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Page 1 Outage Management Roy Hoffman 29 Jan 2001.

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1 Page 1 Outage Management Roy Hoffman 29 Jan 2001

2 Page 2 Outline Outage Management Basics Some issues Standards for Distribution Management

3 Page 3 A system of computer-based tools and utility procedures to efficiently & effectively - become aware of, diagnose & locate, provide feedback to affected customers dispatch trouble/repair crews, restore maintain historical records of compute statistical indices on electrical outages Definitions

4 Page 4 Becoming aware of outages Customer telephone calls conventional human communication automatic voice response systems (CTI) Auto outage detection/reporting systems SCADA detection of breaker trip/lockout Ideal: Become aware of outages before the first customer calls in

5 Page 5 Diagnosing & locating Grouping of customer trouble calls reverse tracing of electric topology determine a common protective device suspected to be open transformer? lateral fuse? recloser? substation breaker? Take into account automatic feeder switching Compute extent of suspected outage Number of customers affected Highest priority of affected customers Confirm or modify (split/enlarge) based on feedback from crews

6 Page 6 Feedback to affected customers Timely, accurate feedback is almost as important as fixing the problem Telling customer you are aware of his problem Current status of outage response Expected time of restoration

7 Page 7 Crew Dispatch Management Computer-aided modeling of crews capabilities, tools, equipment real-time location tracking work load

8 Page 8 Repair and restoration Simple problems direct repair & restore Major outages isolate fault & restore un-faulted portions of feeder OMS tracks partial restorations Automated Fault Detection, Isolation, Restoration schemes with feeder automation are considered desirable outside N. America

9 Page 9 Historical Records Keep track of all outages root cause, number of customers, duration Provides the data for Performance statistics SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIFI, etc Planning / budgeting maintenance activities Condition based maintenance

10 Page 10 Outline Outage Management Basics Some issues Standards for Distribution Management

11 Page 11 Drivers for current interest in OMS Customer expectations of reliability Momentary outages are also important The plague of electronic clocks! Performance-based rates More likely a penalty for poor performance than a reward for good performance!

12 Page 12 Data requirements Distribution Network Model getting an accurate electronic network model is generally a mammoth under-taking Keeping it up-to-date with construction Real-time representation of switch positions Customer data Customer - premise occupancy (business data) critical customers outage history Premise connectivity to Network model (operations data) Timely, reliable feedback to affected customers during an outage

13 Page 13 Impact of De-regulation Separation of: energy provider energy delivery (poles & wires) Ancillary services (eg meter reading) Increased interest in performance-based rates Issues: Who does the customer call? Proprietary data issues?

14 Page 14 Main Players in OMS Customer Customer service representative Dispatcher Trouble/repair crews New trouble calls Outage management updates Business Dept. Operations Dept.

15 Page 15 OMS Suppliers Home-made systems Stand alone OMS GIS vendors SCADA vendors

16 Page 16 Outline Outage Management Basics Some issues Standards for Distribution Management

17 IEC TC57 WG14: System Interfaces For Distribution Management Liaison Report Contact Greg Robinson, Xtensible Solutions, For Further Information E-mail:

18 Outage Management Interface Adapter Dist Wires Model EMS Trans Wires Model DAC Interface Adapter CIS VRU Event History Human Resources Distribution Automation Maint. Analysis Diagnostic Tools Planning Interface Adapter IEC 61968 Compliant Middleware Services Information Exchange Model Work Management... = IEC 61968 Interface GISFinancial

19 Revised IEC TC57 WG14: Interface Reference Model Goal: Reduce Integration Effort By Incrementally Building A Common Language Among The Many Applications Used By Utilities Information:

20 The Next Level Of The Revised IRM

21 Page 21 WG14 Teams Editor Team Architecture & General Requirements (61968-1) Glossary Team (61968-2) Vertical Teams (61968-3-10) Part 3 Team: Network Operations Part 4 Team: Records & Asset Management Part 6 Team: Maintenance & Construction Just Formed Modeling Team (61968-11) Supports Vertical Teams With Consistent Model Necessary To Define Information Exchange Rather Than Inventing Everything, Extensions Are Being Harmonized (WG13, CCAPI, WG10/11/12, OAG)

22 Page 22 Discussion & Conclusion

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