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Using the CEFR to Mainstream Equality and Diversity in ELT Materials and Assessment David Valente Young Learner Manager British Council Burma.

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1 Using the CEFR to Mainstream Equality and Diversity in ELT Materials and Assessment David Valente Young Learner Manager British Council Burma

2 Aims To use the CEFR to incorporate equality and diversity themes into ELT materials and assessment tasks To blend equality and diversity seamlessly into assessment tasks and teaching materials using the CEFR To see the benefits of the above for ELT practitioners, and more importantly, your learners 29th April 2011David Valente

3 Put your hands up if… you prefer to learn a language through hands-on activities youre a man you or your friends are LGB youre an atheist you know someone with a disability youre single you speak more than one language your grandparents are / were working class youre over 60 years old your parents were born in a different country to you youve ever thought you couldnt achieve your dreams because of who you are 29th April 2011David Valente

4 Diversity is everywhere 29th April 2011David Valente self-esteem marital status ethnicity / race religion or belief sexual orientation age social class gender disability language DIVERSITY

5 Definitions 29th April 2011David Valente Equal opportunity treating people fairly, linked to the law, removing discrimination Diversity accepting that we are all different in many ways, some visible and some invisible; we need to accommodate this difference in teaching and assessment materials

6 Challenges Catering for diverse learning styles in teaching & assessment Exposing learners to global varieties of English in materials Making reasonable adjustments to assessment procedures for learners with specific requirements Selecting coursebook materials which reflect global diversity 29th April 2011David Valente

7 Coursebook samples 29th April 2011David Valente Kids Box 3 (CUP, 2010) Total English Elementary (Pearson, 2011)

8 Coursebook samples 29th April 2011David Valente Hot Spot 4 (Macmillan, 2010) Interactive 1 (CUP, 2011)

9 PARSNIPS! P olitics A ge R eligion / belief S exual orientation N arcotics I mmigration P overty S ocial class 29th April 2011David Valente

10 Why? 29th April 2011David Valente Todays English speaking world is highly diverse CEFR descriptors allow learners to be treated as partners in the learning process (British Council – EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English, 2010) Topics from the global curriculum e.g. human rights, gender & discrimination, poverty reduction, can be used to teach language (G Focho, in Dreams and Realities, 2011) The can-do approach enables learners to communicate internationally and embedding diversity gives them a broader global perspective A learner is no longer a linguistic tourist and an outsider (D Graddol, English Next, 2006)

11 How? 29th April 2011David Valente Adapted from Brian North, Angeles Ortega, Susan Sheehan, British Council – EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English, 2010

12 Primary materials Diversity themes: individual difference & acceptance the power of positive self-esteem 29th April 2011David Valente Orchard Books 2010

13 CEFR A2 aims & tasks I can understand the main points in short simple stories, especially if there is visual support Learners listen to the story and correct the teachers mistakes I can write a simple message to make an invitation or appointment Learners write an invitation to the Jungle Dance using a template 29th April 2011David Valente

14 CEFR A2 aims & tasks I can ask & answer simple questions about a past event, e.g. the time & place of a party & what happened there Learners role play a chat show on Jungle TV about what happened at the Jungle Dance I can give advice to a friend in a simple way Learners give Gerald advice in a role play to encourage him to not give up 29th April 2011David Valente

15 Secondary materials Diversity themes: self-esteem bullying acceptance & tolerance of difference 29th April 2011David Valente Glee Season 2, Episode 16, Fox Television

16 CEFR B1 aims & tasks I can follow the main themes of a song with visual support Learners watch a clip from Glee and identify challenges at secondary school I have sufficient range of language to express my thoughts on topics in music & films Learners work with the lyrics to highlight language of exclusion and brainstorm more inclusive language 29th April 2011David Valente

17 CEFR B1 aims & tasks I can express my opinions on abstract topics in films & music, describe my reactions to them & ask others what they think Learners debate whether the Glee song could help change the culture of exclusion in their school I can write s to ask for advice & express my feelings Learners write s to an advice website about a time when they felt excluded at school 29th April 2011David Valente

18 Young Adult materials Diversity themes: sexual orientation homophobic bullying in schools 29th April 2011David Valente Image from

19 CEFR B2 aims & tasks I can understand online texts in which writers express specific points of view Learners skim posts on Beat Bullying website to decide type of bullying I can sustain my opinion in discussion by providing relevant explanations, arguments & comments Learners respond to bullying scenarios & relate to their own school context 29th April 2011David Valente

20 CEFR B2 aims & tasks I can understand the key message of TV ads & campaigns Learners watch a film clip to identify homophobic language I can put my point across persuasively on a contemporary topic Learners collaboratively write a 40-second video campaign for Stonewall 29th April 2011David Valente

21 Adult materials Diversity themes: disability positive self-esteem gender 29th April 2011David Valente

22 CEFR A2 aims & tasks I can describe other people Learners work with visuals to describe Aimee Mullins I can understand short simple visual texts containing familiar vocabulary Learners watch a Kenneth Cole ad featuring Aimee Mullins & identify key message 29th April 2011David Valente

23 CEFR C1 aims & tasks I have a good command of a broad vocabulary Learners brainstorm lexis around disability & compare with TED clip on Aimee Mullins I can give a clear well-structured presentation on a complex subject Learners design & deliver a group presentation to promote London 2012 Paralympic Games 29th April 2011David Valente

24 Reflections 29th April 2011David Valente Diversity is everywhere Select teaching & assessment materials to reflect global diversity Use CEFR descriptors to design meaningful tasks & activities which mainstream diversity themes Accommodate diverse learning styles & preferences in your classroom

25 Sources of inspiration Putting the young & the adult into Young Adult ELT (iatefl Brighton 2011) Dreams and Realities: Developing Countries and the English Language (British Council 2011) Promoting Diversity Through Childrens Literature (British Council Paris 2010) British Council – EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English (British Council / EAQUALS 2010) Equal Opportunity and Diversity: The Handbook for Teachers of English (British Council 2009) English Next (British Council 2006) 29th April 2011David Valente

26 Thank you for coming! David Valente 29th April 2011David Valente

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