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What are 3 types of propaganda techniques used in campaign ads?

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1 What are 3 types of propaganda techniques used in campaign ads?


3 Interest Groups and Mass Media

4 The ideas and attitudes that people hold about an issue or person

5 Personal Background – age, gender, income, race, religion, and where you live Mass Media – TV, internet, books, newspapers, radio, movies Public Officials – political leaders and government officials Interest Groups – work to persuade people to their point of view

6 Election results Public Opinion Poll – survey of individuals beliefs about particular issue or person

7 Methods of mass communication

8 Print media – books, magazines, newspapers Electronic media – TV, radio, internet

9 What will attract the most viewers in order to make a profit

10 The issues and problems that receive the most money, time and effort from the government

11 Have effect on what the public thinks is important

12 Candidates for office Give candidates exposure to run for office Give candidates idea of what the public is concerned about Test public reaction: Politicians sometimes leak (secretly pass on info) to gage how the public will react Watchdog Role – expose government waste and corruption

13 Amendment I – protects the press from prior restraint – censorship of material before it is published

14 Libel – cannot print false info that will harm someone Slander – cannot speak untruths that harm someone FCC – regulate broadcasting and can punish stations that break rules


16 A group of people who share a point of view about an issue and unite to promote their beliefs

17 People believe that by joining together they can increase their influence

18 The First Amendments freedom of assembly

19 Economic Interest Groups: Focus on economic issues US Chamber of Commerce – promotes free enterprise AFL-CIO – alliance of labor unions that fight for workers rights AMA – American Medical Association: represents doctors

20 Promote a ethnic group, age, gender, religion or other special issue NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NOW – National Organization of Women AARP – American Association of Retired People NRA – National Rifle Association

21 Support causes that affect the lives of Americans in general League of Women Voters - Educates voters about candidates and issues MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving

22 By forming PAC’s – political action committees to raise money for candidates Going to court – taking cases to court to bring attention to them By hiring lobbyists – specialists who try to influence lawmakers

23 The first amendments freedom to petition


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