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IEEE Consumer Electronics Society IEEE Consumer Electronics Society – Bangalore chapter, Inauguration Report November 2010 IISc, Bangalore.

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1 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society IEEE Consumer Electronics Society – Bangalore chapter, Inauguration Report November 2010 IISc, Bangalore

2 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Program Details Date:Monday 15th November 2010, 9:30 AM onwards Venue:CEDT Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (Location map: Chief Guests: Dr. Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra, Chairman – India Semiconductor Association and President & MD – Texas Instruments (India) Dr. B. S. Sonde, Past Chairman, Centre for Electronics Design & Technology, Indian Institute of Science Guests of Honour: Mr. V. V. Srinivasan, Chairman, IEEE Bangalore Section Mr. K. Ramakrishna, IEEE India Council Member and Past Chairman, IEEE Bangalore Section Agenda: 9:30 – 9:45Welcome Address & Inauguration of Chapter 9:45 – 10:15Keynote Speech by Dr. Bobby Mitra 10:15 – 10:30Tea/Coffee Break 10.30 – 10:35 Introduction by Dr. Gopakumar, Chairman, CEDT, Indian Institute of Science 10.35 – 11:15Inaugural Distinguished Lecture by Dr. B.S. Sonde 11.15 – 11.30Perspectives on IEEE, by Mr. V.V. Srinivasan 11.30 – 11.50CE Chapter Vision and Roadmap, by Mr. Prabindh Sundareson 11.50 – 12:00Hawkboard lucky draw & Vote of thanks by Mr. Vijay Harikumar 12.00 –Networking and open interaction Technical Sponsors: IEEE Bangalore Section IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Inauguration Sponsor: Sling Media ( Luckydraw sponsor: ( )

3 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Report About 22 participants registered for the event Lamp-lighting event Click to see Video (Youtube) of lamp-lightingVideo (Youtube) of lamp-lighting After the lamp-lighting, Dr.Biswadeep (Bobby) Mitra delivered the inaugural lecture, talking about the challenges facing Consumer Electronics in India and across the globe. Indicated there are more than 2000 Indian HW Electronic design companies, and hence large existing base of CE Touched upon role of India Semiconductor Association Specific suggestions for manufacturers included creating a platform strategy, and focusing on low-power/no-power architectures, and looking not just at India as a market, but design for the global market. He also highlighted the need for working on the manpower area Click to see Video (Youtube Snippet) of Dr.Bobby Mitras talkVideo (Youtube Snippet) of Dr.Bobby Mitras talk

4 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Report (continued) Dr.K.Gopakumar introduced Prof.B.S.Sonde Prof.Sonde delivered the inaugural keynote speech, and talked on the Past, present and future of Consumer Electronics. Interesting snippets on how yield of milk changed when devotional music was played through audio tube receivers Transition from Tube amplifiers to semiconductor revolution Limitations of IC manufacturing beyond 0.18um, reaching the frontier Moores law CE products, though intended to be low cost, have very high technology ingredients/ components. High technology emerges from Industrial grade products (ex. CMOS) Though Digital technology is used for flexibility and accuracy, interfaces are still analog Home Information systems in the future will not just be communication devices but also include conferencing, information delivery and control 3D displays will use Holography in the future, as consumers are not comfortable with stereoscopic 3d.

5 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Report (continued) Mr.V.V.Srinivasan (IEEE Bangalore section chair) delivered his speech on how IEEE Section can help in growing the CE base. Resources available for meetings, travel to colleges Database of student contacts and institutions available, lot of energy in colleges and events 14 chapters in Bangalore including CE

6 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Report (continued) SlingMedia, the event sponsors, had setup the demonstration booth and showcased nice product demos on place-shift and time-shift based video- anywhere CE products. Interesting technical discussions followed the demonstration Refreshments were served

7 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Pictures and Videos of the event Photo Album at EEECEPhotos?authkey=Gv1sRgCIjpi6zP8Y SbJQ&feat=email# EEECEPhotos?authkey=Gv1sRgCIjpi6zP8Y SbJQ&feat=email# Video of the Lamp lighting ceremony Snippet of Dr.Bobby Mitras talk

8 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Background- Why the Chapter? Bangalore has a large concentration of practitioners focused on the Consumer Electronics sector. However, there is no common platform today which ensures that this focus migrates to developing original work. For original contributions to happen there needs to be a forum that allows practitioners to share ideas, encourage innovation, spread word about the latest happenings in the industry, and build the next generation of engineers.

9 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society What are the objectives? The IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Bangalore Chapter has been conceived to: Help current CE practitioners improve their capabilities, and lead to further fundamental CE research and development in the Bangalore area, and India in general. Mentor and groom the next generation of CE Engineers by working directly with local and national Engineering Colleges and Universities. Provide a common platform for CE organizations to share experiences and knowledge, and create common India specific standards in the longer term.

10 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Who will gain from this initiative? There are three major categories of stakeholders who are critical to building a local Consumer Electronics technology ecosystem in Bangalore. The most important constituents are The practitioners who bring in the knowledge and skills to the region. The organizations engaged in CE related activities including basic research, academia and application development. Last, but not least, the students who would be the next generation of CE professionals

11 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society What can stakeholders expect to gain? To achieve these goals, the Chapter has planned a number of activities for all the stakeholders: Practitioners Specific presentations on core technical areas by experts Create a forum for sharing of information and ideas Provide quality access to thought leaders in the industry Support practitioners in continually improving their skills Industry Technical workshops to identify and learn from industry-wide trends Promote research and development in Consumer Electronics in India Longer term, help create standards and technologies for the Indian market Students Increase interest in and appreciation of Consumer Electronics Mentor and groom the next generation of CE practitioners Provide advice and guidance to those interested in the domain

12 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Need further information? Please visit our website at, subscribe to join us on LinkedIn at You could also reach out to the Execom members to share your ideas and discuss how the Chapter can support your professional goals Arun Naik – Industry Interactions Kousik Sankar – Technical Activities Sudeendra Koushik – CE Ecosystem Sudhakar Ganganna – Mentoring Vijay Harikumar – University Programs Bhaskar Karmakar – Membership Development Prabindh Sundareson – Chapter Activities

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