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Capturing the Cloud. (Please see Speaker Notes for addition details) By Robert Curl

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1 Capturing the Cloud. (Please see Speaker Notes for addition details) By Robert Curl

2 any collection of particles (e.g., smoke or dust) or gases that are visible Cloud computing is the aggregation of various distributed services on disparate computing systems connected via a common network. What is a cloud?

3 Why now? Hardware Cheap Systems o Commoditization of computers o Virtualization of computers Network o Bandwidth o Constantly Connected WiFi Cellular / Mobile Software Standard Protocols o IPv4, IPv6, IEEE_802.xx, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS,..etc Open Source Software o Highly developed yet license free platforms and APIs o Economics to spur innovation SOA mentality

4 Good Cloud / Bad Cloud Benefits Hardware efficiency Scalability o Demand based computing o Linear vs Tiered Growth rates o Transactional Accounting Outsourcing of hardware level administration Reduced Costs o Significantly lower barriers to entry Concerns Security o Increased focus on WebApp security o Security without control/privacy Availability o Increased network load o SLE of service provider Runaway costs o Must scale business model to usage model Data ownership o Who owns your data? o Legality of intrusions. o Private vs Public

5 The major players SaaS Google Apps eBay Paypal Apple iTunes Big Belly Zynga DropCam Microsoft Live Facebook Twitter Zoho ANY WEBSITE! IaaS Amazon AWS Joyent Rackspace Rightscale AT&T Synaptic Service Verizon PaaS SalesForce's Google App Engine Microsoft Azure Zoho Creator Amazon Beanstalk

6 Who uses the cloud? Everyone!! Some have even made money doing it... o Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) o Sean Parker (Napster, Facebook, Gowalla) o Reed Hastings (Netflix) o Jeff Bezos (Amazon) o Mark Pincus (Zynga) o Greg Duffy and Aamir Virani (DropBox) o Jim Poss (BigBelly Solar) o Pierre Omidyar (eBay)

7 BigBelly Solar Premise: Solar powered, 'smart' waste compactors Cloud Innovation: Use of cellular networks to connect remote sensors to a central processing server farm.

8 BigBelly Solar Cloud Benefit: Consistently updated sensor data allows near real time analysis from a cloud hosted administration website. Waste units are emptied only when needed drastically cutting labor and fuel costs

9 DropCam Premise: Plug & Play webcam with online video feed. Cloud Innovation: Automated network setup, free public and private video streams, premium cloud based DVR service. Cloud Benefit: Live streams from each camera are processed by the company's servers before being made available. This limits potential security risks to home networks, allows access control logic and allows remote monitoring regardless of location.

10 Netflix Premise: Online video rental service. Cloud Innovation: Internet catalogue browsing, distributed streaming services. Cloud Benefit: Online queuing allows for on-demand media browsing, user preference tracking, and quicker user activity turnover. Online media streaming allows for on-demand media consumption.

11 PANDORA Premise: Personalized Internet radio Cloud Innovation: Near ubiquitous access to Pandora radio streams. Cloud Benefit: Pandora is able to offer highly accurate song suggestions based off of a combination of user activity signals and song metadata from the "Music Genome Project". This would be highly resource intensive within a fat client architecture

12 Zynga

13 Military

14 The Future of the Cloud Trends in HW & SW... Increase in availability and performance of networks Decreased reliance on traditional OS and computing systems Increased consolidation of data, both public and private data. Decreased costs for hosted computational power. Increased prevalence of RFID and NFC chips. Finding opportunities... Improve on things that bother you! Focus on the data. Break down large products into collections of smaller services. Evaluate how connecting various services could provide additional functionality. Get involved with Open Source Projects.

15 Beyond the Cloud: THE INTERNET OF THINGS What is the Internet of Things? A) An idea of all physical objects being universally addressable with most being digitally accessible or network connected. What is so great about the Internet of Things? A) Greater control and automation of daily processes. For example, greatly reducing inventories throughout a multi- layered supply chain through RFID inventory tags and interconnected inventory management systems. What will enable the Internet of Things? A) High bandwidth and ubiquitous wireless networks, extremely cheap RFID and NFC devices, enormous scaling of universal addresses for non-digital and inanimate objects

16 Q & A Presentation By Robert Curl

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