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The Formation of the Institute of Warranty Chain Management Glen Griffiths President IWCM.

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2 The Formation of the Institute of Warranty Chain Management Glen Griffiths President IWCM

3 Independent Warranty Industry Association Source: WarrantyWeek – Apr 2004 82% of survey respondents believe warranty association should be a body independent of current industry associations

4 Own Institute Can create true cross industry and cross discipline warranty capability Can create own organizational charter Would not exclude some industries based on being located with existing organizations Would provide logical home for developing warranty standards Would provide recognition that warranty management is a separate discipline

5 WCM 2005 - 2007 WCM 2005 Call to action resulted in creation of Benchmarking forum WCM 2006 Raised question of what was next for the warranty industry WCM 2007 Announced formation of Institute of Warranty Chain Management

6 Composition of Charter Team Automotive Marianne Grant (AIAG & Proquest) Charlie Barnes (Toyota NA) Laura Madison (General Motors) Tech Glen Griffiths (Hewlett Packard) Richard Howe (Cisco) Tom Bellinger (IBM) KJell Hammarstrom (Sun Microsystems) Software & Services Greg Spraker (SAS) Andrew Clements (Crawford & Co) MG Anderson (ServiceBench) Kamau Njenga Teradata Other Eric Arnum (Warranty Week) Alison Griffiths (ALG Associates) Matthew Puopolo (Copia Creative) Manufacturing Steve Manning (Solectron) Consumer Electronics White Goods Mike Ehlers (Sony) Stephanie Patterson (Whirlpool) HousingAerospace David Nations (Honeywell International) Ken Dohrn (Beazer Homes)

7 Affiliation and Designation of iWCM Affiliation: iWCM is an independent institute not associated with another parent organization. Designation: iWCM is a not-for-profit organization in support of enabling the above goal.

8 iWCM Vision & Mission Vision: To establish, promote and advance warranty management as a recognized profession Mission: To advance the warranty management profession and global warranty industry by providing a unified voice for advocacy and leadership; to drive industry capability through standards development; and enable growth of professional competence via education and access to information, services and business solutions in the area of Warranty Chain Management.

9 iWCM Structure Legislation & Public Policy Education & Certification Membership & Finance Resources & Research Standards Best Practices Benchmarking Publications Communication & Networking Newsletter Web-site Blogs Chief Executive/Chairman (Volunteer/Paid) Board of Directors (Min 4 - Volunteers) Secretary& Treasurer (Paid) Committees (Board Members Chair) Special Interest Groups

10 Current iWCM Structure Executive Committee President – Glen Griffiths Vice President – Marianne Grant Treasurer – Greg Spraker Secretary – Tom Bellinger Director – Kjell Hammarstrom Executive Director – Alison Griffiths Legislation & Public Policy Chair Greg Spraker Education & Certification Chair Glen Griffiths Membership & Finance Chair Marianne Grant Resources & Research Chair Tom Bellinger Communication & Networking Chair Kjell Hammarstrom Committees IT Chair Nader Fathi Content Sharing

11 Communication & Networking Committees Communication & Networking Chair Kjell Hammarstrom Blog Web Portal Structure, access, spread awareness, engage writers, repliers, make it fly and visited/used. Newsletter Plan themes, invites writers (SMEs), subscriptions Structure: 1. What should be there & outlook. 2. Keep it up to date. 3. Engage writers/document owners (SMEs)

12 Resources and Research Committee Research & Research Chair Thomas Bellinger Logistics & Supply Chain Editor Ankur Gupta Technical Support & Services Editor TBD Legal Aspects of Warranty Editor Don Cassling Finance & Accounting Editor Debbie Smith Product Quality & Reliability Editor Brian Andes Benchmarks & Metrics Editor TBD

13 Training and Development Committees Education & Certification Chair Glen Griffiths Training Certification Chair TBD Training Development Chair TBD Training Delivery Chair TBD Sub – Committees Statistics & Analysis Chair Dorothea Kuettner Warranty 101 Chair Daryl Kreskowiak Benchmarks & Metrics Chair Kolin Kelly Financial Accounting Chair TBD Design for Warranty Chair TBD Greg Spraker SAS Mike Roberts Tom Washburn Bob Mueller Camila Morrison Sheila Cardines Jim Kelly Jeff Stuart Development Working Groups Brian Berg William Eliason

14 iWCM Education, Training and Certification iWCM will offer a graduated certification process for professionals who are managing warranty data, systems, and processes Aim of certification process is to: Provide recognition of Warranty Management as a profession Provide a pool of educated warranty professionals Develop and utilize Standards around Forecasting/Predicting costs, quality, sales and customer satisfaction Streamline development of cost effective business processes by developing and teaching Warranty Industry standards Core modules Warranty Fundamentals Metrics Tools & Processes Statistics Best Practices and Cost reduction Specialties in Finance, Extended Warranty, Legal, Supply Chain etc

15 Course Content Level I - Foundation Aimed at providing a robust introduction to warranty management Targeted at people who need a good in depth understanding of warranty management & processes. Would suit first level warranty positions & warranty system managers Quality managers, Supply Chain Managers, Financial managers and others who want a good grounding in warranty Modules are independent and stand alone To progress to full certification must pass a separate exam at the end of each module

16 Course Content Level II – Expert Aimed at providing an in depth view of each aspect of the warranty value chain Targeted at people who manage one or more warranty processes or managers who need to have a deep grounding of all aspects of warranty management. Would suit warranty project and program managers, black belts of warranty and execs who are required to manage complex warranty chains Individuals who provide consulting or other services in warranty chain

17 Course Content Level III – Specialist Aimed at providing an in depth view of one single or specialist aspect of the warranty value chain Targeted at people who manage a single warranty processes or managers who need to have an in depth grounding of specific aspects of warranty management. Would suit warranty process managers who do not need to manage or understand the whole warranty chain On completion of module the student will be able to: Work at a Master level detailed process owner in a single but complex processes within the warranty value chain Consideration of iWCM Diploma (tentative) On completion of 3 or more specialist modules students can apply to undertake separate certification exam Successful completion will result in award of iWCM Diploma Diploma will only be awarded to those who have successfully completed Level I & II Certification

18 Outline Education Profiles iWCM Warranty Management Professional Certification – Level I Foundation W101 Warranty Fundamentals W103 Warranty Statistics and Analysis W102 Warranty Metrics, Benchmarking & Standards W104 Warranty Tools and Processes W105 Warranty Cost Estimation & Reduction iWCM Warranty Management Professional Certification – Level II Expert W201 Design for Warranty W203 Entitlement & Registration W202 Warranty & Supply Chain W204 Wty Service & Support W206 Warranty & Competitive Advantage iWCM Warranty Management Professional Certification – Level III Specialist W301 Wty Financial Accounting W303 Warranty Recall Management W302 Extended Warranty Mgmt W304 Wty Contracts & Cost Recovery W305 Warranty & the law W205 Advanced Wty Analytics

19 Next Steps Mar-Nov 07 - Establishment of non-profit status with IRS Apr/Sep 07 - Request for funding and sponsorship Nov 07 – Website Launch ( May 07 to Mar 08 – Build first level services capabilities Benchmarking, publications, newsletter, Full website with resource center, etc. Mar 08 – First iWCM Module offered Apr 08 – Open individual membership Sep 08 – Second wave modules offered By Mar 09 – First Certification exams

20 IWCM and IEEE Can provide link between product design/development and warranty costs Will formalize the relationship between reliability, maintainability, supportability and warranty cost Provide a forum for engineers to understand role in warranty cost reduction Can help in prioritization of product improvements

21 How You Can Help Looking for feedback on: Interest in becoming member of iWCM Feedback on potential iWCM services Interest in taking iWCM certification Looking for SMEs to develop content and provide ongoing expertise Potential committee members Looking for corporate sponsors

22 San Diego 4 th – 6 th March 2008

23 Any Questions?

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