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EAB Accreditation Policy Council Report David Baker, APC Chair 17 November 2007 – EAB Meeting.

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1 EAB Accreditation Policy Council Report David Baker, APC Chair 17 November 2007 – EAB Meeting

2 Accreditation Agenda Items l ABET Renumbered Criteria l ABET Society Summit l Other APC Actions l 2008 APC Action Items l 2008 APC, CEAA, CTAA Schedule l CEAA Written Reports l CTAA Written Reports

3 ABET Renumbered Criteria l Published with 2007-08 criteria l Most APC responses incorporated l Implementation in 2008-09 cycle l 2008-09 Self-Study Questionnaire posted l ABET Accreditation Council working on criteria harmonization l TAC/ABET working on revising criteria for AAS programs

4 ABET Society Summit September 17, 2007 l To share best practices on PEV Recruitment & Selection Training Mentoring Performance Appraisal l 42 participants from 20 societies l 6 IEEE and 4 CSAB

5 Recruitment & Selection CEAA and CTAA Comments ABET PEV Application Form l long and time consuming l intrusive and overly inquisitive l lacks technical currency information l includes uploading of CV l requires 3 references

6 Recruitment & Selection 2008 IEEE PEV Application l Does not allow resumes or CVs l Allows up to two references (optional) l Adds questions related to Face-to-face interviews and public speaking Time management Working with teams Leadership experiences

7 Recruitment & Selection Recommendations for ABET Form l Include more technical information l Stronger emphasis on qualifications related to selected programs l Control multiple society applications l Delete or limit uploading of CV l Make references optional and/or delete immediate supervisor reference

8 Training l Positive response to PEV training l Program Criteria Training l Team Chair Training l Training Facilitator Training

9 2008 PEV Training l Training dates and sites Feb. 23 & 24 – Baltimore, MD March 15 & 16 – Portland, OR April 26 & 27 – Atlanta, GA May 17 & 18 – Phoenix, AZ June 21 & 22 – Pittsburgh, PA l All travel expenses for PEVs covered by ABET l CEAA and CTAA to recommend observers

10 2008 Facilitator Training l April 5 & 6 – Baltimore, MD l Must have observed PEV training session l Selected by society against Trainer Facilitator Competency Model l ABET to ensure diversity and representation across all societies l CTAA and CEAA to recommend candidates

11 Mentoring l Mentoring roles and responsibilities will change l Mentor available during PEV training pre- work l Mentor to reinforce learning from F-to-F training l Mentor role in program criteria training l CTAA mentor training at January meeting

12 November ABET BOD l ABET Training Required in 2008 Approved l Team Chair Competency Model Approved l Facilitator Competency Model Approved l PAVE Steering Committee Chair seeking hard rollout in 2008 l ABET PEV Application Form expected in 2008

13 Other APC Actions l Endorsed changes to APC, CEAA, CGAA, CTAA charters l Endorsed Accreditation White Paper l Provided comments on IEEE Statement on First Professional Degree in Engineering

14 2008 APC Action Items l Work with ABET on new PEV Application Form l Use of competency model in PEV selection l Application/selection process & timeline to accommodate earlier training dates l Program criteria training l New mentoring roles and responsibilities l Ensure observers at PEV training l Ensure candidates for facilitator training

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