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Dan Toland IEEE Sections and 2005 Sections Congress 2005 Membership Development Retreat.

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1 Dan Toland IEEE Sections and 2005 Sections Congress 2005 Membership Development Retreat

2 2 Geographic & Technical Unit Relationship Technical Activities Board Parents - WIE, Consultants, GOLD IEEE Societies Regional Activities Board Regions Sections Sub-Sections Student Branches SB Chapters SB Affinity Groups Council ChaptersAffinity Groups Areas

3 3 IEEE Section l Basic operating geographic organizational unit of IEEE l Minimum of fifty (5O) members. l Etablished with the approval of the RAB by petition of those who live/work in relatively close proximity to be served by activities that further the missions of IEEE.

4 4 Why have Sections? l Sections are ideal vehicles for informative local technical and professional meetings and for networking. l Meetings are one of the most visible and valuable ways in which Sections, Chapters, and Affinity Groups serve their members. Successful meetings help to achieve the goals of education and professional advancement that are basic to all IEEE Units. They provide a uniform way to manage IEEE business and maintain a healthy environment for membership retention and growth.

5 5 Geographic Units 20042003Diff Regions10 0 Areas29 0 Sections3073043 Sub Sections32311 Technical Chapters1,4461,38462 Affinity Groups14712027 Geographic Councils1720(3) Student Branches1,3331,24093 Student Branch Chapters34532421 Student Branch Affinity Groups361620 Total3,7023,478224

6 6 Sections by Region Region# # 122634 2207 341846 423930 5241047 164 in Regions 1-6, 143 in Regions 7-10

7 7 Geographic Unit Relationships l Regions oversee Sections l Sections oversee Subsections, Chapters, Student Branches and Affinity Groups l Councils are comprised of Sections, and exist at the pleasure of the member Sections l Some Councils (but not all) have Chapters and Affinity Groups, and therefore oversee them

8 8 Geographic Unit Relationships l Affinity Group Parents also oversee Affinity Groups l Women In Engineering (WIE) l Consultants Networks l Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) l Life Members (to be approved by RAB in June) l Student Branches oversee Student Branch Chapters l Societies also oversee Chapters and Student Branch Chapters

9 9 RAB Operations Manual l A resource for all geographic units officers l RAB Operations l Review Section 9 – Geographic Organizational Units l Region Committee, Section, Chapter, Affinity Groups, Student Branches, Student Branch Chapters l Formation/Dissolution, Officers, Election Process, Funds l Appendix IV – Description of Officer Duties & Responsibilities

10 10 Reporting Requirements l All geographic units must report their officers, financial activity, and meeting activity annually to the IEEE l All financial activity & officers should be reported through the Section, including that of subunits l 10% bonus if all reporting postmarked no later than end of third week in February

11 11 Funding to Sections l All Sections receive: USD $2,000 Flat Fee PLUS: l $3/member (including Students & Associates) l $4/Senior Members & Fellows l $1.50/Affiliate l Membership Development very important to the funding provided to the Sections. l More members = More Funding

12 12 Section Size by # Members (not including Student) (out of 307 Sections) Average = 862 Santa Clara Valley (R6) is the largest Section

13 13 Section Size by # Members (including Student) (out of 307 Sections) Average = 1,053

14 14 Section Meetings (2003) All Regions 9,926 Total Meetings

15 15 IEEE Sections Congress 2005 Promoting a World-Class Volunteer Community

16 16 IEEE Sections Congress 2005 l Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel l Tampa, Florida, USA l 14-17 October 2005 l Hosted by the IEEE Florida West Coast Section

17 17 Program Highlights l Core Track l Focus on l IEEE Structure l What successful Sections do l Three Program Tracks l Membership (J. Redfield) l Section Operations (J. Falcon) l Relationships (L. Weaver) l Speakers have been identified & contacted.

18 18 Membership Sessions l Membership Grades & Elevations There are numerous IEEE member grades ranging from Student to Fellow. In this session, programs for elevating members to higher grades will be presented. Examples of successful elevation programs will be described including Associate to Member, Member to Senior Member, and Senior Member to Fellow elevation programs. l SAMIeee for Membership The on-line SAMIeee database contains a wealth of information useful to the Section leadership. In this session, attendees will learn how to mine data to support Section activities. Topics such as how to get data for membership elevation programs, potential career development programs, and company searches will be presented. l Who Can be an IEEE Member? New and exciting opportunities for IEEE membership have recently emerged. This session will cover the expanded base of potential IEEE membership and how Sections can reach out to these potential new members. The session will also cover recent trends in IEEE membership. l GOLD Members What is GOLD? How do GOLD members fit into Section activities? This session will discuss the importance of activities undertaken by Sections in supporting GOLD Affinity Groups efforts to reach out and engage recent graduates.

19 19 Membership Sessions l Member Benefits What do IEEE members get for their dues? This session will provide an overview of changes in IEEE member benefits. Successful programs that Sections have used to communicate IEEE benefits to Section members will also be described. l Educational Opportunities at the Section Level This session will focus on continuing education opportunities offered by various IEEE organizations. Specific examples of successful Section Continuing Education Unit (CEU) programs will be detailed. l Unemployed Members This session will provide Section leaders information about the tools and resources available to help unemployed IEEE members. Section-level programs to help local unemployed IEEE members will also be presented. l Career Development How does IEEE membership map into various career phases from pre-college through retirement? In a competitive environment and changing economy, what are the skills needed to further a member's career and keep it balanced? How can the Section provide programs to assist its membership in career development? These and other issues will be discussed in this session.

20 20 Membership Sessions l Programs for Membership Growth This session will provide a basis for Section leaders to create and manage sustainable local membership programs to increase membership in the Section. Examples and how-to's will be described. as will the key factors that motivate a potential member join IEEE. l Challenges of International Sections IEEE Sections outside of the United States face many challenges in "doing business". This session will address those challenges, including questions of legal status, language translation and travel issues, regional differences and national society membership as related to IEEE membership. l Women in IEEE (WIE) This session will discuss women's issues in the engineering profession, with a focus on how the various IEEE units (Regions, Sections, Chapters) might approach these issues. This session will describe the WIE Affinity Group and the Section level programs and initiatives intended to effectively serve IEEE women members.

21 21 Speakers l Speakers should be aware that funds are not available within the Sections Congress budget to pay for speaker travel. l Speakers' attendance must be supported either by their IEEE organizational unit (Region, Section, Society, RAB, TAB, EAB, etc.), their employer, or be self-funded. l Will receive no monetary compensation for their participation. l Unless the speaker is also a primary delegate, the speaker will also be responsible for the $350 registration fee (which covers meals at Congress).

22 22 Preliminary Program l Includes the following items: l SC 2005 Program l Schedule of Events l Special Events l Exhibits l Meeting Venue l Visa Information l Partners Program l Additional information will be posted as it becomes available. l Available at

23 23 Keynotes l Opening Ceremony l Bob Allen l CEO I.D.E.A.S. at Disney/MGM l Story Telling in the Growing Digital Revolution l Closing Ceremony l TBD

24 24 Recommendations Process 1. Pre-Congress preparations l Identify critical issues l Brainstorming/focus groups l Spring/Summer 2005 Region Meetings 2. Region Caucuses Friday prior to Region Dinners 3. Identify issues 4. Saturday morning distribute drafted recommendations grouped by issue Potential for discussions as congress continues Delegates will be requested to identify which issue caucus they will attend

25 25 Recommendations Process, p2 5. Issue caucuses Sunday 6. Distribute updated recommendations Monday morning 7. Voting at closing ceremony 8. Highlight top ten 9. All recommendations noted

26 26

27 27 Expected Exhibitors (Preliminary List) l Awards/Fellows l Foundation l Conference Services l Educational Activities/History Center l Ethics & Member Services Committee l Financial Advantage Program l Life Members Committee l Member Services (Renewal) l Publications (Member Digital Library) l Standards Association l Women In Engineering Committee

28 28 Additional Information Visit the following URL for updated information on SC05

29 29 Additional Resources/Contacts

30 30 Unit Formations l Petition to form l Section, Subsection, Council, Chapter, Affinity Group l Verification process l Notification l Geographic, Technical or Affinity Group parents Contact Lauren Leaston,, +1 732 562 5511 (link for Unit Formation)

31 31 Geographic Roster l Lists all Region, Section, and Council officers as reported to IEEE Staff l Access: l Must have IEEE web account l must be listed in the Roster l Data extracted from IEEE member database l Updated every two weeks l Update at Contact Lauren Leaston,, +1 732 562 5511

32 32 Contiguous Section Members Contiguous Section Membership l Member of adjoining Section l Form available on web or for email attachment l Flag can only be removed manually Contact Lauren Leaston,, +1 732 562 5511 (click on FORMS)

33 33 Communication Vehicles l SCOOP – monthly newsletter l IEEE news for Section Chairs, Newsletter Editors l Distribution list updated from submitted officer reports l Section Chapter Support web pages l Information and forms for Unit officers Contact Vicki Waldman,, +1 731 562 5564

34 34 Recognition Products & Supplies l Supplies l Letterhead & envelopes l Recognition Products l Banners (customizable) l Plaques, certificates l Officer pins (by grade, position)

35 35 Recognition Products & Supplies l For volunteers l Billing l Rebate & Concentration Banking deductions preferred l Treasurer or chair approval needed l Invoicing available Contact Donna McClelland, +1 732 562 5518

36 36 Regional Activities Policy, Administration l Questions on RA Operations/Policy l Cecelia Jankowski, Managing Director Regional Activities l, +1 732 562 5505 l Dan Toland, Manager – RA Administration l, +1 732 562 5515

37 37 Thank You

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