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IEEE Code of Ethics Tamara Seeley

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1 IEEE Code of Ethics Tamara Seeley
Supervisor, Corporate Committees & Governance Corporate Activities Department

2 Agenda IEEE Code of Ethics Enabling Culture Principles
Ethics & Member Conduct Committee (EMCC) Member Conduct Cases Promoting Ethics within IEEE

3 IEEE Code of Ethics Long History – since merger with AIEE/IRE
Last revised in 1990. All members are required to abide by the Code. Stated on membership form which they sign Violations of the Code are subject to appropriate action. See IEEE Bylaw I , Policy 7.8, 7.9, 7.10

4 IEEE Enabling Culture Principles
Member No. 1 & Customer Focus Respect for the Employee and Volunteer Teamwork Lead by Example Participatory Management Accountability & Our Word is Our Bond Innovation & Continuous Improvement Open Honest Communication and Feedback

5 IEEE Ethics & Member Conduct Committee
Reports to the IEEE Board of Directors. Recommends policy & educational programs to promote ethical behavior of members and staff. Administers proceedings relating to member & officer discipline. Fosters an awareness of ethical issues. See: Bylaw I-306.7

6 2005 IEEE Ethics & Member Conduct Committee
Hiromasa Haneda, Chair Theodore A. Bickart Jens Hannemann Charles Hickman Joe Kalasky Brian L. Lee Lloyd A. (Pete) Morley Gerald Peterson Charles W. Turner

7 Summary of Handling Member Conduct Complaints
EMCC receives complaints from members about the conduct of other members. EMCC conducts preliminary investigation. If the EMCC finds that the facts can be proven and constitute cause for censure, suspension or expulsion a Hearing Board is convened. Hearing Board deliberates. Board of Directors takes final action. See: Bylaw I-110, I-111 & Policy 7.11

8 Promoting Ethics within IEEE
EMCC booth available on loan for IEEE meetings, conferences, etc. Brochures & Codes of Ethics Cards Resource page: Student Ethics Competition New!

9 Student Ethics Competition Objectives
Become familiar with IEEE Code of Ethics. Discuss & analyze ethical questions. Apply ethical concepts to professional situations.

10 Region Participation Developed for use at IEEE Regional student events. Recommended that it be part of major Regional event that attracts a cross section of Region’s Student & Graduate Student Members. Decision to host a competition is optional.

11 What does the IEEE Ethics & Member Conduct Committee (EMCC) do?
Provide materials for contest organizers. Judging forms, guidelines, Case studies, Student Analysis format, etc. Posters, CD-ROM with guidelines & customizable poster files. Fund prizes in each Region every other year. ($600 US total). Provide case study. Provide certificates of participation to all participants signed by EMCC Chair and IEEE President.

12 What does the Region Do? Organize the competition.
Select date/location for competition. Select judges. Notify EMCC of event details in funding request. Notify EMCC of participants. Notify EMCC of winners.

13 Contact/Web Information

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