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Society Liaison Update Region 1 Board of Governors Providence, RI J. Keith Nelson August 2013.

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1 Society Liaison Update Region 1 Board of Governors Providence, RI J. Keith Nelson August 2013

2 Overview Over the last few years it is sensed that there has been increased fruitful cooperation between MGA and TA –The VPs are talking to one another regularly! –There have been joint meetings at Board level –Emergence of cooperative activities At the grass roots level three activities are illustrated here which may have impact in the regions –Update on the current situation on Open Access publishing –Ad hoc committee on serving practitioners –Initiative for re-energizing student Chapters

3 Open Access (OA) Publishing This was driven originally by governments wishing to see publicly funded research freely available, but has gain traction in the wider context. IEEE has had Open Access publishing (Hybrid model - see below) for about 3 years, but, at $3000 front end fee, had very little buy in. TAB has now a three pronged approach: 1.The hybrid model where existing Transactions can be designated open access for a fee (now reduced to $1750) 2.New Society topic specific Open Access journals: Photonics Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine Electron Devices Energy Topics in Computing 3.IEEE Access – a new all embracing OA megajournal

4 IEEE ACCESS - A new OA Magajournal Launched Spring 2013 Will accept contributions in any IEEE Field of Interest Fast, electronic only dissemination [IEEE Xplore] No requirement for originality Reviewed (but only lightly) –Pass/fail with little opportunity to revise manuscript Provides a platform for: –Multidisciplinary activities or work which falls between the technical fields of existing Societies –Industrial activities of interest to practitioners

5 Ad Hoc committee on serving Practitioners IEEE activities (principally publications and conferences) have become dominated by the academic community (while only ~13%) While this is a TAB initiative it may be that the Section structure is a better vehicle for this –There needs to be some discussion about the IEEE structure in relation to this Initiatives being discussed: –The use of Society Magazines to provide more industrially relevant information for practitioners –Rethinking Society Distinguished Lecturer (DL) programs to included high profile practitioners In this way local chapters could invite top rated relevant speakers at Society expense in most cases –The provision of targeted short courses

6 TAB Initiative on re-energizing student chapters TA has now approved the appropriation of funds to launch a pilot program of Guided Hackathons Prof. Pramod Abichandani has been appointed the leader John Paserba (MGA Chair for Student Activities) is currently identifying 5 pilot sites in the US –2 R1 Sections expressed interest last year. Are they still interested? All hardware will be provided at the selected sites Training will be provided (at TAB expense) at Drexel university for designated Section volunteers Two IEEE Societies participating (Robotics & Automation; Systems, Man & Cybernetics)

7 Society Liaison Liaison is a two-way process Are there issues that Region 1 would like its representative to take back to the TAB Management Committee?

8 Sister-Society Event in Region 1

9 J. Keith Nelson Contact Information: Tel: (518) 374-3862 E-mail:

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