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Sport in our life.

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1 Sport in our life

2 Sport plays a very important role in our life.
Many people go in for sports because it helps to be healthy.

3 Popular sports in the World are figure skating, rowing, swimming, ice-skating, boating, running.

4 The most popular sport in the World is figure skating.

5 Popular games in the World are football, basketball, golf, chess, tennis, ice hockey, rugby, volleyball. The most popular game is football.

6 Football is a game invented and developed in England.

7 I learn to play football in the sport school “VOSTOK”.

8 we have a lot of awards.

9 We take part in the matches in the different countries…

10 and cities of our country.

11 I like my hobby.

12 My hobby is Grass Hockey

13 Grass Hockey is a popular sport in Europe

14 We went to different countries to take part in different tournaments: Germany, Holland, Belarus.

15 I like my sport!

16 Bicycles I like to ride a bike.
Do you wish to go outside and ride a bike? Follow these simple steps: Find a safe place to practice; Make sure you know how to brake;

17 Bicycle race Practice balancing on the bike; Use a bike helmet.
I took part in the competitions last year.

18 My achievements I joined the Team of Moscow Region, and during the last race I was in the top ten in my age group. It is not bad for a beginner.

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