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2 Australian Council of Educational Leaders Conference, Sydney, Oct 10–12, 2007 A REAL-TIME PERFORMANCE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING LEARNING Prof Peter Cuttance Research Australia Development & Innovation Institute (

3 Emerging Performance and Accountability Increased public access to data on individual schools. Advances in our understanding of effective instruction and learning. Professional educators must take control of the reins as the drivers of schooling. We need to tale the reins from politicians – and cranky organisations – meddling with educational practice if they cannot evidentially demonstrate how best to teach children, politicians need to restrict their focus to broad policy issues, funding and regulation.

4 Present context in schools Inefficient (& expensive) information gathering Much data gathering is done partly or fully by hand. Ineffective assessment Formative assessment is difficult to manage Diagnostic assessment is time-consuming Summative assessment is only for accountability & reporting. Data scattered everywhere, but no integrated framework Difficult to integrate information for case managing students needing personalised attention and support. Inefficient access to data to monitor strategic directions.

5 Information context Stakeholder feedback is difficult to access in real-time, when it would be of most use. Information relevant to the dynamics of schools is not readily available. Most resource allocation is informed only at the margins by data that is current and reliable. Information relevant to accountability is more readily available than data relevant to the improvement of learning outcomes.

6 Information context (cont) Much data available in schools is too far out-of-date for many purposes. Access to assessment data is inefficient and not well- integrated into teacher workflow. Assessment moderation is relatively weak. Achievement data is not available in a form that supports personalisation of learning.


8 Effect SizeSource of Contribution 1.13Reinforcement 0.94Corrective feedback 0.79Graded homework 0.76Co-operative learning 0.65Remediation feedback 0.40–0.70Formative assessment 0.50Peer tutoring 0.49Teacher professional learning 0.46Parent involvement 0.40Tutoring © 20078

9 Of the 1800 minutes in formal learning environments each week, less than 5 minutes comprises feedback by the teacher to the individual student.

10 Information about how and why the student understands and misunderstands, and what directions they must take to improve are powerful factors in learning.

11 Expectations are about setting appropriate and specific challenging goals beyond the student aiming to do their best students need to know what type & level of performance is to be attained …feedback allows them to set reasonable goals…track their performance…[and make] adjustments in effort, direction and strategy…

12 Formative assessment has an effect size of 0.4 – 0.75 ie. It can move the average level of achievement from the 50 th percentile to the 65–80 th percentile. More frequent formative assessment (1–2 times a week) has a much greater impact (ES = 0.75) than infrequent assessment (once every three weeks ES = 0.5 ).

13 …formative assessment can help all pupils, it yields particularly good results with low achievers by concentrating on specific problems with their work and giving them a clear understanding of what is wrong and how to put it right. Black & Wiliam, 1998

14 ProLearning An integrated real-time school improvement performance system

15 A school-centric approach to: Real-time gathering of intelligence through online, telephone, and mobile surveys in a range of community languages. Continuous assessment–for–learning. Integration of data focussed on key performance monitoring areas. Integrated real-time reporting against a schools priorities.

16 HERMES SURVEY KIOSK Information gathered from: Parents Students Teachers ASSESSMENT KIOSK (iTaLAc) Formative assessment Real-time feedback to, students, teachers & parents Tasks aligned to curriculum frameworks REPORTING TO COMMUNITY REPORTING TO PARENTS DISTRICT/REGIONAL AGGREGATION OF DATA (EQIPS) System-level surveys with each school able to add their own questions and receive report for their own respondents. 24-hour surveys to gather brief information from schools, with SMS/ /fax notification and reminders to schools. SCHOOL-CENTRIC IMPROVEMENT & PERFORMANCE INFORMATION SCHOOL PRIORITIES TARGETS PERFORMANCE INDICATORS ©

17 Leading–edge survey technology Adaptive intelligence gathering. Direct measures of progress (PIs). Automated deployment and processing. Delivered online, SMS and hand-helds. Multiple community languages. Random sampling replicates. Flexible reporting period and format.

18 Innovations for schools Frequent 2-minute (1-page) rapid surveys to gather information in real-time. Adaptive surveys Q1. Teachers at the school challenge my child to do their best Strongly Disagree Agree Agree Disagree Strongly My child does not get on well with teachers My child is often bored at school My child needs more help at school Yes Not No Sure My child likes to be extended My child is involved in many school activities My childs teachers are very supportive Yes Not No Sure

19 The Integrated Teaching and Learning Assessment Cycle (iTaLAc)

20 Instructional design Deliver y Feedback Reporting


22 HERMES SURVEY KIOSK an online library of surveys for parents, students and teachers

23 Take the hassle out of doing surveys Put a survey link on your school Home Page Choose from a library of survey questions Choose which schools to benchmark against Automated monitoring enhances response rates Automated reporting High security environment

24 Designed for the needs of schools Library of surveys developed to research standards Over 2000 questions covering 400+ topics We can upload your own survey Many school system surveys are also available Run them at the time that best suits your school

25 Unique features based on leading-edge technologies Customise to the look-and-feel of your school Add your own questions Automated reports sent to you within 24-hours Soar with the eagles access a tutor to build your first survey in less than 45 minutes Free telephone and online voice-help Option for students and parents to listen to the questions in community languages

26 Purpose developed for schools School improvement focus Gather feedback from parents, students, teachers Online available anywhere Build your own survey by topic Translation into community languages on demand Pencil-and-paper versions of parent surveys

27 Examples of student surveys available… Student well-being and engagement Understanding of gender differences Cyber bullying Literacy Student meta-cognitive development Behaviour at school

28 Examples of teacher surveys available… Meta-cognitive development Understanding of strategies for boys learning Student-teacher relationships Co-operative group learning knowledge Evaluation of professional learning programs

29 Examples of parent surveys available… School-family-community partnerships Communicating with the school Homework Supporting middle-years students at home School satisfaction

30 STEPS TO RUNNING YOUR SURVEY Designed from the ground-up especially for schools The worlds easiest to use survey kiosk © 2007

31 SELECT A NEW SURVEY FROM THE LIBRARY Choose from surveys for your target group Preview any survey © 2007

32 PREVIEW THE SURVEY Preview your survey as it will be seen by the person responding to it © 2007

33 ADD YOUR OWN QUESTIONS TO YOUR SURVEY Add your own questions to the survey © 2007

34 Enhance response rates by making the survey your own by customise to the look-and-feel of your school website © 2007

35 Match colours to your school © 2007

36 Click on the calendar to set a closing date Help available on all screens © 2007

37 RUN YOUR SURVEY Set your survey running and place a link on your home page or the URL to respondents © 2007

38 MONITOR RESPONSES SO YOU KNOW WHEN TO SEND OUT A REMINDER Monitor your survey to know when to remind your target audience to respond © 2007

39 WHEN THE SURVEY HAS CLOSED REQUEST THE REPORT When the closing date has passed, just click this button The report will arrive within 24-hours © 2007

40 Reports include tables and graphics, plus a list of any text responses © 2007

41 SCHOOLEVENT A flexible event management service and booking system for schools

42 Functionality Appointment book Excursion manager Online payments Booking kiosk

43 Appointment Book Parents can book a time to meet with teachers Manage the booking schedule for staff appraisal meetings Students can book a time to meet with advisors and counsellors

44 Excursion Manager Parents have online access to book students into excursions Parents can pay online, or print an invoice to pay by cheque/bank transfer Parents can download your authorisation form to sign and send/fax to the school

45 Online Payments Parents can pay online for school fees & charges secure credit card processing online, or print invoice to pay by cheque/bank transfer Schools can receive online payments eg. for tax deductible Building Funds Parents can pay online for any activity

46 Take the hassle out of managing events Students can book themselves into swimming, tennis competitions, etc Parents make appointments with teachers Parents book before/after hours programs Teachers book for professional learning programs arranged across multiple schools Parents book online for end-of-year functions

47 Manage any facility or equipment that requires within-school access to be booked… computer rooms & portable computer trolleys portable equipment cameras, laptops, musical instruments library & sports facilities

48 Thank you for the opportunity to share these developments with you. I invite you to keep in touch through by registering at the website. if you require further

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