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Updated China's 5GHz Spectrum Regulation

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1 Updated China's 5GHz Spectrum Regulation
January 2010 doc.: IEEE /0084r3 Updated China's 5GHz Spectrum Regulation Date: Authors: Brian Hart, Cisco Systems

2 Abstract The latest update of China’s 5 GHz spectrum regulation is introduced, and the 11ac channelization scheme for China is analyzed.

3 Background In China, the total bandwidth available for ac in 5 GHz was only 125 MHz (5,725 ~ 5,850 MHz). How to efficiently use this band was a critical issue for ac implementation in China. R3.1.E in the 11ac spec framework points out that the 11ac draft specification shall include support for an efficient channelization in China’s (5,725 ~ 5,850 MHz) spectrum. Although there are intensive discussions on this issue (esp. during IEEE ac meetings), there is still no appropriate solution.

4 New progress of China’s 5GHz spectrum regulation
June 2010 doc.: IEEE /xxxxr0 New progress of China’s 5GHz spectrum regulation Recently, China’s spectrum regulator, State Radio Regulatory Commission (SRRC), released a new spectrum (5,150 ~ 5,350 MHz) for wireless access systems, including Wireless LAN. The major requirements for the new spectrum are as follows. Frequency range: 5,150 ~ 5,350 MHz Transmit power: 200 mW (EIRP) Maximum PSD: 10 dBm/MHz (EIRP) Out-of-band emission: -80 dBm/Hz (EIRP) For devices working in 5,250 ~ 5,350 MHz DFS shall be used. If TPC is not used, the maximum TX power and PSD shall be reduced by 3 dB. The above requirements are basically same as ITU-R recommendation and European regulation. For more details, please refer to SRRC’s Document [2012]620. Now, the total spectrum of ac in China is up to 315 MHz. 5,150 ~ 5,350 MHz 5,725 ~ 5,850 MHz Brian Hart, Cisco Systems

5 802.11ac available spectrum in different regions
US MHz 5150 5350 5470 5725 5850 Europe Japan MHz 5150 5350 5470 5725 China MHz 5150 5350 5725 5850

6 802.11ac channelization for China
June 2010 doc.: IEEE /xxxxr0 802.11ac channelization for China To keep compatibility and coexistence, ac channels for China should be aligned with those in other regions. China US Europe Japan Brian Hart, Cisco Systems

7 Summary China opens up a new 5GHz frequency band (5,150 ~ 5,350 MHz ), so that the total ac available spectrum is up to 315 MHz. An ac channelization for China is proposed to maintain compatibility and coexistence of ac devices throughout the world.

8 References ac-proposed-text-for-tgac-draft-0-1-comment-cid-812-on-china-channelization ac-channelization-for-china-s-spectrum ac-120-mhz-phy-transmission ac-rf-feasibility-120-mhz-channelization ac-proposed-specification-framework-for-tgac

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