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1 Dartmouth High School COLLEGE PLANNING NIGHT CLASS OF 2012
Welcome/Thank You Pres. meant to supplement info that students will be getting in the next few weeks Goal is to provide parents/students with info that will help them begin and manage the timeline. Info about the application process will be presented next fall. September 27, 2011

2 “Procrastination makes easy things hard, and hard things harder.”
-Mason Cooley Professor of English Columbia University

3 College Planning Night
Review of Junior Parent Night Senior Year Checklist Elements of College Applications Making a Final Decision Financial Aid Basics

4 Review of Junior Parent Night
Standardized Tests SAT Reasoning Test SAT Subject Tests ACT Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

5 Review of Junior Parent Night
College Search Process Academic Program/Major Location Size Environment Cost/Financial Aid Athletics/Extracurricular Activities Internships/Job Placement

6 Review of Junior Parent Night
Developing Your College List Reach Realistic Safety (Academic and Financial)

7 Review of Junior Parent Night
Researching Colleges Internet searches Talk with friends, family and teachers College representative visits to DHS September 28th, October 5th and 12th - Campus tours

8 A moment of reflection…

9 So…Now What??? What should seniors be focusing on now?

10 **Registration Deadline for the November 5th
Senior Year Checklist College Planning Night Register and prepare for standardized tests Complete college search process Narrow down list of potential schools Develop activities list/resume **Registration Deadline for the November 5th SAT is October 7th One of the items seniors should add to the top of their checklists is registering for the SAT college entrance exam online (website address above). The cost of registration is $49 and students may add up to 4 colleges as score recipients at no additional charge, as long as they add the schools between now and 9 days after the exam. After that time, still possible to send scores but the cost is $9 per school. Students must request that their scores be sent directly from the collegeboard to their recipient colleges. Students may also opt to take the ACT college entrance exam. Some colleges accept either exam score and students may find out if this is an option for their colleges by visiting the admissions page on the colleges’ sites. In guidance we have many resources to help students narrow down their list of choices. We have resources in print format and online. Refer to college matchmaker where students can search for colleges based on location, size, majors offered, student services and activities, housing, cost and financial aid. College representatives visiting tomorrow, Oct 5th and Oct 12th. May meet with up to 4 colleges during school hours. Develop activities list and resume for ….. Rec letters and have by your side while filling out college apps

11 **Registration Deadline for the December 3rd
Senior Year Checklist Take tours of colleges that are on your list Continue preparing for standardized tests Proofread/finish personal statement **Registration Deadline for the December 3rd SAT is November 8th One great avenue to find a well-fitting college is to take a tour and see it in person. Here you may ask countless questions to admissions’ representatives, see the campus classrooms, dorms and common areas, sit in on a class if allowed and get an overall feel for what life on campus is like. Seniors are allowed (3) excused absences for college visits this fall: must obtain permission prior to event and after the event, bring proof of attendance which they may obtain at admissions’ office. If you are unable to visit a faraway college, research if they will be holding workshops nearby. For example, Syracuse University hosts an annual admissions session at a hotel in Boston. Check the colleges’ websites to find out about nearby upcoming events. Preparing for tests:; … free online full length practice test that can be completed all at once or in small increments. Answers can be saved and revisited later in student’s account; item by item feedback provided at its completion so that students know where they should focus their studies. Additionally the site also provides test taking tips and strategies. For those who took PSAT’s, enter code on score report and collegeboard will create an individualized study plan based on PSAT results. Personal statements: teachers, guidance counselors, college students and family members may provide constructive criticism and editing advice prior to final drafts.

12 Senior Year Checklist Finalize list of schools (Reach/Realistic/Safety) Finalize activities list Confirm letters of recommendation Develop chart with deadlines and requirements’s admissions statistics for every college in addition to the individual colleges’ admissions pages. (Admissions’ standards above, inline with, and below your achievements, respectively) Activities list, again for reference when filling out college applications and applying for scholarships Confirm with the teachers you asked for rec letters that they are indeed working on them, and give them at least two weeks notice prior to any deadlines. Chart with deadlines and requirements to ensure you are on track to apply on time and that you have completed all preadmission requirements and included all pieces of the application itself, including personal statement, letters of rec, etc. All requirements are cited on colleges’ admissions page. We will review specific pieces of the application in detail in just a few slides.

13 Senior Year Checklist Write final version of personal statement
Complete applications/supplements Request transcripts and counselor recommendations ten days before application deadline Submit applications All requests for transcripts and counselor recommendations are due 10 days prior to any deadline! Transcript request: in guidance Common app guidance counselor request: online 10 days prior to deadline $4 flat fee for us to mail transcripts

14 What Are the Pieces to the Application Puzzle??

15 Required Elements of College Applications
Application forms Common Application Institutional applications Transcript and high school profile Standardized test scores Add score recipients online Application fee or fee waiver Fee range = $10-$40 for community colleges and up to $90.00 for private schools.

16 Supplemental Elements of College Applications
Personal statement Letters of recommendation Supplements Supporting documents Mid Year Report Secondary School Form Portfolios/Auditions

17 A Fieldtrip to the Common Application…
The Common Application for Undergraduate Admission

18 I’m In!! Now What???

19 Decision Making Framework
Follow-up visit to look at finer points Research your department/professors Check availability of special programs Find out availability of dorm options Accepted student events Spend the night Financial aid comparison May 1 is National Candidates’ Reply Date Fulltime faculty: adjunct faculty ratio. Are there specialized programs you require or are interested in? Study abroad, enrichment programs. Anything you really want…sports, extracurriculars, etc. All can be found at school’s site, in person on a visit, under ‘academics’ and ‘student life’ or programs pages. Research specific major programs under “academics” “programs” or “majors” pages on sites. Seniors may also have 3 excused absences for accepted student events in the spring semester to help them make the decision. Visit the college before you decide!!! Financial aid awards may also determine where you will be attending. College A may offer you loans only, College B may offer you a merit scholarship, etc. More about this on financial aid night.

20 How Can We Afford This??

21 Financial Aid FREE Scholarship Search Engines FAFSA CSS Profile
- - FAFSA CSS Profile - DHS Scholarship Bulletin FAFSA4Caster - DHS Awards Night

22 Financial Aid Night Thursday, December 1, 2011 6:30 PM
Dartmouth High School Auditorium Guest Presenter: Stephanie Wells Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority

23 DHS Guidance Phone: (508) 961-2730 Mr
DHS Guidance Phone: (508) Mr. Christopher Boyle, Dean of Students Mr. Eric Silva, Ext. 436 Last Names A – D Mr. David White, Ext. 433 Last Names M – P Ms. Nicole Heath, Ext. 432 Ms. Leanne Squeglia, Ext. 435 Last Names E – L Ms. Jodi Newbury, Ext. 434 Last Names R – S Mr. William Ventura, Ext Last Names T – Z

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