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ATML Completion Status – What Happens Next

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1 ATML Completion Status – What Happens Next
Michael Seavey Northrop Grumman Corporation, Defensive Systems Division Chris Gorringe EADS Test Engineering Services (UK) Ltd. Teresa Lopes Teradyne Inc. Standards Coordinating Committee 20 SCC20 AUTOTESTCON 2009

2 Agenda UML Model of ATML/History (Chris)
IEEE Std 1671 (ATML) Standards (Mike) ATML Applications and there relation to other ATE related standards (Mike) UML Model of ATML Standards Components Relationships (Teresa) I’ve created this to introduce what were going to present and to split it up between the 3 of us

3 ATML UML Model This is a UML Model of an UUT being tested on a test station the “color filled” items have become ATML components

4 IEEE 1671 Family Standards This is the 1671 family only, attentive viewers will see that the 8 components are not all on this slide (e.g. STD is not a 1671 standard) Note: ATML is not “Done” as the trial-use period ends and people utilize ATML, the standards require updateing/enhancing

5 ATML Family of Standards
This is the ATML family, the previous slide and the non 1671 standards (1641 – STD is included)

6 An ATML Framework Application
This shows an application developed from a complete ATML framework

7 Utilization of ATS Related Standards
This shows an ATML based application which may utilize AI-ESTATE, SIMICA MAI and the 1505 pin map

8 ATML Component Relationships
This pseudo UML model shows every ATML Component, its IEEE Standard number, the common schemas, the relation to 1641, and the relation to each other. The common schemas are shaded and come from IEEE Std 1671 (Overview and Architecture)

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