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Some Advice on SBIR Proposals Richard Nelson Henry Samueli School of Engineering, UCI 714-566-5747 (cell)

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1 Some Advice on SBIR Proposals Richard Nelson Henry Samueli School of Engineering, UCI 714-566-5747 (cell)

2 Background 20 Years Large Industry 2 Years Small Business –Mostly SBIR Funded 11 Years at UCI All Have Involved Proposals for Research and Programs

3 CONTENT Links to Detailed Information Some SBIR Advice The UC Discovery Program Some SBIR Project Examples Involving UC Discovery Matching

4 Big Picture $2B Annual Budget SBIR: ~11 Agencies or Departments STTR: ~ 5 Agencies or Departments 3 Phase Program –Phase I : Demo Feasibility –Phase II: Demo Prototype –Phase III: Commercialization Your Mission, Should You Chose to Accept It –Differentiate Your Proposal

5 Information Links SBA DoD Commerce – – DOE DHHS NASA NSF EPA DOT DO Edu DOA DHLS FFRDCs

6 Constructive Advice Administrative Details Take Time Address All Evaluation Criteria Writing Style Commercialization Plan Use of Government Facilities Your Contract Monitor is Your Advocate

7 Administrative Details Take Time DUNS Number –866-705-5711, Commercial & Governmental Entity (CAGE) Code Central Contractor Registry (CCR) 888-227-2423, Read The Rules – Things Change

8 Address All Evaluation Criteria Explicitly Include All in Initial Outline Develop each conceptually before extensive writing Not Being Excellent on all Criteria is likely a Loser –Getting 95% on all is better than getting 100% on most and 50% on one criteria Follow the Provided Outline

9 Writing style Be Succinct Use Graphics, Tables, Equations for Key Concepts Use Navigation Aids –Bold Section Headings and Numbers –Underline Subsection Titles

10 Commercialization Plan More than Marketing and Sales –Beta Testing, Publicity, Sales Channels What Will You Have To Offer –Commercially –In Support of Mission of Funding Agency Market, Customers, and Competition Intellectual Property Financing Plans Revenue Stream Staffing Plan

11 Make Use of FFRDC Facilities Risky & Discouraged for Use on SBIR Encouraged on a STTR by teaming with a FFRDC

12 UC Discovery Program Can Increase Your Resources UC Will Provide Matching Funds for the UC Part of Project Subject areas –Biotechnology –Communications and Networking –Digital Media –Electronics Manufacturing –Information Technology for Life Sciences –Economic Impact –Opportunity Award

13 Opportunity Awards Small awards for conferences, workshops, and outreach events that promote dialogue between University and Industry Communities. Up to $15,000 to support activities that: –communicate developments in relevant research fields at UC and within California firms; –enhance faculty, student, and staff understanding of commercial technology research, technology transfer, and opportunities for cooperative research with private sponsors; and –assess and improve university approaches to technology transfer and administration of industry- sponsored research.

14 Program Funding Typical Range –$50K to $2M per year –Up to 4 years –$15,000 Max. for Opportunity Award No Quotas per Campus or Region

15 Three Way Partnership Benefits for UC Researchers and Students: –Up to 4 years of funding and support for research projects –Training and funding for students and post-doctoral researchers –Special consideration for interdisciplinary and multi-investigator projects –Frequent grant solicitations (three application rounds per year) Benefits for California: –Accelerated delivery of public benefits from UC research/education –Promotion of highly meritorious research that addresses California's needs –Increased competitiveness of California businesses Benefits for Sponsors: –Immediate leveraging of R&D funds –California and Federal Tax Credits –Access to UCs outstanding students –Expansion of company R&D capacity through partnership with UC researchers –Participation in research requiring multidisciplinary teams –Intellectual Property rights

16 How the Program Works Industry Sponsor & UC PI Agree on a Project –Scope, Budget, Division of Effort –Documented by Research Agreement UC PI Submits Formal Proposal –Fall, Winter & Spring Proposal Submittals for each Subject Area 100 Day Review Period – Peer Review –Executive Committee Decision Award Rate 40-70% –Rejected Proposals Are Encouraged to Resubmit

17 Silicon Micromachined Sensors Micromachined shear stress sensor for aerospace applications Surface micromachined silicon device Passive, non-contact measurement of shear stress For testing aerofoil stress

18 Bulk Micromachined Sensors Micromachined mass flow sensors for automotive applications Bulk micromachined silicon, silicon nitride device Thermal measurement of air flow and binary concentration ratio For automotive engine sensing

19 Dielectric Mirror & Etalon Results Designed for MWIR Spectral Window Designed for Hydrocarbon Gas Detection

20 Silicon Circuit Board for Large Focal Plane Array

21 High Density Packaging Electronics Packaging for Mobile Electronics Thinned Chips Thinned Substrates

22 Nanochannel Glass for Sensor Applications Applications: pH sensor Photonic bandgap Drug Release

23 Good Luck Let Us Know if UC Discovery Has a Role

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