity10 points for completing 1 hour Library Activity What does the library have to offer students? Complete this fun scavenger hunt activity and find out all the resources in the library that can help you.

10 STUDENT SUCCESS ACTIVITIES PART 4 Computer Programs 5 points for each 30 minutes spent on recommended computer program Sometimes you need extra practice to master a skill or concept. We have a variety of reading, writing, and grammar programs for you to enhance your skills. Meet with Coordinator at Beginning, Middle and End of the Quarter 5 points for all meetingsMeet with the coordinator to check in on your progress.

11 EXPLAINING TUTOR NAVIGATOR Students taking Eng. 95/96 or Eng. 97/98 may earn points by participating in our tutor navigator program. Tutor Navigators spend time in your class, get to know your instructor and assignments, and then organizes study groups for your classes in the Student Learning Center. Tutor Navigators can also help answer any questions you may have about your English class or other resources at NSC.

12 ARE THERE ANY OTHER REQUIREMENTS?  You must have accrued 100 points by the 5 th week of the quarter to be eligible for a 4.0. So you must have ½ your points by the 5 th week.  Tutoring sessions that take place after finals week begins do not count toward Eng. 080  You do not earn points for just typing your paper for class or doing homework. You only get credit for doing one of the activities listed on the activity chart.

13 WHEN DO I MEET MY INSTRUCTORS You must check-in with a Page One coordinator at the beginning and end of the quarter. Beginning of the quarter meetings are to make sure you understand the course requirements. End of quarter meetings are to give you your grade. We also ask that you meet either with a coordinator or Tutor Navigator at the middle of the quarter or 5 th week to check on your progress.

14 WHERE DO I GET STARTED?  Once we have created a Eng. 080 Activity Log and folder for you, we will store these at the English 080 station in Page One.  Every time you come in, you will begin by picking up your folder here and clocking in on the Time Keeper.

15 WHAT IS A TIME KEEPER? The Time Keeper keeps track of the time you spend in the Page One Writing Center – so it is important to clock in and out because this is an additional way we can record your Student Success Activities. Our friendly greeters will help you create an account on the Time Keeper.

16 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE ENG. 080 ACTIVITY LOG  To track your work, hours, and progress Ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure every conference with a writing tutor is documented on the Eng. 080 Activity Log. The Activity Log will be the heaviest factor in determining your grade.

17 TO SUMMARIZE - To get a 4.0 in Eng. 080, you must: Earn 200 points doing one of our SLC activities


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