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Organic compounds Carbon compounds

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1 Organic compounds Carbon compounds
Organic compounds- primarily made of carbon Carbon can from four covalent bonds As a result, carbon can bon in a number of ways

2 Carbon compounds Functional groups- cluster of atoms that influence the characteristics of the molecules that contain them

3 Large carbon molecules
Monomer- small, simpler organic molecule Polymer- contains many monomers Condensation reaction- reaction that joins two monomers, produces water Hydrolysis- water is used to break polymer

4 Energy currency Energy is required for life’s processes
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)- stores energy for this purpose Energy stored in phosphate group bonds Energy released when one bond breaks

5 Molecules of Life Carbohydrates- Organic compounds containing C, H, and O in a ration of 1:2:1 respectively Monosaccharide- monomer of a carb, simple sugar (glucose) Disaccharide- 2 monosaccharides bonded, double sugar (sucrose) Polysaccharide- many monosaccharides bonded Glycogen- polymer of glucose in animals Starch- polymer of glucose in plants


7 Protein- composed of C, H, O, N
Monomer- amino acid Dipeptide- 2 amino acids joined by a peptide bond Proteins contain polypeptides Serve as structural components and enzymes

8 Lipids- large nonpolar molecules
Do not dissolve in water Fatty Acid- long carbon chain with a carboxyl on end Saturated- no double bonds, solid at roop temp, found in animals Unsaturated- double bonds present, liquid at room temp, found in plants

9 Lipids Triglyceride- glycerol bonded to 3 fatty acids
Phospholipids- glycerol with 2 fatty acids Other lipids include waxes and steroids Serve as structural components and energy storage


11 Nucleic Acids- large molecules that store information
Nucleotide- monomer of nucleic acid Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)- stores genetic info Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)- transfers info needed to make proteins within cells

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