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Global Accreditation Activities

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1 Global Accreditation Activities
IEEE EAB Committee on Global Accreditation Activities

2 Attendees of the 16 November Meeting
Jose Antonio de la O, CGAA Chair Dave Baker, APC Chair Chandrabhan Sharma, Deputy-Dean of Undergraduate Studies of UWI Don McCloy, Engineers Ireland Enrique Alvarez, ICACIT Peru Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas, Universidad Catolica San Pablo, Peru Moshe Kam, Vice President, Educational Activities Staff: Arnie Peskin Doug Gorham Sharon Strock Guests: Arthur Winston S.K.Ramesh Ted Hissey Eleanor Baum Seiichi Takeuchi David Hodges Matt Loeb

3 Specific Activities launched ICACIT CAST West Indies
Policy Papers First Professional Degree Accreditation Policy

4 Active for one week Goal is for this site to be the premiere online source on accreditation Invited others to contribute

5 ICACIT A model governance document was drafted
Additional training of Program Evaluators 10-12 December 2007, Arequipa, Peru Spanish translation of ABET documents introduced program title ambiguities

6 Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
Update: 19 October Meeting in Beijing Future Program Evaluator training planned April 2008 Request for outside observers

7 West Indies Update: 21-22 September accreditation workshop in Trinidad
Provide assistance to establish a Caribbean accrediting body Proposed planning meeting San Juan, Puerto Rico in March 2008

8 First Professional Degree in Engineering
Moshe characterized the responses to The Institute article CGAA endorsed EAD’s draft position on the issue

9 Accreditation Policy Paper
The position paper on accreditation was reviewed and discussed CGAA endorsed the paper with minor amendment and clarification

10 Questions Posed Institution level vs. program accreditation
Need for translation services To what extent should we support training ABET Western Europe Should we encourage invitation of foreign observers? Additional IEEE international accreditation opportunities

11 CGAA 2008 It is anticipated that the CGAA will have two face-to-face meetings in 2008 June BoD Series (?) November BoD Series (?)

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