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2 WHO ARE WE? We are a community in AAPG focused on professional practice of energy resource geoscience; Our members: Certified Petroleum Geologists, Geophysicists and Coal Geologists - committed to standards; We are professionals who tackle issues affecting your practice as a professional geoscientist; We represent geoscientists in engaging with policymakers on matters of professional concern.

3 Membership 3,000 + members strong and growing We want every qualified petroleum geoscientist to join us! Two levels; Certified and Board Certified (with continuing education) Cooperate with other organizations Reciprocity through SIPES Reciprocity through Geological Society of London

4 Leadership July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011 Daniel J. Tearpock, President William T. Goff, Vice-President Martin D. Hewitt, President-Elect Paul Pausé, Secretary Daniel A. Billman, Treasurer Paul Britt, Past President

5 Why Should I Join the DPA? To Become Certified Competency Standards Ethical Standards Professionalism Improved Credibility Active voice-GAC Continuing Education Career Planning Consulting Agreements Monitor Registration Specialty Certification Gold standard certification which transcends local, state, national and international borders

6 DPA Councilor Representation Eastern Section Gulf Coast Section Mid Continent Section Rocky Mountain Section Southwest Section Pacific Section Five Global Regions (Starting in 2010)

7 DPA Committees Board of Certification Membership Governmental Affairs Continuing Education State Registration and Licensing Publications Bylaws External Affairs Reserves and Resources Long Range Planning Committee on Conventions Nominating Honors and Awards Website

8 International Representation Expanded in 2010 Supports the dissemination of Ethics and professional behavior around the world – professionalism knows no national bounds. International Councilors are working on methods to further expand our international presence.

9 Services - Gathering and Learning Short courses on Professional Development, Ethics at national, international (Regional) and sectional meetings. Forums and special sessions at national, international (Regional) and sectional meetings. 2010-11 DPA Activities AAPG Convention - New Orleans 2010: DPA Forums: Panel discussions - The Ethics, Professionalism and Process of AAPG Statements DPA Short Courses: Reservoir Engineering for Geologists, Stephen Norris Quick Look Techniques, Dan Tearpock

10 Services - Gathering and Learning AAPG Southwest Section Conference 2010: DPA Breakfast – May 18 th : Speaker – David Curtiss (Director GeoDC) DPA Luncheon – May 18 th DPA Mid Continent Section Conference 2010: DPA Town Hall Meeting – May 18 th – Topic: Energy policy

11 Services - Gathering and Learning (continued) AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Conference 2010: DPA Breakfast – Monday June 14th DPA Luncheon – Tuesday June 15th AAPG International Conference – Calgary, Canada, September, 2010: DPA Luncheon – Wednesday September 15 th Speaker – Dr. David Elliott

12 Services - Gathering and Learning (continued) AAPG Eastern Section Conference 2010: DPA Luncheon: TBA DPA Short Course: Quality Control of Subsurface Maps, by Dan Tearpock – DPA President AAPG Gulf Coast Section Conference 2010: All Division Luncheon: TBA Two DPA-Sponsored Short Courses: Ethics for Breakfast and Ethics for Lunch

13 Services - Gathering and Learning (continued) AAPG ACE Conference April 2011: SIPES/DPA Short Course – How to be an Independent: Sunday DPA Co-Sponsor – Discovery Thinking Session: Monday Joint DPA/Prowess Luncheon: Tuesday Joint DPA Prowess Forum – Diversity, Professionalism and Ethics: Tuesday DPA Short Course: Petroleum Reserves and Resources: An Overview of Recommended Geological Practices, by Dan Tearpock – DPA President

14 Services - Gathering and Learning (continued) Publications: AAPG Statements, Correlator; Web-based short courses: one online, with more under development; Legislative Tracking Service: Available to all AAPG members –; Model Contract/Agreement Templates: currently being revised and updated.

15 Governmental Affairs - Principle As the only US society for energy resource geoscientists, we represent our profession to Federal and State lawmakers and regulators on matters affecting our profession. DPA is the leader within the AAPG who fulfills this mandate.

16 Governmental Affairs Co-sponsor of GEO-DC - active role in direction and support; AAPG Statements revised and approved - and procedure for regular updates; Participation in Congressional Visit Day (CVD).

17 Facing the Future Be proud of our profession as competent petroleum geologists/energy resource geoscientists! We are largely responsible for the modern standard of living! We and our successors will be needed for decades to come! SHOW YOUR COMMITMENT – SHOW YOUR PROFESSIONALISM – SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW GEOSCIENTISTS!!! JOIN THE DPA TODAY!



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