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IEEE IEEE 2011. Standards Members Journals Conferences.

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1 IEEE IEEE 2011

2 Standards Members Journals Conferences

3 Alexander Graham Bell Founding officers of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1884: Thomas A. Edison American Institute of Electrical Engineers

4 Guglielmo Marconi Founding member of the Institute of Radio Engineers in 1912: The Institute of Radio Engineers 1912 Radio telegraph operators communications with the sinking Titanic demonstrated the power of radio

5 AIEE + IRE = IEEE The idea that there should be one organization for all electrical engineers was an old one, and became more powerful as the profession expanded beyond its separate roots in power and radio. In 1962, the boards and memberships of the two institutes agreed to merge. On January 1, 1963, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers was born with 150,000 members. 1962 Symposium on the proposed merger, IRE National Convention Special merger issue of the Proceedings of the IRE The badge of the new IEEE combined the right hand rule from the IRE with the kite from the AIEE

6 160 40 Todays IEEE

7 IEEE Volunteer Activities –45 –329 1860 80 1,789 1000 30 900 400

8 IEEE in China 9000 2000 7 (Section), 25 Student Branch IEEE 2007 2/8/2014

9 Activities in China 200 IEEE 100 IEEE Xplore – IEEE802.15 P1903 P1904 P1888 P2030 – IEEE – CSDA/CSDP/SCP – TEP 2010 11 26-27 2/8/2014 9

10 IEEE Student Branches in China 2/8/2014 10 2000 25 – IEEE

11 Now about those careers… 8-Feb-14 11 How can IEEE help?

12 Engineering Change: A Study of the Impact of EC2000Engineering Change: A Study of the Impact of EC2000 from The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)ABET Engineers in The Future

13 IEEE Career Resource #1 – Professional Networking 8-Feb-14 13 Involvement in IEEE Societies, Sections and Chapters 1,500 IEEE Student Branches worldwide Participation in IEEE GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) and Women in Engineering 1000+ conferences per year IEEE MemberNet, MentorNet, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

14 IEEE Conferences

15 15 Call For Papers IEEE 200 IEEE s/index.html

16 Student Branch Activities Intel IBM

17 Student Branch Activities IEEE Region 10 GOLD IEEE CS IEEE IEEE GINI

18 IEEE China Student Congress 2011 2/8/2014 18

19 2/8/2014 19 IEEE Career Resource # 2 – Lifelong Learning: IEEE Xplore

20 IEEE Covers All Areas of Technology Aerospace Biomedical Circuits Computing Energy Information Technology Nanotechnology Optics Power Electronics Robotics & Automation Smart Grids Transportation Wireless Broadband Automotive Biometrics Communications Electronics Imaging Medical Devices Nuclear Science Petroleum & Gas Power Systems Renewable Energy Semiconductors Software

21 Get to Know Your Field 2/8/2014 21

22 Publish on IEEE Xplore in Semiconductors IEEE Circuits & Devices Magazine IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices IEEE Photonics Technology Letters IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging …… 2/8/2014 22

23 IEEE Career Resource # 3 – Find Out Your Potential Employer



26 8-Feb-14 26 IEEE Career Resource # 4 – Lifelong Learning: Webinar Spectrum Communication Society GOLD nts/index.html nts/index.html



29 If you control an industrys standards, you control it lock, stock and ledger. Standardization programs offer one of the best, most important means to evaluate current technology and provide a glimpse of where future technology innovations may occur. The Strategic Value of Standards Education A Global Survey conducted by the Center for Global Standards Analysis 8-Feb-14 29 IEEE Career Resource #5 – Lifelong Learning: Standards in Education Portal

30 IEEE Standards Are Pervasive A broad spectrum of technologies Aerospace Electronics Broadband Over Power Lines Broadcast Technology Clean Technology Cognitive Radio Design Automation Electromagnetic Compatibility Green Technology LAN/MAN Medical Device Communications Nanotechnology 8-Feb-14 30 National Electrical Safety Code Next Generation Service Overlay Networks Organic Components Portable Battery Technology Power Electronics Power & Energy Radiation/Nuclear Reliability Transportation Technology Test Technology

31 IEEE Mini-Grants and Student Application Papers SEC is offering Mini-Grants to students and faculty mentors Help with graduate and undergraduate last-year design projects that contain an industry standards component –$500 grants for students –$300 grants for faculty advisors

32 IEEE career resource #6 Job-Hunting 2/8/2014 32

33 IEEE career resource #7 Recognition by those respected in your field Leadership experience w/in an IEEE Student Branch IEEE Student Branch awards IEEE student competitions (Xtreme Programming, Presidents Challenge) Scholarships, fellowships, travel grants, paper competitions Paper and poster presentations at IEEE conferences Publishing, reviewing, editing IEEE publications IEEE member grade advancement Medal of Honor, Medals, Technical Field Awards, Corporate Recognitions, Service Awards, Prize Papers… 2/8/2014 33

34 More Resources For You IEEE Fellowship/Scholarship –IEEE Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Fellowship –IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Conference Travel Grants –IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Summer Research Grant –IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society Graduate Fellowship for Research on Electronic Packaging –IEEE Computer Society Merwin Scholarship –IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society Graduate Student –IEEE Electron Devices Society Graduate Student Fellowship –…… IEEE Competitions –Presidents' Change the World Competition –IEEE Computer Society Simulator Design Competition –Student paper contest –…… 2/8/2014 udents/awards/index.html

35 IEEE Xtreme Programming Worldwide, 24-hour programming challenge for IEEE Student Branches Top prize is a trip anywhere in the world to the IEEE event of the top teams choice! _services/membership/students/ competitions/xtreme/index.html Exciting Contest!

36 IEEE Presidents Change the World Competition Recognizes students or teams of students who develop unique solutions to real- world problems using engineering, science, computing and leadership skills to benefit their community or humanity Opportunity to win US $10,000 US $ 5,000 US $ 2,500 Exciting Contest!

37 IEEE Upcoming Events IEEEXtreme 5.0 Competition, Oct 22 IEEE Technical English Program, Nov, Beijing IEEE QQ 92076381 2/8/2014 37

38 IEEE Student Membership

39 IEEE OPAC OpenURL Self-Archiving Marketing Newsletter




43 User Guides Customizable IEEE Digital Library Flyer & Poster Templates Library Web Site Tools

44 IEEE Xplore OPAC List

45 OpenURL 2014/2/8 45 essional_development/openurl.html

46 OpenURL links in IEEE Xplore:

47 IEEE Self- Archiving Policy IEEE allows authors to post a copy of the pre- print peer-reviewed copy on personal and institutional Web sites, as such we are a RoMEO green publisher. RoMEO is a service provided by SHERPA, an organization that tracks publishers policies. RoMEO /search.php



50 Authors Rights to Post Accepted Versions of Their Papers An accepted manuscript is a version which has been revised by the author to incorporate review suggestions, and which has been accepted by IEEE for publication. The final, published version is the reviewed and accepted manuscript, with copy-editing, proofreading and formatting added by IEEE. Upon publication, authors must replace the preprints with either 1) the full citation to the IEEE works with Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) or links to the papers abstracts in IEEE Xplore®, or 2) the accepted versions only (not the IEEE-published versions), including the IEEE copyright notice and full citation, with links to the final, published papers in IEEE Xplore®

51 Prior Publication Authors submitting manuscripts must disclose whether there are conference papers by the authors that are similar, whether published or submitted, including information that very clearly indicates how the new submission differs from the previously published work(s). Such papers should be cited in the submitted manuscript.

52 Multiple Submissions Multiple submissions is defined as a given manuscript being concurrently under active consideration by two or more publications. It is at the discretion of each IEEE Organization Unit whether or not to allow multiple submissions. Authors shall inform editors of multiple submissions of manuscripts.

53 Policy on Plagiarism IEEE defines plagiarism as the reuse of someone else's (or his/her/their own) prior ideas, processes, results, or words without explicitly acknowledging the original author and source.

54 2014/2/8

55 entservices/info/faq_subscribers.html 2014/2/8


57 57 IEEE

58 IEL Newsletter 2014/2/8 58

59 : IEEE Client Services Manager

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