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Introduction to surveillance data exercise Preben Aavitsland.

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1 Introduction to surveillance data exercise Preben Aavitsland

2 Contents Analyse data sets from the Norwegian Surveillance System (MSIS) Excel pivot table functions and graphics Present important features of the disease in PowerPoint –time trend, seasonal trend –place characteristics (place of living and place of infection) –person characteristics (age, sex, place of birth)

3 Topics A Campylobacteriosis in Norway 1981 – 2005 –File CAMP.xls B Shigellosis in Norway 1981 – 2005 –File SHIG.xls C Hepatitis A in Norway 1981 – 2005 –File HEPA.xlx D Malaria in Norway 1981 – 2005 –File MALA.xls E Meningococcal disease in Norway 1981 – 2005 –File MENO.xls Real (but anonymised) data sets from Norway

4 Learning objectives Understand the structure of a surveillance database Master the use of Excel pivot tables to analyse surveillance data Create tables and graphs for presenting surveillance data Analyse surveillance data by time, place and person Present surveillance data

5 Outcome and presentation Produce a PowerPoint presentation using template: Title slide Disease and setting Surveillance system (provided) Time trends (for example long term trends, seasonal variation) Place characteristics (for example place of residence, place of infection) Person characteristics (for example age and sex, place of birth) Other features Discussion Conclusion

6 Database in Excel Record = one line = one disease event Variable (or field) = one column = one charatersitic of the event Value = content of a field File specification = explanation of variables and values

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