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Information & Guidelines

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1 Information & Guidelines
Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support “Visitors” Information & Guidelines 12506 Lake Underhill Rd. Orlando, Florida Draft Revision as of 3/27/06 Owner: Helene Mills

2 *Do not use the Mapquest or Google maps they have incorrect location*
Directions from Orlando Intl Airport to Lockheed Martin Lake Underhill Facility North South Holiday Inn University Blvd UCF Vicinity Marriott 1.5 miles Highway 50 Radisson Hilton Garden Inn Orlando Rouse Rd. Dean Rd. 2 miles Rouse Rd. Exit 417 exit North/South East-West Expressway SR 408 4 Toll Booth $.50 Toll Booth $.25 7 .1 miles Lake Underhill Rd LM Simulation, Training & Support 12506 Lake Underhill Road Curry Ford Road Toll Booth $.50 Approx. 5 miles 2 3 Beachline SR528 Orlando Cocoa Beach Cocoa Beach Greeneway Toll SR417 North (Sign says “Orlando”) 1 Take the North Exit from the Airport to SR 528 (Beachline) East Follow SR528 to SR417 (Greeneway) North “Orlando” Travel a short distance and come to a toll booth ($.50). Continue on SR417 to SR408 (East/West Expressway) East “Titusville” Stay in right lane exiting the toll booth for the Rouse Rd. exit Turn right (South) at the bottom of the exit ramp onto Rouse Rd. Continue straight through the stop light at Lake Underhill Rd onto LM property. As you enter the property immediately get in the far left lane for entrance to Visitor Center, they will direct your to Visitor parking and the facility main lobby entrance. Airport *Do not use the Mapquest or Google maps they have incorrect location*

3 Driving Directions from Orlando International Airport
Need $ 1.00 in quarters for tolls Follow signs to Exit Airport Follow signs for 1A/SR-528, EAST Kennedy Space Center/COCOA (4.2 miles) Take Exit # 16/SR-417 NORTH to Orlando/Sanford (Greeneway) Take Exit # 33A/SR-408 EAST (East/West Expressway) (3 miles to Exit 20) Exit # 20/Rouse Rd (Right at bottom of ramp) Continue straight thru Traffic light at Lake Underhill & Rouse Rd. Intersection. Drive onto Lockheed Martin Lake Underhill Facility. Go to the far RIGHT LANE #4 Truck Entrance to show LM Badge, Guard will give you Visitors badge. Take immediate left onto small road to Parking lot 1. Follow signs to Visitors parking lot. Enter at E3 Lobby. Scan visitor badge to open door. Follow signs for LM 21 Training. *Do not use the Mapquest or Google maps they have incorrect location*

4 *Do not use the Mapquest or Google maps they have incorrect location*
Facility Map Chart 3 Parking Lot 6 Parking Lot 2 LM STS E-3 Lobby To Visitor Parking Lot 1 LM EIS E-8 Lobby Visitor Center Lot 1 Facility at intersection of Rouse Road and Lake Underhill.

5 Security Check-In “VISITORS CENTER”
CUSTOMERS & VISITORS: Drive onto LM Lake Underhill Facility at Rouse Rd & Lake Underhill Use LEFT LANE to ENTER “VISITORS CENTER” Register and Receive a Visitor Badge to access the LM STS & EIS Facilities. Take immediate left onto road to E3 Lobby LM STS & EIS Visitor Parking Lot #6 “Visitor Center” 12506 Lake Underhill Rd. Orlando, FL LM STS Customer Parking Lot #1 Visiting LM EMPLOYEES All Visiting LMC Employees stay in far RIGHT LANE (Truck Entrance) Enter “Vehicle Plaza” at Lane #4 Stop & Present all passengers’ LM Badge(s) to Security Guard who will grant you access to the facility. Parking - Crossing all 3 Lanes to your left, look for the white “Parking Lot #1” sign and follow road for Customer/Visitor Parking. At STS E3 Lobby, walk to the handicap door (far left) and receptionist will buzz you in to the facility For LM EIS Visitors, drive past the STS front Lobby and continue to “Parking Lot #6” (see chart #3). EIS Lobby is located at the large flagpole. “Visitors” Stay in Left Lane Parking Lot #1 1 2 3 4 LM Visiting Employees stay in Right Lane to “Vehicle Plaza” Lane #4 “Vehicle Plaza” Lane #4 – Truck Lane Contact Information: LM Visitor Center Hours: 6:30am – 5:00pm LM Visitor Center #: /4005 LM Vehicle Plaza Hours: Open 24 hrs LM Vehicle Plaza #: Badge Room Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm Badge Room #: Dispatch #: Security #: Plant Protection #: LM STS Lobby Reception Desk: Chart 4

6 Area Hotels Downtown Orlando Interstate - I-4 Rouse Rd.
SR50/East Colonial Dr. SR-408 East/West Expressway Orlando Int’l Airport (OIA) SR-528 Beachline Expressway SR-436 Semoran Blvd SR-417 Greeneway SR-435 Kirkman Rd. Downtown Orlando LM M&FC 5600 Sand Lake Rd Orlando, FL 32819 Ph: SR-434 Alafaya Trail University Blvd International Drive Lake Underhill Rd. Rouse Rd. LM Simulation, Training & Support 12506 Lake Underhill Rd. Orlando, Fl (407) Waterford Lakes Center Interstate - I-4 Dean Rd.. ALL VISITORS Use left lane to enter “VISITOR CENTER” ALL Lockheed Martin VISITORS Use RIGHT LANE #4 to enter “VISITOR PLAZA” 10 12 11 13 2 3 5 4 6 1 7 9 8 14 17 16 18 15 Area Hotels Chart 6 *Note: The LM Rates listed are high season rates for December 30–April 30

7 Area Restaurants Chart 7

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