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AUSLIG Online GPS Processing Service (AUSPOS)

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1 AUSLIG Online GPS Processing Service (AUSPOS)
John Dawson, Ramesh Govind, John Manning Concepts AUSPOS Background How it works

2 STEP 1 Local Survey Mark Geodetic Survey Mark STEP 2 New Survey Marks Local Survey Mark

3 STEP 1 GPS data via Internet New Survey Marks Local Survey Mark

4 What is AUSPOS? Internet web application
users submit geodetic quality GPS via web-browser rapid turn-around precise positions via cm level coordinates anywhere in the World! including Antarctica position quality depends on data quantity/quality local datum within Australia (GDA94) ITRF coordinates outside of Australia FREE service

5 What do you Need? GPS data dual frequency data > 6 hrs of continuous Internet web browser i.e. netscape, Internet Explorer address

6 User GPS Data Processing Results Coordinates ( )

7 } What do you Submit? GPS data (RINEX) Your email address
the height of your GPS antenna the type of your GPS antenna } height

8 Speed and accuracy 6 hour data file results delivered in ~ 3 minutes
20 mm horizontal, 50 mm vertical 24 hour data file results delivered in ~15 minutes <10 mm horizontal and mm vertical

9 How it works International GPS Service (IGS)
worldwide network of permanent GPS receivers ‘baseline’ from three closest GPS station to station distances Antarctica -- typically 1000 km to 3500 km IGS IGS User GPS IGS

10 International GPS Service (IGS) Permanent GPS

11 AUSPOS, GPS Errors and Models
state-of-the-art processing system (MicroCosm) IERS96 conventions orbit error uses IGS precise orbits receiver and satellite clock error eliminated by double difference troposphere refraction  scale factor estimated ionospheric refraction  dual frequency observations antenna phase centre variations  uses IGS phase centre models

12 AUSPOS Accuracy versus Observation Length

13 AUSPOS Applications DGPS reference station positioning Remote GPS station positioning Ultra-long GPS baseline positioning GPS connections to IGS and ARGN stations High accuracy vertical GPS positioning In the field high-accuracy processing GPS network quality control

14 AUSPOS Australian Users

15 AUSPOS Global Users

16 AUSPOS Applications in the Antarctic
provides access to high-accuracy GPS processing free and easy to use high level ITRF geodetic control remote Antarctic locations single GPS receiver


18 AUSPOS Report


20 Useful Internet GPS Resources
AUSLIG home page AUSLIG Geodesy home page AUSPOS home page IGS home page 

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