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EXIM BANK: PARTNER IN AFRICAS DEVELOPMENT S.R. Rao Chief General Manager Export-Import Bank of India Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development.

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2 EXIM BANK: PARTNER IN AFRICAS DEVELOPMENT S.R. Rao Chief General Manager Export-Import Bank of India Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development Paris, March 16-17, 2006

3 2 Exim India Indias Foreign Trade & Indo-African Trade Exim Bank of India : An Overview & Initiatives in Africas Development Structure of Presentation

4 3 Exim India Indias Foreign Trade (US$ bn)Merchandise Trade Source: Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI), Government of India (GOI)

5 4 Exim India Indias Services Exports Source: Reserve Bank of India

6 5 Exim India Trends in Software Exports One of the Fastest Growing Export Items Source: NASSCOM Software exports rose from US$ 0.7 bn in FY 1996 to US$ 17.2 bn in FY 2005 Sharp rise in services exports due to software exports P - projection

7 6 Exim India Software Exports – Role of Exim Bank Exim Bank associated with development of Indian software industry since 1986 Comprehensive financing / service package for software industry including: - project / equipment finance; working capital finance - overseas investment finance - obtaining product / process certification - export marketing & export product development Establishment / expansion of software training institutes Facilitates setting up of software technology parks (STPs)

8 Indo-African Trade Relations

9 8 Exim India Indo-African Trade Relations Source: Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI), Govt. of India (GOI) Note: Import data do not include oil imports

10 9 Exim India Indias Major Trade Partners in Africa, Exports (% share)Imports (% share) Source: MOCI, GOI

11 10 Exim India Major Items of Trade, Exports (% share)Imports (% share) Source: MOCI, GOI

12 Exim Bank of India – An Overview & Initiatives in Africas Development

13 12 Exim India SET UP BY AN ACT OF PARLIAMENT IN SEPTEMBER 1981 WHOLLY OWNED BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA COMMENCED OPERATIONS IN MARCH 1982 APEX FINANCIAL INSTITUTION OBJECTIVES: … for providing financial assistance to exporters and importers, and for functioning as the principal financial institution for coordinating the working of institutions engaged in financing export and import of goods and services with a view to promoting the countrys international trade… … shall act on business principles with due regard to public interest (Export-Import Bank of India Act, 1981) Exim Bank of India

14 13 Exim India Leadership and Expertise in Indias Export Finance Comprehensive Range of Products And Services – All Stages of the Business Cycle – ExportCredits Exim Bank TODAY Export Capability Creation Product Centric Approach Customer Centric Approach To develop commercially viable relationships with a target set of externally oriented companies by offering them a comprehensive range of products and services, aimed at enhancing their internationalisation efforts Evolving Vision

15 14 Exim India Organisation: Network of Offices OFFICES IN INDIA OFFICES OVERSEAS

16 15 Exim India Range of Products & Services Pre- Shipment Export Marketing Export Production Export Product Development Import Finance Advisory Services Investment Abroad Post- Shipment Presence Across All Stages of Business Cycle INFORMATION Advisory Services Knowledge Building SUPPLEMENTS FINANCING PROGRAMMES Value Based Services

17 16 Exim India Business Strategy THREE-PRONGED APPROACH

18 17 Exim India Major Programmes … encompass all sectors of the economy … Agriculture, Industry and Services.

19 18 Exim India Support for Execution of Projects Exim Bank plays a pivotal role in promoting and financing Indian companies in the execution of projects Over the past two decades, increasing number of projects have been executed by Indian companies in North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, West Asia, South & South East Asia, CIS and Latin America Pioneering Role in Promoting Project Exports No. of Contracts:190 Value of Contracts:US$ 6 bn No. of Countries:42 Projects currently under execution with Exim Bank support

20 19 Exim India Exim Bank: Facilitator in Project Execution Turnkey contract for Gas Based Power Project in Tanzania funded by World Bank. Transmission System Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project in Zambia. Turnkey contract for Multi-Product Pipeline Project in Sudan Consultancy assignment in Small Town water supply project in Nigeria. Supplies for Urban Power Rehabilitation Project in Uganda. Transmission Line Projects in Algeria, Tunisia Construction of Cyber Towers in Mauritius Facilitating and Supporting Infrastructure Development

21 20 Exim India Support for Sourcing Equipment / Projects Enables import of Indian equipment and technology on deferred credit terms Particularly relevant for small and medium sectors Lines of Credit are extended to Overseas Governments, Government agencies overseas, National or regional development banks abroad, Commercial banks abroad 60 Operative LOCs amounting to US$ 1.63 billion in more than 70 countries Lines of Credit (LOC): A catalyst for trade promotion

22 21 Exim India Lines of Credit Extended to Africa 33 LOCs currently in operation in Africa amounting to US$ 1 billion Countries covered include Angola, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Cote dIvoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe. Institutions include: - ABSA Bank, South Africa - Offshore Development Company, Namibia - Eastern and Southern African Trade & Development Bank (PTA Bank) - West African Development Bank (BOAD) - Eastern African Development Bank (EADB) Facilitates import of project-related equipments and services

23 22 Exim India Supported 127 overseas ventures by 104 Indian companies in 44 countries. Aggregate loans extended amount to approx. US$ 470 mn. Term loan towards equity of Indian company (promoter funding) Term loan towards Indian promoters loans to overseas Joint Ventures (JVs): Term loan or working capital directly to JVs Term loan to overseas JVs for import of plant and machinery and services from India; Can be structured as suppliers credit or buyers credit / LOC Exim Bank also undertakes direct equity participation in Indian ventures abroad to enhance credibility and acceptability of Indian ventures overseas. Facilitates value addition, contributes to capacity building & capability creation in host countries Overseas Investment Finance

24 23 Exim India Exim Bank: Facilitating Indian Investment in Africa Indicates presence of Indian companies in some of the countries in Africa in the form of joint ventures, supported by Exim Bank. Mauritius Infotainment Sector Kenya Precured Tread Rubber Morocco Fertilisers & Chemicals Uganda Pharmaceuticals South Africa Computers Zambia Precious stones

25 24 Exim India Support Activities Cooperation arrangements with International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) to facilitate utilisation of Indian consultancy services: Africa Project Development Facilities Publications of export related research papers and newsletters Sector Studies & Country Studies (Occasional Paper/Working Paper series) Export Advantage (Quarterly) Agri-Export Advantage (Bimonthly in 10 regional languages) Indo-Africa Business (Quarterly) Multilateral Funded Projects – tracks opportunities and offers value added information, advisory & support services to Indian companies to enable their participation

26 25 Exim India Exim Bank - A Partner Institution to Promote Economic Development in Africa Provides Information, Advisory & Support Services to facilitate participation of Indian companies in Africa in projects, supply & services contracts funded by multilateral agencies such as African Development Bank, Afrexim Bank,PTA Bank, East African Development Bank, World Bank. Examples of Funded Projects in Africa executed by Indian companies: Supply of Pharmaceuticals; Ghana Sewerage Study; Ethiopia k Transmission Lines; Kenya Telecom Project; Malawi k Supply of Earth Moving Equipment; Tunisia Sugar Plant; Nigeria k Railway Restructuring Project; Tanzania

27 26 Exim India International Finance Corporation, Washington under the following arrangements: Consultancy Support Services: Tie ups in Africa Africa Project Development Facility (APDF) Africa Enterprise Fund (AEF) Technical Assistance & Trust Fund (TATF) Eastern & Southern African Trade & Development Bank (PTA Bank) African Management Services Company (AMSCO) Under Government of India-African Development Bank Cooperation Agreement Tie-up with

28 27 Exim India Indian Consultancy Assignments in Africa Ghana Refrigeration Cameroon Cement Nigeria Poultry Kenya Financial Training Madagascar Software Zambia Gems & Jewellery Uganda Nutri-Product Factory Tanzania Accounting Namibia Investment Promotion Mauritius Software Gambia Paper Zimbabwe Printing Press Indicates assignments completed by Indian Consultants in Africa Contributes towards private sector development in host countries s s s s s s s s s s s

29 28 Exim India Design and implementation of Export Finance Programmes of Industrial Development Corporation, South Africa Exim Bank: Partner in Institution Building Consultancy assignment for the Government of Mauritius on Mauritius as an Investment Hub for Indian Firms Establishing the Afreximbank

30 29 Exim India Other Initiatives in Africa Strong Relationship with African Development Bank (AfDB) Co-financing Agreement with AfDB Seminars organised with AfDB in major cities in India CEO level delegations led by Exim Bank to AfDB Institutional Linkages in Africa Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (IDC) Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, Tunisia Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie Board of Investment of Mauritius Member of Association of African Development Finance Institutions

31 30 Exim India Representative Office in Johannesburg, South Africa Equity Stake in Afreximbank, West African Development Bank, Development Bank of Zambia In-house research studies on Africa: Studies on Indias Trade and Investment Potential - Select COMESA Countries; Southern African Customs Union (SACU); SADC Countries; South Africa Snap Market Survey for Indian Pharmaceuticals Products in South Africa Strategy for Quantum Jump in Exports: Focus on Africa, LAC and China Other Initiatives in Africa Key partner institution in India-Africa Conclaves held in March & November 2005 in New Delhi

32 31 Exim India Exim Bank : Partner in Development Technology Capital (Foreign Investment) Raw Materials Capital Goods Final Products Capital Goods Capital (Overseas Ventures) Product Development Production Marketing Pre shipment Post shipment VALUE ADDITION EXPORT M M I I T T R R O O P P

33 32 Exim India THANK YOU

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