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Randy Hanna Chancellor Division of Florida Colleges.

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1 Randy Hanna Chancellor Division of Florida Colleges

2 Chancellor’s Report Legislative Flashback and Flash-forward Rule 6A-14.0411, Issuance of Continuing Contracts Blue Ribbon Task Force on Higher Education Strategic Planning 2

3 Julie Alexander Interim Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs Division Update

4 4 House Bill 7135 Implementation: General Education First-time-in-college students starting 2014-15 30 hours general education 15 hours general education core Maximum of 5 courses in each general education subject area Mathematics Communications Natural Sciences Social Sciences Humanities Common competencies

5 5 Steering Committee CIA identify 5 Chief Academic Officers to serve on 10 member Steering Committee, other 5 come from State University System Membership recommendation must be sent to Chancellor Hanna by June 8 from the CIA Chair, must include subject area of focus for each member Consider CIA Chair as member to ensure CIA membership is kept apprised of Steering Committee activities Members must be able to commit to face-to-face meetings, initial meeting will likely be scheduled for July 2012, and webinars/conference calls as needed Steering Committee will develop work plan, form faculty committees and establish communication protocol

6 Math Social Sciences Natural Sciences Course 1 SUS Deans of Undergraduate StudiesFCS Council of Instructional Affairs General Education Implementation Diagram Steering Committee Faculty Review and Input Communication Mathematics Social Sciences Humanities Natural Sciences CommunicationHumanities 6

7 April-May, 2012DOE, SUS, FCS Cross-sector workgroup planning meetings held. May 21-28, 2012 Formal memo prepared and transmitted from the Board of Governors Chair to the Board Chancellor and from the State Board of Education Chair to the FCS Chancellor to delegate implementation authority for HB 7135. May 31, 2012 SUS Deans of Undergraduate Studies and FCS Council of Instructional Affairs meet to review plans and processes for implementation of project, including the establishment of a cross-sector, 10 person Steering Committee. June 8, 2012 SUS Deans group makes recommendations for appointment of five SUS representatives to Steering Committee to Board Chancellor. FCS CIA group makes recommendations for appointment of five FCS representatives to Steering Committee to FCS Chancellor. June 13, 2012Sector Chancellors appoint Steering Committee. June, 2012 A statewide survey all FCS and SUS institutions transmitted to solicit course recommendations to complete general education core course options. July, 2012 Organizational meeting of the Steering Committee. The Committee will be responsible for establishing the committee charge, scope of work, and work plan. Faculty discipline committees will be recommended, as appropriate, and approved by the Chancellors. Fall, 2012Steering Committee work plan initiated. 7

8 8 House Bill 7059 Implementation: Dual Enrollment Dual enrollment articulation agreement Include process for placement testing and sharing of scores Consider provision for digital textbook access codes Home education articulation agreement Consider adding length of eligibility in terms of years or semesters to be consistent with public school students May use same template for all students but need parent signature for each home education student Articulation agreement submission system will be revised and required for 2013-14, home education articulation agreements will not be submitted

9 9 Dual Enrollment Issues Increased demand Districts entering agreements with colleges other than feeder college Expanding dual enrollment options at the high school Faculty Qualifications Salary Evaluations Assessments Process for adding grades to postsecondary transcripts Accountability/monitoring process High School End-of-Course Examinations, Biology High School online course requirement may be satisfied through dual enrollment

10 10 Guidelines on Transfer Agreements and Faculty Credentials and Qualifications Division submitted revision to SACS after February 2012 meeting Dr. Wheelan’s response Impressed with progress Recommended Guidelines be included in documentation provided to visiting teams Indicated that reaction to alternative credentials will depend on the visiting team Next steps Revise 6A-14.030, Instruction and Awards Revise Common Prerequisite Manual “BAS statement” Revise Curriculum Frameworks, delineate AAS and AS Revise Rule 6A-10.024, Articulation… Review/revise statewide AS-to-BS articulation agreements

11 Dr. Shanna Autry Coordinator, Academic Program Support Developmental Education

12 Over 200 Attendees “Team Talk” DEI Panel 12

13 13 Developmental Education Redesign & Modularization Voluntary P.E.R.T. Placement  Upper Range of Higher Level of Dev Ed P.E.R.T. Diagnostic to identify competencies 1- to 2- credit courses based on competencies needed

14 Developmental Education MODULARIZATION Above Cut Score Upper Range Below Cut Score – Determined by College College Credit P.E.R.T. Placement P.E.R.T. Placement P.E.R.T. Diagnostic Higher Level Developmental Education College Credit 1- to 2-credit Developmental Education Module

15 15 Modularized Courses ENC 0055 Developmental Writing Module (1.0 Credit) ENC 0056 Developmental Writing Module (2.0 Credits) MAT 0055 Developmental Mathematics Module (1.0 Credit) MAT 0056 Developmental Mathematics Module (2.0 Credits) REA 0055 Developmental Reading Module (1.0 Credit) REA 0056 Developmental Reading Module (2.0 Credits)

16 16 Grant Timeline May 25, 2012 Memo distributed June 4, 2012Deadline for inquiries June 5, 2012Request for Proposals Sent Out Connections 2013 Presentations Contact: Dr. Shanna Autry 850-245-9472

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