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Learning Technologies Centre Learning and Teaching with Social Technologies.

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1 Learning Technologies Centre Learning and Teaching with Social Technologies

2 Learning Technologies Centre Change Drivers Understanding of learning –Vygotsky, Bandura, Wittgenstein Pace of knowledge growth –U Berkeley, ASTD, Bontis Development of technology (ubiquity) Expectations of students The Great Complexification

3 Learning Technologies Centre The Read/Write Web or Web 2.0 Web 1.0 The web is a publishing medium where some write and others read. Web 2.0 The web is an interactive medium where all users read and write, interact, create and collaborate.

4 Learning Technologies Centre Defining social software Shirky: something that can be spammed Boyd: its the opposite of project- oriented collaboration tools that places people into groups. SS supports the desire of individuals to be pulled into groups to achieve goals

5 Learning Technologies Centre Chat Instant messaging Internet relay chat VoIP Firefox (included), MSN Messenger, Skype, GoogleTalk Uses: Group work, quick conversations

6 Learning Technologies Centre Blogging Write, share, reflect Heavy – K-12, corporations, media Services: Blogger, Movabletype, Myspace, MSN Spaces In classroom: reflective learning, central point for info sharing, reactions for group discussions

7 Learning Technologies Centre Tagging & Social Bookmarking What a resource means to me An alternative taxonomy Digg Uses: Pattern recognition, group pulse, casual information sharing, serendipitous learning

8 Learning Technologies Centre Wikis Collaborative writing, thinking Jotspot (Google is at it again) Writely Wikispaces Uses: knowledge blender, collaboration, brainstorming, content creation (wikipedia, writing a book, etc.)

9 Learning Technologies Centre Podcasts Audio – creating, sharing, iTunes and universities (lectures) Uses: broadcasting, lectures, adding additional dimensions to learning, present foundational elements

10 Learning Technologies Centre Video Online Youtube (go Google!) Google Video Sharkle Uses: Lectures, link to other resources, add additional dimension to learning, provide real views of what may be theoretical

11 Learning Technologies Centre Integrated suites Blogging with community formation…tagging, etc. Community formation Manage digital identity ePortfolio Example: Elggspaces (free 50 user space)

12 Learning Technologies Centre Content is a conduit for conversation

13 Learning Technologies Centre Bringing it together RSS Bloglines Google Reader Desktop Aggregators Why? – aggregate conversations from large group of learners, connect learners with sources of ongoing learning

14 Learning Technologies Centre Ok, but how do I know whats going on in the ecology? The live web Technorati Icerocket Feedster …and of course, Google

15 Learning Technologies Centre To continue ConnectED –Grassroots knowledge sharing community –U of M network –Share ideas, experiences, problems, challenges, opportunities, theories

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