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Leading technology into the new millennium

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1 Leading technology into the new millennium
7800 Highway 20 West Huntsville, AL 35806 MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

2 Introduction; MIL-STD-461F
Objective : Review MIL-STD-461F revision Provide information regarding current ideas to be incorporated into MIL-STD-461G Provide information for PAR 1688, pertaining to Modules and Sub-components based from MIL-STD-461 tests and procedures MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

3 MIL-STD-461F Presentation
Test I.D. Section/Table Figure Page Change Description Summary General Requirements 4.2.7 8 Revisions or changes to module equipment needs to be re-validated per standard. This applies to form, fit and function (plug –n- play) replacement and 14 Test Software description is required, minimum for commercial s/w = manufacturer, model and revision and Table II Bandwidth and measurement time, authorized max. hold and multiple scan as long as the total sweeps times are equal to or greater than values within table. , Table III, and Table A-1 15 Thresholds of susceptibility, added comments stating susceptibility is not in conformance with standard and must be documented Table IV and 50.11 25 Added CS106 Table V 26 Surface Ships and subs requires CE101. Added CS106; and subs will require limited CS116 & RS101 CE101 5.4.1 27 Applicability for surface ships was added MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

4 MIL-STD-461F Presentation
Test I.D. Section/Table Figure Page Change Description Summary CE106  5.6.1 40  Better description of the 2&3 harmonic suppression CS101 48 CS101, Calibration to max power level limit and ensure no degradation from ripply voltages CS106 5.11. and 50.11 59 Added CS106 requirement and increased Section numbers for standard. Appendix adds discussion regarding CS106 CS106, Conducted Susceptibility, Transient requirement pertains to Power Leads only CS109 5.12.1 66 Applicable to surface ship equipment that have an operating frequency ≤100 kHz and have the sensitivity to measure ≤ 1μV CS106 Pulse MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

5 MIL-STD-461F Presentation
Test I.D. Section/Table Figure Page Change Description Summary CS114 70 CS114, Ships limit amplitude from 4 kHz to 1 MHz to 77 dBuA. Appendix added discussion regarding the 77 dBuA Navy requirements CS114, Low frequency extension for submarines power sources. Applies to power leads only Figure CS114-1 74 Figure changed to reflect requirements. CS115 Table V 26 CS115, applicability change regarding submarine and surface ships. This is required only when specified by Procuring Agency. Changed from Limited to Specified CS116 Figure CS116-2 90 CS116, One Limit for everyone - 10 Amp curve MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

6 MIL-STD-461F Presentation
Test I.D. Section/Table Figure Page Change Description Summary RE101 92 RE101, Adds method to increase loop antenna distance until test specimen complies w/ limit and record distance RE102 100 RE102, Procedure Step 3; Requires 10 pF capacitor connected to the rod mount as shown in Figure RE Commercial jigs and injection networks are not permitted RE102-6 107 Rod height changed the 41” rod element mid-point is to be at 120 cm above the chamber floor Co-axial exist rod base and it is connected to floor through ferrite bead RE102-8 109 Added figure to show Procedure Section, Calibration, RE103 5.18.1 110 Requirement met if harmonics comply with RE102 limit RS101 5.19.1 116 RS101, applicability change regarding submarine with an operating frequency ≤100 kHz and have sensitivity to measure ≤1µV RS103 5.20.1 127 Added 100 MHz to 1 GHz range and increase number of steps d.1.c 130 Requirement to ensure the fundamental is what the E-Field sensor is measuring and the sensor is not measuring one of the fundamental’s harmonics MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

7 MIL-STD-461F Presentation
Test I.D. Section/Table Figure Page Change Description Summary CE101 Table 204 Added surface ships A-6 206 CE101 limits for a 5 uH LISN A.5.3 Alternative method (5uH LISN) for CE101 description CE102 A.5.5 207 Alternate method to start a 150 kHz if CE101 was conducted using 5uH LISN And more discussion regarding 5uH LISN RS103 A.5.20 249 Standards authorizes increase antenna distance in order to increase the antenna’s half-power beam width and reduce the number of antenna positions required MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

8 MIL-STD-461F Presentation
Test I.D. Section/Table Figure Page Change Description Summary Changes to DIDs n/a  DI-EMCS-80199, document reference update DI-EMCS-80200, Expands emissions plot presentation explanation and additional susceptibility info DI-EMCS-80201, computer control soft ware description, modulation description Link MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

9 MIL-STD-461F Presentation
MIL-STD-461G The largest proposed change is adding a new test section for Electrostatic Discharge. (ESD). Mr. Fred Heather, Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Lead for the U.S. Government’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program has created an ESD test section. He was not able to submit this section in time to have it incorporated into Revision F. There is a high probability the ESD section will be included within the next MIL-STD-461 revision. Mr. Heather believes the MIL-STD-464 does not provides adequate direction to conduct ESD testing. MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

10 MIL-STD-461F Presentation
PAR 1688 This is a potential new standard. It basically applies MIL-STD-461 type testing to sub-components and modules. There will be individual test changes as appropriate to test the specimens an example is RE102. The method right now is near field measurements. Fred Heather is looking for volunteers to participate within the standard design group Right now everything is being geared to NAV-Air since their committee is the only group within the committee. The draft is available from the link below: MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

11 MIL-STD-461F Presentation
References EMC EXPO 2007 Committee, Washiington Labratories, LTD. Conformity, Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2008 An Update of MIL-STD-461F by Ken Javor MIL-STD-461E and MIL-STD-461F End of Presentation MIL-STD-461F Presentation Project T53300

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