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Member and Geographic Activities Staff Cecelia Jankowski Managing Director 2 August 2008 Region 1 Meeting Albany, NY USA.

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1 Member and Geographic Activities Staff Cecelia Jankowski Managing Director 2 August 2008 Region 1 Meeting Albany, NY USA

2 IEEE MGA Volunteers and Staff Working Together MGA Board –Develop policy (Board, Committees, Interfaces…) –Perform governance and oversight with vision MGA Committees and Staff –Partnership – Design, development, implementation –Shared responsibility Policy (values and principles) driven Operational Activities (Volunteers and Staff)

3 Focus on the Member - continuous engagement throughout the lifecycle –Develop an IEEE-wide Member Strategy –Member data acquisition, management and protection; relevant products/services and coordinated communications Focus on responsiveness to member inquiries –Improve the ability to self serve –Enhanced service and response, personalization Geographic Unit Experience – efforts already initiated to engage Sections and Regions –Engagement & relationship development for volunteer leaders –Increase opportunities for new activities & programs Geographic Activities –Simplify operational requirements for volunteers –Understand impact of government and legal requirements on OU and Geo Unit decisions and operations; closer integration of GeoUnit operations with IEEE organizational decisions; increasing overlaps of OU efforts world-wide Developing and acquiring skills –Relationship development & management, project management, process management, business analysis and development, enhanced international experience, metrics/benchmarking IEEE MGA – Strategic Considerations

4 IEEE MGA - Staff Organization

5 MGA Finance & Administration

6 MGA Admission and Advancement Staff

7 Admission & Advancement Staff Areas of Focus Grade Elevations – Associate to Member and Senior Member Life Member eligibility determination Admission and Advancement Committee Support Key Projects Update Admission and Advancement Operations Manual Automate Senior Member Process Develop Senior Member Promotional Kit Associate to Member Outreach Senior Member Web Pages

8 Admission and Advancement Contacts Denise Howard (Senior Member Program) +1 732 562 5502 Celeste Roman (CMR Program) + 732 562 5539 5831 Denise Maestri, Supervisor +1 732 562 5530 Alycia Ellis (MD Supply Fullfillment, LM Qualification, Associate to Member elevation) + 732 562 5535

9 IEEE Member Strategy Staff Jamie Moesch Director, Member Strategy Member and Geographic Activities

10 Areas of Focus for the Member Strategy Group Improving Value Next Generation Benefits –myIEEE,, MemberNet –Spectrum digital delivery Member Engagement Alternative Membership Model Targeted Programs –STEP –Engaging New Members –Students and Affinity Groups Membership and Benefit Marketing Direct Outreach –Renewal, recruitment, reinstatement –Benefit utilization Field Support –Field support for MD volunteers –Member-get-Member program Advertising –Benefit awareness Partnering Member Services Volunteer Leadership Data and Process Mgmt Societies and TAB Sales and Marketing IT Corporate Activities/Strat/Rcsh Data and Research Member Satisfaction Membership Dashboards Member Surveys Product Performance Cost of New Member Acquisition Lifetime Value of a Member

11 Member Strategy Team Director, Member Strategy Member Data and Research Membership Development Product Management - Membership Statistics - Member Satisfaction - Member Studies - MD Materials - MD Support - Membership Promotion - Student Programs - Affinity Groups - Benefit Promotion - Campaign Coordination - Marketing Operations - Measuring Engagement - Alternate Models - Dashboards - myIEEE - memberNet - - Mentoring Connection - Benefit Portfolio Mgmt - New Benefit Process - Financial Mgmt

12 Major Member Strategy Projects Improved Member Satisfaction –Measurement –Constant Improvement –Service Experience –Renewal/Join Experience Improved Student Retention –Launch of STEP Program –Student Graduation Kits –GOLD Receptions Visibility of Membership Statistics –Monthly Regional MD Reports –Recognize Top Performers Benefits Utilization –Improve visibility –Allow for more engagement Assist with Society Membership Marketing Product Upgrades –myIEEE 2.0 –memberNet – Improvements to IEEE Merchandise Store (Online)

13 Key Member Strategy Contacts Membership Development Qiana Harder +1-732-562-5525 GOLD Cathy Downer +1-732-562-5506 Student Programs Laura Durrett +1-732-562-5523 MD Materials and Collateral Monthly MD Webcasts MD Planning and Goals Member Get A Member MD Virtual Community GOLD Committee Support Graduation Receptions STEP Manuals Mentor Connection SA Committee Support Student Leadership Support New Branch Formation Contests and Awards IEEE Xtreme

14 Key Member Strategy Contacts Noel Bryson +1-732-562-5526 myIEEE and memberNet Brian Pratz +1-732-562-5507 General Membership Development Issues John Day +1-732-562-6356 General Member Issues, Escalations, & Strategic Ideas Jamie Moesch +1-732-562-5514

15 MGA Member Operations Staff Bill Cook Staff Director, Member Operations Member and Geographic Activities

16 Member Operations Service Model Mission: provide quality service to our members Quality Definition: exceed member expectations; attention to process & detail. Service Standards: available, courteous, knowledgeable, accurate & responsive. Operational Excellence: planning, process management, partnering & performance. Core Values: integrity, professionalism, service & results.

17 Member Operations Focus Staff Director, Member Operations Member Processing Contact Center Administration - Join - Renew - Add societies - Member Questions - Computer access - Forgot password - Order products - Payment problems - Magazine replacement - Add Publications - Change address - Update profile - Project Management - Budgeting - Financial forecast - Process Management - Work flow - Results measurement - Productivity

18 Major Member Operations Projects Successful membership year. Timely response to member inquiries. Assess status of call center. Identify opportunities for improvement. Proactively address issues before they become problems.

19 Key Member Operations Contacts Bill Cook – Staff Director, Member Operations – –1 732 562 5464 (W) –1 732 887 2450 (C) Marianne Schmidt – Director, Contact Center – –1 732 562 5546 (W) –1 908 930 9231 (C)

20 MGA Information Processing Staff Vera Sharoff Manager, Information Processing IEEE Member & Geographic Activities

21 Areas of Focus for the Information Processing Staff Improving Value ٮ Move existing tools to the next generation ٮSAMIEEE ٮeNotice ٮEWH Develop New Tools Support vTools Meetings, Voting, WebinABox, Finance, Student Branch Reporting, Demographics Enable Credit Card Processing Partnering All MGA IT Data and Process Mgmt Technical Activities Corporate Strategy & Research Web Presence Volunteer Leadership Support IEEE BMS Members Volunteers Staff Redesign Process (Renew for 2009) Release Planning Defect Triage IT Enterprise Web Presence, Content Management, Enterprise Architecture

22 Major Projects for the Information Processing Staff Analytics –SAMIEEE Where are we after one year? Enhancements Training & Communication –Geographic Dashboard Communications –Migrate eNotice to Siebel Campaigns –Overhaul entire experience –Message tracking –Integrate eNotices into the overall IEEE communications picture

23 Major Projects for the Information Processing Staff EWH –Content Management vTools –Project Management –Liaison with IT –Web Services –Tie vTools with existing functions BMS –Release Planning Prioritizing features and functions both internal and external –Redesign Projects Renew first Then Join, My Account, Browse etc…

24 Information Processing Contacts Helen Shiminsky (SAM IEEE ) +1 732 562 5517 Eugene Khusid (vTools, BMS) + 732 465 5831 Vera Sharoff, Manager +1 732 562 5509 Khanh Luu (eNotice, EWH) + 732 562 6358

25 MGA Geographic Activities Staff Cheryl Sinauskas Director, Geographic Activities Member and Geographic Activities

26 Geo Unit Experience Sections Congress Engagement and relationship development - Linking opportunities (e.g. local conferences) Activities and Programs Areas of Focus for Geographic Activities Staff Geo Unit Operations & Processes Section Operations Geo Unit Formations Metrics and tracking vTools Geo Unit scan Historical Research Governance MGA Board Select Committees –Award & Recognition –Life Member –Geo Unit Operations Policy and By-Laws MGA Operations Manual Compliance & Finance Financial Reporting Financial analysis and tracking Custody Account Support Registration Compliance Issues Volunteer Experience IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence Volunteer development and training

27 Major Geographic Activity Projects Sections Congress 2008 and 2011 IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence o Volunteer Training Process Improvement and Streamlining Regulatory Compliance vTools

28 Geographic Activities Team Director, Geographic Activities Geo Unit Operations Geo Unit Administration Finance - Volunteer Inquiries - Section Rebates - Historical Research - Regulatory - Compliance - Policy -Section Operations - Volunteer Training - Processes - Meeting Reports - Recognition Products - Geo Unit Formations - L50 Reports - Financial Analysis - Tracking - Advise and support Section Treasurers - -Interface Corporate Audit - Budget - Custody Accounts

29 Geographic Activities Contacts Supervisor, Geo Unit Ops Peggy Lefkin +1-732-562-5512 Sections Congress MGA Geographic Unit Operations Committee Support Section Operational Support Director, Geographic Activities Cheryl Sinauskas +1-732-562-5383 Manager, Geographic Activities & MGA Governance Dan Toland +1-732-562-5515 Sections Congress MGA Geographic Unit Operations Committee Support Section Operational Support Process Design and Improvements Registration Compliance & Regulatory

30 Geographic Activities Contacts Section/Chapter Support Joe Hale +1-732-562-5511 Officer Services Peggy Kovacs +1-732-562-5513 MGA Recognition Products Donna McClelland +1-732-562-5518 Geographic Unit Formations Sections, Subsections, Councils, Chapters, Affinity Groups, Student Branches/Chapters/AGs Geographic Unit Officer Reporting Contiguous Section Requests Geographic Unit Boundaries Geographic Roster Geographic Unit Meeting Reports Tracking and analysis Distribution of Geographic Unit Rebates Certificates, Plaques, Banners Letterhead, Business Cards LM Incentive Gift Distribution General Correspondence/Questions

31 Geographic Activities Contacts Geo Unit Financial Reporting Elizabeth Cortez +1-732-562-5516 Annual Financial Report Geographic Unit Compliance Geographic Unit Audits


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