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May 13, 1884 May 13, 2009. IEEE History IEEE is the Worlds Largest Technical Professional Association. Over 375,000 members located in 160 countries.

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1 May 13, 1884 May 13, 2009

2 IEEE History IEEE is the Worlds Largest Technical Professional Association. Over 375,000 members located in 160 countries. 30 % of the Worlds Literature in the Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering. Active Portfolio of nearly 1,300 Standards and Projects Under Development. Yearly, over 850 Conferences are held Worldwide. Tonight, we acknowledge the countless contributions that IEEE members have made that have Changed the World.

3 IEEE History 1884 AIEE - American Institute of Electrical Engineers 1912IRE - Institute of Radio Engineers 1963Both merged to become - IEEE 150,000 Members - 93% in the USA 1993IEEE Master Brand Developed 2009Celebrating 125 Years of Engineering the Future 375,000 plus Members - 57% in the USA

4 IEEE Milwaukee Section History February 11, 1910 AIEE Milwaukee Section established 1910-1911 Chairman was:Mr. W. H. Powell 1910-1911 Secretary was:Mr. L. L. Tatum August 14, 1911 Secretary-Treasurer Tatum opened a savings account at the Marine National Bank 1910 - 1944 AIEE written agreement to hold joint meetings with the ESM (Engineers and Scientists of Milwaukee) 1945 - 1962 AIEE / IRE Joint Meetings with a separate Chairman 1963 - 2009 After the merger - IEEE Meetings with one Chairperson

5 IEEE Milwaukee Section History 1959 - 75 th Anniversary No event in Milwaukee AIEE Meeting in Chicago 1984 - 100 th Anniversary Celebrated at Pfister Hotel Photo Album at Exhibit Table 2009 - 125 th Anniversary Celebrated at Milwaukee School of Engineering 2010 - 100 th Anniversary of the Milwaukee Section Celebration Location to be Announced Date - February 13 th or 20 th, 2010 Watch your Emails for the Announcement Like to assist ??? See Ram Bhatia or Jim Blaha

6 IEEE Milwaukee Section History A Few Notes from the Minutes of Past Meetings: 1940 - 1960 Meetings were typically held at: The Allen-Bradley Auditorium The Schlitz Brown Bottle The Pabst Blue Ribbon Hall The Blatz Auditorium 2000 - 2009 Meetings were typically held at: The Miller Inn Milwaukee School of Engineering Also noted in the Minutes from the 1950s: It is a waste of time for these busy men, and also for group members, if the attendance to the lectures is poor.

7 IEEE Milwaukee Section History A Few Notes from the Minutes of Past Meetings: Note - Gender was Exclusive in 1940s - Inclusive in 2009 From the Minutes: A member who has developed a new technical idea can present it among men who have a sufficiently good background to offer constructive criticism. 1990s changes to Inclusive Language: Chairperson and Drafter Affinity Group of: WIE - Women in Engineering

8 IEEE Milwaukee Section Today Milwaukee Section Current Membership consists of: 5Life Fellows 4Fellows 41Life Senior Members 92Senior Members 76Life Members 879Members 48Associate Members 170Student Members 1,315 Total Members 9Society Chapters 2Affinity Groups A Brief Review of the Technical Chapters in the Milwaukee Section …

9 Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Chapter Chair:Jim Blaha Ingenium Testing Purpose: Founded in 1957, EMC is the study of all Electrical and Electronic Product Applications to determine how they respond to Exterior Electromagnetic Fields and how the Product itself Pollutes the Electromagnetic Environment we live in. IEEE C95.1-2005 Standard for Safety Levels with Respect to Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, 3 kHz to 300 GHz

10 Magnetics Society Chapter Chair:Mark Juds Eaton Corporation Purpose: The Magnetics Society focuses on the fundamental developments, design, and certain applications of magnetic devices. This includes consideration of materials and components used, standardization of definitions, symbols, and operating characteristics. circa: 1920 Right Hand Rule

11 Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Chapter Chair:Larry Hause Diagnostic Visions Purpose: IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is the world's largest international society of Biomedical Engineers with 8,200 members residing in some 70 countries. They design the electrical circuits that make a pacemaker run...create the software that reads an MRI...and help develop the wireless technologies that allow patients and doctors to communicate over long distances.

12 Computer Society Chapter Chair:John Safar Safar Machinery Purpose: With nearly 85,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the worlds leading organization of computing professionals. Founded in 1946, it is the largest of the 39 IEEE Societies and it is dedicated to advancing the theory and application of computer information-processing technology. IEEE 802.11 Standard for Defining Wireless Local Area Networks

13 Industrial Applications / Industrial Electronics Societies Chapter Chair:Adel Nasiri University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Purpose: The advancement of the theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering in the development, design, manufacture and application of electrical systems, apparatus, devices and controls to the processes and equipment of industry and commerce.

14 Antennas and Propagation / Microwave Theory & Techniques Societies Chapter Chair:Dr. Shrinivas Joshi Marquette University Purpose: The field of interest for APS includes: antenna signal processing and control, radio astronomy, and the aspects of space-based communication, including wireless, mobile, satellite, and telecommunications. The field of interest for MTT includes: theory and applications of RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, and terahertz technologies. IEEE 145 International Standard for the Definitions of Terms for Antennas

15 Power and Energy Engineering Society Chapter Chair:Paul Tindall American Transmission Company Purpose: The IEEE Power & Energy Society is engaged in the electric power energy industry. PES is involved in the planning, research, development, construction, installation, and operation of equipment and systems for the safe, reliable, and economic generation, transmission, distribution, measurement, and control of electric energy. IEEE 516 Standard for Maintenance Methods of Energized Power Lines

16 Control Systems Society Chapter Chair:Larry Hause(Acting Chair) Purpose: Founded in 1954 and is dedicated to the advancement of research, development, and practice in automation and control systems. Control methods are used whenever some quantity, such as temperature, altitude or speed, must be made to behave in some desirable way over time. IEEE 122 Standard for Performance Characteristics of Control Systems for Steam Turbine-Generator Units Autopilot in a passenger aircraft that maintains speed, altitude and heading.Oak Creek, Wisconsin Cruise Control in a Automobile

17 Education Society Chapter Chair:Dr. Russ Meier Milwaukee School of Engineering Purpose: The society works with educators at all levels of education including K - 12 educators. Focus is on exploring science and engineering with university professors and industry trainers developing the professional skill sets required for an adults working career. - Founded in 1958 - Education is... hanging around until you've caught on. … Robert Frost

18 IEEE Affinity Group WIE - Women in Engineering Chapter Chair:Elizabeth Whiting(Acting Chair) Purpose: The Mission of IEEE WIE is to inspire, engage, encourage, and empower IEEE women worldwide. IEEE WIE envisions a vibrant community of IEEE women and men innovating the world of tomorrow.

19 GOLD Affinity Group Graduates Of the Last Decade Chapter Chair:Justin Holder Cooper Power Systems Purpose: GOLD was developed to help young professionals transition from being a student to entering the professional world. If you are an IEEE Member who has received your first professional degree within the last ten years, you are automatically part of IEEE GOLD! In the Milwaukee Section, there are more than 400 members who are also part of GOLD. IEEE GOLD has developed my professional and leadership skills, broaden my career network, and connected me to the worldwide engineering community.

20 IEEE Student Branches Milwaukee School of Engineering University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Marquette University __________________________________________________ Milwaukee Section also sponsors: Senior Project Competition (2009 - 15 Teams) 2009 Winning Project from UWM: Dielectric Spectroscopy using Multi-Array Electrodes

21 A Special Welcome to… Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High School Milwaukee, Wisconsin Faculty Representative: Tom Ellis Students: Anthony Schuster Matt Fex Sophia Bibi Devon Grohall Yasir Yafai Sarosh Khalid Tonight's attendance through the sponsorship and generosity of: Dr. Carl Crawford and Csuptwo, LLC

22 A Special Thank You … to our Sponsors

23 A Special Gift for All Attending The Flower Vases are yours to enjoy. When leaving tonight, please take along a vase commemorating tonight's celebration.

24 IEEE Milwaukee Section Celebrating 125 Years of Engineering the Future

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