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Evaluating Media Characteristics Using multimedia to achieve learning outcomes.

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1 Evaluating Media Characteristics Using multimedia to achieve learning outcomes

2 Definition A means of effecting or conveying something A channel of communication A condition/environment permitting something to flourish

3 Overview Text Audio Visuals Video Software Live/F2F Collaborative Integration

4 Role of Text Positives: Surveyable Easy to produce Low bandwidth Familiar Many readers Not much specialization Negatives: Overused Passive 100% learner motivation Time lag

5 Text Our experience Paper and digital Manuals Chat, discussion Learning materials Knowledge sharing – i.e. blogging

6 Text Learning outcomes Simple to complex Suited to synthesis/evaluation Reflection – due to time lag

7 Role of Audio Positives: Two-way interaction Enrich a text only course Useful for explanations, accessibility, pronunciations Great for auditory learners Speed – faster than typing (and less inhibitive) Negatives: Easy to tune out Text read – limits pace – user needs to be able to disable Need professional voice Extended audio needs to be indexed – time/expense

8 Audio Our experience VoIP – PalTalk, Groove Polycom Audio pronunciations

9 Audio Learning outcomes Across spectrum Presentation Explanations Dialogue Analysis Synthesis

10 Role of Visuals Positives: Abundance Low cost (if using clipart/digital camera) Versatile – use for any learning task Low bandwidth (if done right) Enrich learning material Negatives: Can be poor quality Motion/animation can be expensive Time consuming Involved if using graphic artist

11 Visuals Our experience Digital pictures Graphics – Internet Graphic artist – designing Enriches text – picture is worth a thousand words Animations

12 Visuals Learning outcomes Knowledge Comprehension Explanations Demonstrations Conceptualizing abstract concepts Contrasting

13 Role of Video Positives: Visual Personal medium Many viewers/large audience Detail complex tasks Ability to review Increased variety – CD, Streaming Negatives: Specialized team – i.e. producer, editor, camera Expensive Not easy to modify Sequential, difficult to survey Passive

14 Video Our experience Culinary Arts – 7 Courses Build sets, editing, reviewing Interruptions in live taping Instructor time commitment CD ROM Streaming – 3 month course

15 Video Learning outcomes Demonstrations Explanations Lecture Complex – i.e. whiteboard – physics problem solving Two way (expensive) – instructor observes student

16 Software Positives: Simulation Self-paced Re-usable Team based Memorable Game-like – edutainment Negatives: Expensive Time consuming Complex to design Team based Added complexity for learners

17 Software Our experience HTML, Java, Flash, Authorware, Hot Potatoes, LMS (TLM & WebCT)Authorware Simulations Guided lessons Always multi-discipline project Student response - excellent

18 Software Learning outcomes Demonstrations Knowledge Broad knowledge Practice complex skill in safe environment Synthesis

19 Live/F2F Positives: Highly interactive Familiar – students and instructors Effective Proven history Can incorporate other media Negatives: Only synchronous Expensive No knowledge trail Limited audience size Not surveyable

20 Live/F2F Our experience Classrooms Lecture theatres Hey…were college instructors…what more can we say!

21 Live/F2F Learning outcomes Everything Main determinant of success is the skill of the instructor

22 Collaboration: (As a media format) Positives: Knowledge building Communities Student to student Time on task Ideal for online environment Supplements other media Negatives: Takes time – not ideal for short-course training Difficult to do Change required of student and instructor

23 Collaborative Our experience Groove Communityzero Slow social acceptance Too unfamiliar Much rather talk about it than do it…over- hyped, under done Control is dispersed to everyone

24 Collaborative Learning outcomes Explanation/demonstration Higher order Synthesis, evaluation Deep learning, not surface Multiple perspectives

25 Integration Positives: Combine best features, minimize weaknesses Enriched learning Asynchronous Synchronous Negatives: Instructors have to combine tools to achieve outcomes Ideal elearning tool doesnt exist yet Media Integration

26 Contact us George Siemens 204 632 2141 Steve Yurkiw 204 632 2598

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