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Priorities in Health Sector calling for investment and commitment from DPs 2011-2015 Prof. Asso. Nguyen Thi Minh Tien- Deputy Minister of Health.

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1 Priorities in Health Sector calling for investment and commitment from DPs 2011-2015 Prof. Asso. Nguyen Thi Minh Tien- Deputy Minister of Health

2 Areas of focus in the 5 year health plan 2011-2015 The 5 year financial health plan 2011-2015 was developed based on the specific objectives, role of the health sector, focusing on: - Expand and create a favorable condition to improve the access to the health service to every one, especially in the mountainous, disadvantaged and remote areas, improve the quality of health services at all levels, reduce overloading for hospitals at higher levels - Develop the health insurance, reach to the universal health insurance - Enhance human resource training and development, especially with high quality staff - Reform the working mechanism, financial mechanism, and improve the effectiveness of the performance of public health facilities 2

3 Priorities in invesment to improve heath service quality 1. Investment need: estimated 6,200 Mil USD, including: * Maximum budget is 3,300 Mil USD, including - Balance the annual state budget and local budget: - State bond according to Decision 47, 930 - ODA in on going projects and implemented projects * Estimated shortage: 2,900 Mil USD 2. Priority issues calling for investment * Commune Health Stations in remote areas. * Preventive medicine centers in mountainous and disadvantaged areas. * Regional health center and specialized health center to develop high technology, technology transfer for lower level 3

4 4 II.Priorities in investment, technical assistance to develop health insurance 1. Financial support to the near - poor to buy Health Insurance card (in addition to 50% from the government’s support) 2. Financial support to people working in the Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery, Salty sectors with average living standard to access Health Insurance card from 1 st January 2012. 3. Technical assistance, communication training, mobilization of all people to access Health Insurance. 4. Technical assistance in research and implementation of Health Insurance policies (Leadership, cooperation between related ministries and Vietnam social securities, in the process of organizing and implementing Health insurance).

5 III. Priorites in training and developing Human Resources 1. Investing in facilities for training Health staff 2. Technical Assistance to research, combine training with practice, expanding the system of practices facilities to province and district level. 3. Support to develop the high-quality health staff: including both domestic and abroad health staff training; support the scientific research and the application of scientific and technological advancements in the world and regions through technical assistance and technology transfer.

6 IV. Priorities in support for the reformation of health financial mechanism 1. Making the plan and budget estimation based on output; implementing the mid-term financial plan (3 years) * Technical assistance for the construction and implementation of budget allocation based on output in accordance with the Vietnam’s conditions; * Improve the management capacity in health professional areas: Hospital management, preventive medicine and diseases management, health insurance management, inspection and supervision * Improve the capacity of analyzing, applying the information technology in management and assessment process 2. Technical assistance in the construction and issuance of professional procedures, standards, health staff quota, health staff using quota, medicines, equipment, chemicals etc in order to utilize effectively the resources. To lay the foundation for health managing agencies to monitor and evaluate the quality of health facilities

7 IV. Priorities in reformation of health financial mechanism (cont) 3. Technical and financial assistance to change the way of payment, hospital fee, limit fee for service (FFS), enhance rate and package of payment, including: building the theory for package payment, building the indicators and formulation of calculating the payment and implementing method. Developing and issuing the mechanism to ensure transparency and mutual/integrated monitoring among VSS – health insurance fund, health service providers – hospitals and the state management agencies in the implementation of DRG… 4. Support in Health information technology, including: IT in hospital management, Health information system, health sector database, especially data of model, disease categories, cost of disease We hope for support and commitment from international, donors and other DPs in terms of financial assistance in kinds of projects, program or even through the budget support

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