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Lord of the Flies and “Picture of Childhood”

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1 Lord of the Flies and “Picture of Childhood”
Part III Essay Review Lord of the Flies and “Picture of Childhood”

2 Introduction similarities differences differences
Look for similarities in both readings similarities differences differences What should the essay be about? - Fact (NO) - Theme (YES)

3 Introduction 1 Thesis

4 Introduction Thesis: What word or idea is the key that allows the essay to stick together in your thesis.

5 Introduction Thesis - Must include author name(s) and title of story.
Don’t forget to punctuate properly!

6 Introduction Using Underlining and Quotation Marks
Titles and Names to Underline A novel A ship A play A film A painting A sculpture or statue A drawing A CD A TV Series A cartoon series An encyclopedia A magazine A newspaper

7 Introduction Using Underlining and Quotation Marks
Titles to Put Into “Quotation Marks” Poem Short story A skit A commercial An individual episode in a TV series (like "The Pen" on Seinfeld) A cartoon episode, like "Trouble With Dogs" A chapter An article A newspaper story

8 Make sure you capitalized correctly
Introduction Thesis - Must include author names and title of story. Using Underlining and Quotation Marks Make sure you capitalized correctly Novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding Poem “Picture of Childhood” by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

9 Introduction Minimum of three sentences 2 Define key word or idea
Define 2nd key word or idea 3 or Expand on first word or idea 1 Thesis

10 Introduction Indent Check for spelling (Look in the readings and in the question). Capitalization – Proper Nouns (Specific) Punctuation Look for run-on sentences Did I incorrectly add capital letters within in a word? ThoMas Are all my sentences complete sentences?

The following is a list of transition words to help students write more fluently and meaningful essays. Indicating similarity or addition: (26) again equally in fact also equally important in general and for in the same fashion another for example likewise as for instance moreover as if further (more) of course as much as in addition similarly as though in addition to too besides in a like manner

12 Indicating dissimilarity, or contradiction (32)
Transition Words Indicating dissimilarity, or contradiction (32) although even though on the contrary and yet however on the other hand another in comparison otherwise as if in comparison to still away from in place of than besides in spite of unfortunately but instead unless by comparison less important whereas conversely neither while differing from nevertheless yet even if notwithstanding

13 Indicating Chronology or Sequence: (38)
Transition Words Indicating Chronology or Sequence: (38) after first, second, etc presently afterward formerly provided that as soon as hereafter secondly at first in the beginning since at last in the meantime then at length in the second place thereafter at present in the first place soon at the same time later to begin with before meanwhile until during moments later when earlier next while finally now yet first of all once

14 Indicating priority or importance (17)
Transition Words Indicating priority or importance (17) above all further next also furthermore of greater besides in addition to of less importance equally important in the first place provided that first, second, etc more (most) important to begin with for one reason moreover

15 Introduction

16 Conclusion

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