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Grade 8 Topic 7 Sexual Assault. What is sexual assault?

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1 Grade 8 Topic 7 Sexual Assault

2 What is sexual assault?

3 Sexual Assault is… A Criminal Offense Forced and Unconsented –Kissing –Touching (fondling) –Oral sex –Vaginal intercourse –Anal intercourse

4 Research shows that… Using alcohol and drugs was often a factor Many had been raped by someone they knew Most males do not believe that they committed a crime Some victims confide in a friend but most did not inform parents, police or sexual assault centre Many victims blame themselves

5 After a sexual assault.. Tell someone Do NOT shower or bathe Call Sexual Assault Treatment Centre

6 Consent is… Based on choice Saying “yes” clearly Possible only when there is equal power

7 Giving in because of fear is NOT consent Giving in because of pressure is NOT consent

8 What are the danger signals? Pressuring for sex “If you loved me, you would.” Trying to make you feel bad or guilty “Don’t you like me?” Blackmail “If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone you did anyway.”

9 What are the danger signals? Thinks sex is a right no matter what “We’ve had sex before so you can’t say NO now.” Doesn’t take NO for an answer “You can’t say NO because I spent all that money on you.” “You really want it. You’re just saying NO to protect your reputation.”


11 What do you think? True or False?

12 1.Rape and sex are the same thing. False

13 True or False? 2. Date rape is usually planned. False

14 True or False? 3. Women “ask for it” by how they dress or act. False

15 True or False? 4. Most women enjoy sexual assault or they like rough sex. False

16 True or False? 5. Women secretly wish to be sexually assaulted. False

17 True or False? 6. Only young, attractive women are raped. False

18 True or False? 7. Most sexual assaults are reported to police. False

19 True or False? 8. Boys are not usually sexually assaulted. False

20 True or False? 9. Sexual assault removes freedom of sexual choice from the victim. True

21 True or False? 10. A person who says “no” really wants to be talked into sexual activity. False

22 True or False? 11. Decide your sexual limit before you are in a pressure situation. True

23 True or False? 12. If you have been forced beyond your sexual limit, you have been assaulted. True

24 True or False? 13. 85% of women who have been raped know their attacker. True

25 True or False? 14. 25% of rapes happen on a date. False

26 True or False? 15. If a man spends money on a date by buying a woman dinner or drinks or gives her a present, she then owes him sex. False

27 What is Sexual Harassment?

28 What is the difference between Flirting Sexual Harassment Sexual Assault ???

29 See what you think…

30 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? John tells a group of girls to stop calling him at home, but they keep calling. Harassment

31 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? Mike stares at Latasha non-stop during class. Harassment

32 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? Teresa winks at Jose. Flirting

33 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? Amelia loves wearing sexy clothes. Rob writes “slut” on her locker. Harassment

34 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? Susan meets Jack at a party. She wants to leave but he pins her arms and kisses her. Assault

35 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? Whenever Cecilia walks by, Lorrie calls her a dyke. Harassment

36 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? When talking, Enrique touches Shamika’s arm. Flirting

37 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? In a crowded hallway, Matt grabs Diane’s breast. Assault

38 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? Manuel sends Jenee flowers. Flirting

39 Flirting, Harassment, or Assault? Robert and Matt show a sexual cartoon to Kim in class. She tells them to stop and they do. Flirting

40 Guidelines for Dating

41 Dating Guidelines Share in decisions. Dates should be in public places. Set limits early in a relationship. Keep alcohol and drugs out of the picture. Respect your partner’s “no”. Be prepared for sexual pressure. Talk with your family about a ride home if needed. If assaulted…tell someone.

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