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New Project Directors Orientation Presentation 2 Project Management.

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1 New Project Directors Orientation Presentation 2 Project Management

2 Welcome Your Project Management Team Project Operations (Sponsor) Project Staff Community Participation Group Introduction to Module 3: Volunteer Management and Community Outreach Module 2: Project Management Agenda

3 CHAPTER 2: Project Operations Sponsor Responsibilities § A sponsor is responsible for fulfilling all project management requirements necessary to accomplish the purposes of the SCP program as specified in the Act. A sponsor shall not delegate or contract these responsibilities to another entity. A sponsor shall comply with all regulations contained in this part, policies, and grant provisions prescribed by the Corporation. Compliance Section A.1-A.6 & D 3

4 CHAPTER 2: Project Operations Sponsor Responsibilities It is the Sponsoring organizations responsibility to: Secure maximum and continuing community financial and in-kind support to operate project successfully Establish recordkeeping system in compliance with CNCS requirements and to ensure reports are done in timely and accurate way Comply with and ensure volunteer stations comply with applicable civil rights laws and regs including providing reasonable accommodations Community Needs assessment Promote the SCP program, incorporating into mission of agency Comply with the Notice of Grant Award, including the Certifications, Assurances and Terms and Conditions of the grant 4

5 Notice of Grant Award (NGA) Notice of Grant Award includes : Amount of Grant Award Reporting Requirements Terms and Conditions Special Conditions Assurances are agreed to when submitting the grant application. Compliance Section B.2 To find your NGA : Locate your current grant in eGrants; Click on the Report menu; select Notice of Grant Award; and click Go. CHAPTER 2: Project Operations

6 The sponsor is responsible for securing community financial and in-kind support to operate the project successfully. Certain government-wide requirements apply to fundraising under SCP grants. Senior Corps sponsors must follow all applicable OMB Cost Principle circulars: OMB Circular A–21 for Educational Institutions OMB Circular A–87 for State, Local, and Indian Tribal Governments OMB Circular A–122 for Nonprofit Organizations These OMB circulars apply to grant programs across the Federal Government and do not allow fund raising costs as direct charges under the grant. This means that SCP project staff whose salaries and benefits are 100 percent charged as direct costs to the Federal grant may not engage in fund raising to support the sponsor organization, project costs, or indirect costs. 6 Project Management: Fund Raising

7 Can SCP Staff raise funds for the project? Senior Corps Fund Raising and OMB Cost Principles Frequently Asked Questions: 7

8 CHAPTER 4: Community Participation Group or Advisory Council It is a requirement of SCP grantees to secure community participation in local project operation by establishing an Advisory Council or a similar organizational structure. [45 CFR ] Council members should include community partners who are capable of helping the sponsor with fund raising and publicity, volunteers, and project beneficiaries. Advisory Councils should help projects by: Raising funds and soliciting in-kind donations Determining priorities and needed improvements Conducting the Annual Assessment Assisting with volunteer recognition events 8

9 9 advisory-councils

10 CHAPTER 5 - Project Staff Responsibilities of the SCP Project Director The sponsor assigns responsibility for the project's daily management to the project director. A project director functions as a working project manager, actively involved with community organizations, FGP volunteers, and volunteer stations. The project director serves as the representative of the sponsor. The Sponsor may delegate Project Directors the authority to sign and approve official project documentation, including project reports, memoranda of understanding. The sponsor may establish procedures for internal review and approval of project director actions, in accordance with its standard policies and procedures. [45 CFR ] 10

11 CHAPTER 5 - Project Staff The Project Director is an employee of the Sponsoring Organization. Project Directors follow sponsor personnel policies. Fulltime Project Director, is not assigned duties unrelated to the grant Salary comparable to similar positions at sponsor Other staff as appropriate can be paid from the grant. A clear Job Description should be provided to the Project Director and included in documents submitted to CNCS with the grant application. Criminal Background Checks are required for all staff paid from the grant who were hired after April 22,

12 12 resources

13 Project Management: The eGrants System eGrants is an online system designed to automate the entire grants and project management process from application to closeout. eGrants is the system of record for CNCS grants and reports Do not share passwords and user names An individuals login is considered their electronic signature DO NOT use the previous Project Directors login and update the profile for you. This action will change information on past grants and reports in the system. Grantee Administrator should suspend all privileges for former staff associated with the project. 13

14 Project Management: The eGrants System Submitting Your Grant Application The application must be submitted by a representative of the sponsor who has been authorized by its governing body to certify that all data in the application are true and correct, that the application has been duly authorized by the governing body of the applicant, and that the applicant will comply with the assurances submitted with the application, if the assistance is awarded. The authorizing signature is an electronic signature that results from submitting the grant application in eGrants. A copy of the governing bodys authorization for this official representative to sign must be on file in the applicants office. 14

15 Project Management: Compliance Monitoring Common Compliance Findings Compliance Findings are indications of non-compliance with program requirements. Relevant Common Compliance Findings will be discussed in each NPDO Module. Questions from the Senior Corps Compliance Monitoring Guide related to Module 2: Section A Program Requirements Section B.2. Legal Verification Section D. Sponsor/Staff Responsibilities Section E. Volunteer/Community Support 15

16 Common Compliance Findings for Module 2: Incorrect percentage of staff time charged to grant (A.3 & C.10.a) Time sheet does not reflect non-grant activities of staff (A.3 &C.10.a) Time sheet reflects budgeted rather than actual time (A.3 &C.10.a) Annual assessment for accomplishments and impact (A.4.a) Project Management: Compliance Findings

17 Preparation: If you have not completed the first Preparation assignment, take some time to complete it. Review SCP Operations Handbook Chapters: 2, 4, 5 Review Senior Corps Compliance Monitoring Guide, Sections: A.1-6; B-2; D; E Review the policies and procedures manual for your project Review your Notice of Grant Award, the Certifications, and Assurances. Review the Organizational Capacity and Project Management Sections of your current grant. Complete Self- Assessment Checklist described in the SCP Operations Handbook: Chapter 13 and found in Appendix 10. Note your questions and areas for improvement as you go through the assessment. Consultation: Schedule time with your CNCS State Program Officer to discuss the second module. 17 Module 2: Project Management - Next Steps

18 Introduction to Module 3: Volunteer Management Chapter 6: Volunteer Stations Volunteer Station Roles and Responsibilities Preparation of the Memorandum of Understanding Management of Volunteer Stations Chapter 7: SCP Volunteer Assignments Criteria for FGP Volunteer Assignments Appropriate FGP Activities Chapter 8: SCP Volunteers Eligibility to be Enrolled Selection of FGP Volunteers Orientation and Training of FGP Volunteers Service-Learning Chapter 12: Community Partnerships & Collaboration Coordination with Other Corporation Programs and Community Organizations Public Awareness SENIOR CORPS COMPLIANCE MONIORING GUIDE: Questions A.9-14;17-21;24; 26-27; 29-32;

19 Preparation Activities: Prior to Presentation 3 please complete the following Preparation Activities: Review FGP Operations Handbook Chapters: 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 Review Senior Corps Compliance Monitoring Guide: Section: A.9- 14;17-21; 24; 26-27; 29-32; Review your Memorandum of Understanding template Review the Recruitment and Strengthening Communities Sections of your current grant. 19 Preparation for Module 3: Volunteer Management

20 Module 2: Web links Boards and Advisory Councils: management/boards-and-advisory-councils management/boards-and-advisory-council National Service Criminal History Checks: Fundraising and cost principles: Fundraising FAQ: eGrants: These resources were developed for the RSVP Grant Competition. They are also helpful for FGP and SCP Project Staff. 20

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