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SWEBOK Certificate Program (SCP) IEEE Computer Society SWEBOK Certificate Program 2011.

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1 SWEBOK Certificate Program (SCP) IEEE Computer Society SWEBOK Certificate Program 2011

2 Agenda What is SCP Target Markets When will it be available? Pricing How to implement it Where are the materials? 2

3 What is SCP SWEBOK Certificate Program Introduction to all 15 SWEBOK KAs Teaching modules, not assessment modules 4 Modules, 4 Certificates Certificate of completions awarded upon module completion Precursor to CSDA Certification Assessment Course 3

4 Learning Modules 4 learning modules Instructor led training 25 hours of content each 100 total hours of content 4 total certificates of completion – One certificate per module 2/8/20144

5 4 Certificates Software Foundations – Computing Foundations – Mathematical Foundations – Engineering Foundations Software Development – Requirements – Design – Construction – Testing Software Life Cycle Management – Maintenance – Configuration Management – Engineering Management – Engineering Process Software Professional Practices – Engineering Economics – Quality – Engineering Methods – Professional Practices 2/8/20145

6 Target Markets Emerging markets Students in their junior/senior year of College/Finishing School (FS) Students who wish to learn more about SWEBOK before taking the CSDA Assessment Course Practitioners who want differentiation Colleges/FS who are looking for IEEE CS content Colleges/FS who wish to follow SWEBOK 2/8/20146

7 Schedules First module – August 2nd – Software Foundations Module Second Module - December 15, 2010 – Software Development Third Module - December 15, 2010 – Software Life Cycle Management Fourth Module - December 15, 2010 – Software Professional Practices 2/8/20147

8 Pricing License fee is included with CSDA license fee ($3000) Partner pricing: $10 Per Certificate paid to CS Retail pricing: up to each partner to establish in their market 2/8/20148

9 Process 2/8/20149 IEEE CS SCP ILT Partners Market Direct Students College/FS Students Corporate Practitioners IEEE CS Publish Certificates ILT Partners Print & Deliver Certificates ILT Partners Pay IEEE CS $10/Certificate List of Students

10 Marketing Process Joint Marketing – Website presence on both CS and partner – Dual branding on Certificate – Joint Press Releases Marketing materials available from CS – Artwork: SCP, SWEBOK, CS, CSDA/P, IEEE logos – Web banner ads: templates that can be resized for partner needs – SCP Landing page Marketing materials from partners (approved by CS) – Flyers – Print ads – Banners (includes web and stand-up) – Mailers 2/8/201410

11 Course Materials Syllabus – CS developed (pdf), partner prints Student handbook – CS develops a cover template; partner prints cover w/logo and content (pdf) Courseware (ILT) – CS developed PowerPoint slides 11

12 Contact Information IEEE China Office Lan Wang, Project Manager IEEE Computer Society Chris Ruoff, Sr. Manager, Sales and Channel Development 12

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