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[Jeremy Hajek] [Illinois Institute of Technology] [09/26/07]

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1 [Jeremy Hajek] [Illinois Institute of Technology] [09/26/07]
Windows Vista [Jeremy Hajek] [Illinois Institute of Technology] [09/26/07]

2 Windows Vista – Original Title
- Cutting through the hype to understand the real improvements to Microsoft’s new operating system; Vista.  Starting with historical reasons for past Operating Systems and understanding the current computing environment and the need for Windows Vista.

3 Windows Vista – Actual Title
- More than a pretty face, who knew?

4 Brief History of Computers
ENIAC: Considered first Vaccum tube based Computer in the modern sense. Not Von Nuemann required total reprogramming 2nd Gen: Von Nuemann style Computer had separate parts, CPU, registers, memory, etc, etc and was reprogrammable

5 Pictures - ENIAC

6 Pictures – Von Nuemann

7 3rd Gen – IBM – APPLE - PC Altair 8080: Not very useful, but considered the first commercially viable PC kit. Not a great system, but introduced us to some guy named Gates and his company Apple II: 1977 8086 – 16 bit chip 1978 IBM PC – August 1981

8 Pictures IBM – APPLE - PC

9 Short Internet History
ArpaNet: “By 5 December 1969, a 4-node network was connected by adding the University of Utah and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Building on ideas developed in ALOHAnet, the ARPANET started in 1972 and was growing rapidly, by 1981 the number of hosts had grown to 213, with a new host being added approximately every twenty days.” 1978 – TCP/IP finalized ArpaNet split into MilNet and public network NSFnet, DecNet, and on.

10 Classic Windows History
June 1985 Windows 1.01 Unsupported August 1986 Windows 1.03 Unsupported December 1987 Windows 2.03 Unsupported June 1988 Windows 2.1 Unsupported May 1990 Windows 3.0 Unsupported April 1992 Windows 3.1 Unsupported January 1994 Windows 3.2 Unsupported October 1992 Windows For Workgroups 3.1 Unsupported August 1993 Windows NT 3.1 Unsupported November 1993 Windows For Workgroups 3.11 Unsupported September 1994 Windows NT 3.5 Unsupported November 1994 Windows NT 3.51 Unsupported[19] August 1995 Windows 95 Unsupported September 1996 Windows NT 4.0 Unsupported June 1998 Windows 98 Unsupported

11 Current Windows History
February 2000 Windows 2000 Extended Support until June 13, 2010[20] July 2000 Windows Me Unsupported October 2001 Windows XP Unsupported for RTM as of September 30, 2004 and for SP1 as of October 10, 2006[21] Current for SP2 March 2003 Windows XP 64-bit Edition (Itanium) Unsupported April 2003 Windows Server 2003 / Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Unsupported for RTM, SP1 and SP1a January 2007 Windows Vista Current 2010 or later (planned) Windows 7 (Vienna) Work on Vista started 2002 – but scrapped and redone starting in 2003 focusing on new security processes

12 Buena Vista of Windows Vista
7 New aspects of Vista… New Technologies UAC and the new user accounts File and Registry Virtualization Mandatory Integrity Control Bit Locker – TPM – Password Tech. Code Integrity and Driver signing Layered Defense, IE 7 plus, Defender & more

13 New Technologies New Explorers Side bar and gadgets
AERO - Flip feature 3D Windows Experience Index ReadyBoost and Caching System Indexing - SuperFetch Full System Backup

14 UAC and the new user accounts
What is UAC? More than an “Are you sure button.” Why shouldn’t I just turn it off? Where is my Administrator Account? Why the design of XP differs from Vista and calls for UAC

15 File and Registry Virtualization
Difference between XP model and Vista Model Why some programs won’t run in Vista, but do in XP? (Hint not Vista’s fault – see the sloppy programmer…)

16 Mandatory Integrity Control
What is it? Where have we seen it before? Where have you been all my life? One of the best and most moden Vista enhancements.

17 Bit Locker – TPM Bit Locker – Trusted Platform Module
Need for encryption today Veterans Administration stolen laptop example

18 Code Integrity and Driver signing
Code Integrity and Driver signing for kernel Why the dedication? Where does it occur? Password Hashing, goodbye LM and NTLM. Mandatory Software DEP <- where have you been all my life?

19 Layered Internet Defense
Why the need for layered Defense? IE 7+, Defender, Firewall, Protected Mode, MIC New threats and new Internet Age. New tools and way of thinking. ASLR UAC Social Engineering taken into consideration

20 Questions & Comments

21 Bibliography
Minasi, Mark. (2007). Administering Windows Vista Security. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing, Inc. Tulloch, Mitch (2007). Windows Vista Resource Kit Redmond, Wa: Microsoft Press Press.

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