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In the Works Executive Directors Meeting April 5-6, 2005.

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1 In the Works Executive Directors Meeting April 5-6, 2005

2 1.Determine appropriate forum to discuss draft Strategic Plan with commissions. 2.Distribute final copy of State Profile to each state commission. Profiles will be posted on the website next week. 3.Launch of redesigned CNCS website will occur during the summer of 2005. 4.Names and contact information of State Office staff who are trained as eGrants resource specialists will be shared with state commissions as possible technical resources for training and problem-solving.

3 5.T/TA Working Group membership list and notes of last two meetings will be posted on the CNCS website. 6.Up to date CNCS phone directory will be posted on the website. 7.CNCS will commit to a Pledge of Excellence at the National Conference. 8.Notes from small group discussions on T/TA working assumptions will be compiled and considered by the T/TA Working Group. Responses/feedback will be presented during the National Conference.

4 9.CNCS will have a session at the National Conference describing the funding available for training through each major program type: AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, VISTA, and Learn and Serve America as a way to explore future collaborations and partnerships for training needs. 10.CNCS will provide training at the national meeting on appropriate match documentation and advanced time and attendance practices. 11.AC/S Program Officers will call each state commission next week to identify state RFP dates. 12.Previous NAPA report available upon request.

5 13.Training Working Group will identify training and appropriate time line for implementation of the new Rule. Suggestions should be sent to Gretchen Van der Veer by May 1st. 14.A collaborative data working group will be constituted to work with data related issues for reporting and grant selection. Executive Directors interested in being part of this group should submit their names to Bob Grimm by May 1st. 15.AmeriCorps program office will notify states of the next set of Administrative Standards reviews. 16.Past audit reviews will be summarized with trends noted.

6 17.WBRS/eGrants issues identified during the session will be researched and addressed. 18.AmeriCorps State will have biweekly meetings with help desk to identify WBRS and eGrants issues and patterns. 19.CNCS staff working group is researching the Background Check issue. Send comments to your program officer. Two websites of note: NGA Washington Staff: NGA Washington Staff:,1169,C_GOV_W ASH,00.html Faith Based and Community Initiatives:

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