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2003-18-03 2004-01-27 1 IEEE P1484.12 LTSC Learning Object Metadata (LOM) Wayne Hodgins – Chair Erik Duval – Technical Editor CEN/ISSS + LTSC Meetings.

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1 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 1 IEEE P1484.12 LTSC Learning Object Metadata (LOM) Wayne Hodgins – Chair Erik Duval – Technical Editor CEN/ISSS + LTSC Meetings Madrid, Spain January 27, 2004

2 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 2 Session Overview: Review of Learning Object Metadata standards Related activities Future directions Discussion, Questions, Suggestions

3 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 3 LOM is a multi-part standard 1484.12.1 Standard for Learning Object Metadata Data Model P1484.12.3 Standard for XML binding for Learning Object Metadata P1484.12.1 data model – Erik Duval P1484.12.4 Standard for RDF binding for Learning Object Metadata P1484.12.1 Data Model – Jon Mason & Mikael Nillson

4 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 4 IEEE 1484.12.1 LOM Data Model 1484.12.1 LOM data model v1.0 now a full IEEE accredited standard June 13, 2002 Bindings of the data model ISO JTC1/SC36 New Work Proposal Widely adopted: ADL SCORM, ARIADNE, ALIC, IMS……… Whats next for the data model??

5 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 5 P1484.12.3 XML binding of LOM Lead = Erik Duval PAR approved 2000-12-07 ARIADNE & IMS created first version of an XML DTD. – This and some explanatory documentation is now posted at: tml Working Group formed May, 2002 First Ballot completed April, 2003 BRC formed and actively meeting Next recirculation ballot expected Feb/March 04

6 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 6 LOM XML WG Update Goal: interoperable LOM instances Mechanism: – XML Schema Definition (.xsd) – Trade-offs in what you can express => set of component xsds that can be put together in different constellations Adds to LOM Data Model – XML data element name ( ) – Vocabulary tokens (atomic)

7 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 7 P1484.12.4 RDF Binding of LOM Lead = Jon Mason PAR approved 2002-03-07 Extensive work by Mikael Nilsson Development proceeding well; Integration with Dublin Core Existing Implementations Deciding on best directions and focus: IEEE Standard or Recommendation? Use of XML?

8 Standards Draft Writing Process Write Scope & Purpose See Related Stds. & Pubs Revise, Revise, Revise Fill in Outline Draft Outline Finalize Document P1484.12.1 is finished P1484.12.2 + 12.3 + 12.4 are HERE P1484.12.3 XML is HERE

9 IEEE Standards Development Process Idea for Standard Develop & Approve PAR Ballot Draft Standard Develop Draft Standard Organize Working Group Approve Draft Standard 1484.12.1 is HERE (published std.) Publish Approved Standard P1484.12. 2 + 4 are HERE P1484.12.3 XML is HERE

10 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 10 IEEE 1484.12 LOM Position Statement The IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) has been providing for the development and maintenance of the Learning Object Metadata (LOM) standard since 1997. This process has been and continues to be an international effort with the active participation on the LOM Working Group by members representing more than 15 countries. Most recently, June 12, 2002, this resulted in the first IEEE accredited standard to be completed by LTSC, the 1484.12.1 LOM data model standard. This is the fist of a multi-part standard for Learning Object Metadata which LTSC LOM is responsible for maintaining, developing and evolving. This responsibility is being fulfilled by current work on bindings of the data model standard and includes developing further versions of the data model standard.

11 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 11 LOM Position Statement (contd) Although the IEEE standard has been well received, recognized and adopted internationally, adoption of the standard is in its early stages. For this reason, the LTSC is interested in avoiding any conditions that create the perception or reality of conflicting or multiple standards being developed for the same purpose. Furthermore, any additional work should take into consideration current implementations to avoid creating unnecessary interoperability issues. Therefore the Learning Object Metadata working group proposes that similar activity concerning the scope and purpose of its efforts continue to be coordinated through the Learning Technology Standards Committee. The IEEE LTSC deeply appreciates the expression of interest in cooperation by all interested parties such as those expressed by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC36 and equally appreciates the excellent technical comments made by SC36 members. The IEEE LTSC therefore invites the participation of members of national bodies represented in SC36 in the maintenance and revision of the LOM standard and is committed to facilitating this.

12 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 12

13 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 13 LOM: Related Activities CORES resolution to assign unique identifiers via URI to metadata elements XML binding group working on URI implementation plan Ottawa Communiqué Abstract model Mappings & Crosswalks FAQ Futures ISO JTC1 SC36 Awaiting response to proposal to do a Joint Committee OCLC/DCMI Joint event 11-14 October 2004, Shanghai Identifiers – CETIS, TSO, ADL, OCLC, etc.

14 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 14 LOM Data Model Priorities: Requirements gathering protect existing implementations Point release for chaffing points From existing practice, from binding implementations, etc. 2.0 release to reconsider what is meant by LO and/or metadata Explore other use cases for metadata Requirement gathering Investigate other types of LOM (metadata) – structural, people, relational Leave LOM v1 alone, facilitate implementations, gather requirements Study groups for large scale future activity

15 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 15 Future of LOM? Name change? Keep the definition, expand it even? Modularizing LOM? eg>. Each category becomes a part of the standard Other forms of or specific types of metadata? Structural, relational, people, etc. Where, when, how to cover relationships between assets Leading to such things as Pattern recognition Ties to sequencing? Metadata for Static vs Dynamic objects Addressing Subjective metadata? Respecting existing implementations Recommendations from CEN/ISSS?

16 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 16 Discussion, Questions, Suggestions?? (to be filled in from meeting comments)

17 2004-01-27 17 THANK YOU! Questions?

18 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 18 Remarks on IEEE LTSC Process Meetings are open to anyone with a material interest – Participation is welcome, whether or not you join the LTSC Membership (with voting privileges) is – Annual – On an individual basis only (not by organization or national body) – Costs $200 per year for LTSC – IEEE (or IEEE CS) membership and Standards Association Membership required for participation in formal balloting (Extra $110 per year) Most work done via conference calls – Times arranged for international participation (to the extent possible) – Face-to-face meetings have enabled for remote participation – Active participation possible without extensive travel SC36 participants are welcome and encouraged to participate in WGs and as LTSC members

19 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 19 OTHER STATUS UPDATES LTSC pursuing a program with IEEE that will – allow all LSTC standards to be obtained free of charge – remove obstacles concerning translations, profiles and other derived works. Status of this no cost standards effort – Currently in fund-raising phase – Contact is Brian Taliesin, LTSC treasurer ( – Updates will be sent to SC36 through liaison LTSC launching new Web site and collaborative environment. – Notification will be sent to SC36 through liaison – Contact: Chad Kainz, LTSC Vice Chair,

20 2003-18-03 2004-01-27 20 LTSC Contact Information LTSC Chair and SC36 Liaison – Robby Robson – – Phone: +1 541 754 1215 – Mobile: +1 541 908 9888 Other Officers – Vice Chair: Chad Kainz ( – Secretary: Debbie Brown ( – Treasurer: Brian Taliesin ( – Information Officer: Mike Fore ( Feel free to contact WG chairs directly Web site: (look for updates!)

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