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Next Steps Preparing Your Members for Life… After AmeriCorps.

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1 Next Steps Preparing Your Members for Life… After AmeriCorps

2 National Service Resource Center Carlos Pedraza, Director Steven Padilla, Information Specialist

3 Agenda Using Next Steps Key Dates Self-Assessment Education Award Networking Job Search Continuing to Serve Leaving Right

4 Using the Next Steps Guidebook: Cautions Next Steps is a tool, not the solution Keep it interactive and relevant Members may get overwhelmed or bored

5 Identify Key Dates Program Managers: Plan use of Next Steps content and activities –Orientation –Mid-Term –End of Service

6 Identify Key Dates Members School-related Taxes Voting

7 Self-Assessment Baseline Determine expectations at start of the year Work values Self-management

8 Self-Assessment Comparison Revisit baseline assessments Identify areas of change and growth

9 Education Award Members need to know: How to use it Where to get assistance Opportunities to augment award

10 Networking Keep track of contacts along the way Project sponsors Community collaborators Individuals encountered during service- learning activities

11 Job Search Resumes Applications Interviews

12 Job Search Community or college career centers Websites Guest speakers from local businesses Mock interviews as reflection activity

13 Continuing to Serve Update Volunteer Resumes Revisit AmeriCorps Pledge Seek input from State Commissions Volunteer websites

14 Leaving Right Transition stages Final administrative issues

15 Additional Resources Resource Connection, Summer 1997 AmeriCorps Members & Alumni

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