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The Art of Blogging George Siemens MADLAT

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1 The Art of Blogging George Siemens MADLAT

2 Its all about change! Standard opening lines when talking new technologies: How we acquire, use, and trust information is changing. Blogs and RSS are indicators (not drivers) of a much larger change in the information ecology.

3 Why? Previously, society of information keepers derived value from ability to erect and maintain barriers Information structure has been under pressure since 1960s from info keepers to info sharers Change initially restricted to small subset of society The Web brought the change pressures mainstream

4 So what? Catching up with needs Tools are being developed to reflect new information structure and user needs Innovations build on former model, until core changes are sufficiently distributed to allow the innovation to stand on its own merits

5 Some trends Two-way flow Questioning bias Increased dialogue/discussion Voices given to individuals Decentralized Increased equality among nodes Modularization Pliable connections (or connected specialization) History is created for knowledge/learning that used to vaporize

6 Media



9 Learning


11 Most important point for educators/trainers Learning is not simply a content consumption process. Learning is also a content creation process. This cant happen if the flow of knowledge is one way.

12 What is valued in an information ecology/economy? Time Connections Openness Diversity Currency History (searchable) Scalable

13 Characteristics of various media

14 Connections, history, speed, ability to search, dialogue, two-way, end user control - highest balance is found with blogs.

15 What is the best environment for learning? Variety –Content expression –Means of experiencing content –Community –Small group –Individual –Connections

16 A different way to learn… Traditional Blogs and RSS

17 Definition of Blogs A simple website Frequently updated Dated links Commentary Archives Two-way (comments, trackback, cross- linking)

18 Blogs Blogs are tethered conversations – parallel, not direct, scalable

19 Example of Blogs Dave Barry Dean for America

20 Applications Learning and teaching Knowledge sharing Relationship forming Advocacy Personal Knowledge Management Community building (relationship forming) Marketing

21 How to blog Start Know your motivation Link, comment on other posts Experiment – find your voice Express your personality Learn to write well Write for a reason and an effect

22 Getting Exposure Blog regularly Link and acknowledge others Get involved in the conversations (comments, trackback)

23 Getting Started Hosted: Typepad, Blogger, LiveJournal Remote Install: Drupal, Movable Type Desktop: Radio Userland For more examples see:

24 How it works… Blogging with Movable Type

25 RSS Lightweight XML format for sharing content Ties together conversations – allows for review of many resources Rich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication Atom is alternative format Pull, rather than push Trackback is subset (but is prone to same abuse as email) – basically I said this about what you said

26 Aggregators Desktop standalone: Integrated: Web-based:

27 What does an aggregator look like? Sharpreader Bloglines

28 Finding Feeds Technorati Feedster Daypop

29 Reality RSS will be bigger than blogging. Not everyone is a blogger Everyone is a potential RSS subscriber Personal blogging and work may not always be wise

30 How does this translate into learning, personal knowledge management, knowledge sharing, conversations??? Instructors can engage learners…and introduce learners to others in the field (i.e. tap learners into a learning pipeline that lasts beyond a course) Learners can develop own reputation (eportfolio) Institutions can share knowledge via simple, social tools

31 Next steps for newcomers 1.Start a blog 2.Get an aggregator 3.Find RSS feeds of similar interest 4.Blog 5.Comment, link to other bloggers of similar interest

32 Blogging Resources about-weblogs.html about-weblogs.html 0/03/personalKnowledgePublishingAndItsUsesIn Research.html 0/03/personalKnowledgePublishingAndItsUsesIn Research.html http://www.weblogg- ardson.shtml ardson.shtml

33 RSS Resources x.htm x.htm

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