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IEEE EAB Committee on Global Accreditation Activities.

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1 IEEE EAB Committee on Global Accreditation Activities

2 Attendees of the 16 November Meeting Jose Antonio de la O, CGAA Chair Dave Baker, APC Chair Chandrabhan Sharma, Deputy-Dean of Undergraduate Studies of UWI Don McCloy, Engineers Ireland Enrique Alvarez, ICACIT Peru Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas, Universidad Catolica San Pablo, Peru Moshe Kam, Vice President, Educational Activities l Staff: Arnie Peskin Doug Gorham Sharon Strock l Guests: Arthur Winston S.K.Ramesh Ted Hissey Eleanor Baum Seiichi Takeuchi David Hodges Matt Loeb

3 Specific Activities l launched l ICACIT l CAST l West Indies l Policy Papers l First Professional Degree l Accreditation Policy

4 l Active for one week l Goal is for this site to be the premiere online source on accreditation l Invited others to contribute

5 ICACIT l A model governance document was drafted l Additional training of Program Evaluators l December 2007, Arequipa, Peru l Spanish translation of ABET documents introduced program title ambiguities

6 Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) l Update: 19 October Meeting in Beijing l Future Program Evaluator training planned l April 2008 l Request for outside observers

7 West Indies l Update: September accreditation workshop in Trinidad l Provide assistance to establish a Caribbean accrediting body l Proposed planning meeting l San Juan, Puerto Rico in March 2008

8 First Professional Degree in Engineering l Moshe characterized the responses to The Institute article l CGAA endorsed EADs draft position on the issue

9 Accreditation Policy Paper l The position paper on accreditation was reviewed and discussed l CGAA endorsed the paper with minor amendment and clarification

10 Questions Posed l Institution level vs. program accreditation l Need for translation services l To what extent should we support training l ABET l Western Europe l Should we encourage invitation of foreign observers? l Additional IEEE international accreditation opportunities

11 CGAA 2008 l It is anticipated that the CGAA will have two face-to-face meetings in 2008 l June BoD Series (?) l November BoD Series (?)

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